1.Her full name is Demetria Devonne Lovato.
2.Demi has two sisters, Madison and Dallas.
3.She was Angela on Barney and Friends with Selena gomez.
4.Demi was carlotta, charlotte on As The campana, bell Rings, which was her first time on Disney Channel.
5.Demi has a purity ring, but puts it on a chain as a necklace. (U have 2 say, that is a pretty good idea. U can't loose it!)
6.She is of Hispanic, Irish, and Italian decent. (Like me, I am Hispanic and Italian!)
7.She and Selena Gomez have matching necklaces.
8.She chooses the computer over TV.
9. Demi is learning French.
10.Demi can play the drums, guitar, and piano.
11.She hates rumors.
12.Favorite band is Paramore.
13.Demi says her true passion is music, and that recitazione is just a hobby.
14.Favorite sport: surfing.
15.Favorite colori are black and red.
16.Favorite fruit: oranges
17.She likes tacos over pizza. (Like me)
18. She thinks it is weird seeing herself on TV
19. Her rolemodel is Kelly Clarkson
20.Demi reached 40 on AIM's '100 Celebs Under 25'