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D | E - vervain collana

Delena - I can't Amore te in the dark

no voy a cambiar quien soy, no puedo

Amore stefan y katherine

Amore escenas

stefan y katherine


delena y stelena


damon y katherine

señorita mystic fall

Damon Elena Stefan Katherine - Memories

Damon | Elena - "Hunter's heart"

Damon & Elena - Call Me Maybe

"Surrender to me"

Elena & Damon Scene [3x02 "The Hybrid" The Vampire Diaries]

''If I detto my cuore was beating loud''...

''Because I've Built My World Around You...''

Damon/Elena - Please remember me (AU

"I can't be selfish with you"

Wires - Damon + Elena

Damon & Elena - Airplanes

I'm not Perfect

te always

Damon & Elena My Inmortal

White Flag

TVD; Damon & Elena; Farewell

damon & elena ● worlds apart

Damon & Elena - I Do

Our Amore Will Always Last

You're all that i'm asking for

Last goodbye

Damon and Elena - Season Finale - My Immortal

I like te now

Damon & Elena || 2x22

I Should Go

Damon/Elena - Hurricane

If I detto I want your body now...[

damon & elena | last dance



I GOT te

No way out....

"I'd be so good to you"


Total eclipse of the heart...



I'm not your ghost anymore

Stefan and Katherine /// Best I Ever Had

Damon/Elena - Here I am

The vision

I used to know te so well

He's the air i would kill to breathe

Katherine/Stefan - Breathe Again

"Your Amore was real"

(2x21) Damon & Elena | Skinny Amore

Sleep sugar

Say it; if it's worth savin' me

"What is Amore to te ?"

Damon and Elena last scene Sacrifice

I Need to Know

Damon & Elena - The Best i ever had

Damon & Elena: Closer

Katherine and Stefan - I Amore The Way te Lie

Katherine + Stefan - About te now

What If This Storm Ends?

Katherine/Stefan - All I Need

"Breathe Again"

"I'll breathe again"

I'm in Amore with the woman i can never have...

*I Promise*

I came back for te

Katherine || Stefan || Elena || Damon

Hold It Against Me


Katherine & Stefan - What Have te Done

Here Without te

Would te kill to prove your right?

Stefan/Katherine - Best I Ever Had

Twin flames

Almost innamorati always do.

Stay with M E

Leave out all the rest

Amore Changes Us

te put your arms around me.. .

Delena scene and final scene

Damon & Elena Scenes (2x21)

Don't Hate Me Forever

Elena remembers being compelled...

Damon's death and his letter to Elena

Tell them I'm never coming back

I can't stand the idea of te hating me forever

damon + elena||you found me (2x22)

"Who do te think te are, running around leaving scars..."

"She never will forgive you..."

"I'm in Amore with the woman i can never have"

I'm not a Stranger

I'm not a stranger, No I am yours.

I can`t make te Amore me