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posted by aholic
Danish energy policy has been thought of highly in the world's leading magazines, The New York Times.

Thomas L. Friedman developments in Denmark and the United States since the oil crisis in 1973 and the comparison will have Thomas L. Friedman to stamp the U.S. energy policy as "pathetic".

"I wish we were as energismart as Denmark," says Friedman, whose articoli are being delivered out in over 700 newspapers around the world.

"Return look to Denmark"
In the same way the newspaper Forbes recommends that the presidential John McCain and Barack Obama look at the Danish environmental policy.

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Before te read, then read this :

Jyllands-Posten has printed the drawings again, and now many muslims(there are 800.000 muslims in Denmark out of 5.4 mio. people = 0,8 mio people is muslims) in the age from 13-17 started setting buildings on fuoco in Aarhus and Copenhagen, but what they don't know is that it's legal to DRAW anything te want in Denmark, even if it was pornographic( te actually only have to be 15 for to have sex and 16 to buy alcohol here), but it's illegal so set things on fire. People just don't know what the drawings stands for, they think that it's realistic, but it...
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posted by aholic
Skallingen is an island in the northern part of vadehavet (walkocean is the right translation). It's 7 km long and is a quite new island. It was naturally made in 1634 da a sandstorm. Skallingen is all nature, but that's not the only thing...

Skallingen until today had the last minefelt in Denmark. The Germans putted them there duing world war II, but now it's all clean.

te still should'nt go there, because it's nature area. It would be a good place to swim, but the ocean is pretty rough there. Actually 2 km of the island will be gone da the successivo 25 years...

The life on the island is very quiet and te must not bring dogs, because it's an important place for birds.
 Can te find it? :D
Can you find it? :D
posted by aholic
A new study of pupils in Silkeborg shows that smokers not only die earlier. They also get worse grades.

Uglier teeth, worse conditioning, the bad economy and premature death.

There is enough of the things that speak against smoking, and now, a study of pupils in Silkeborg that smoking students also get lower grades ..

The students were smoking, according to Central Jutland Avis at the end of 8. class last anno grades, which was 0.76 lower than non smokers.

Their grades in 9. Class was 0.97 in non-smokers.

The figures are also "gutted" for students' background. It means that te have made up for students' social background.

Source: TV2OJ - Lars Ohlsen
The world's largest windmillpark will in a few years will be between Djursland and Anholt. The formal decision is taken later in the month. However, according to DR News information, it is almost certain that the successivo big bet on wind power in Denmark will be the middle of the Kattegat.
A broad majority in the Parliament agreed in February this anno to the successivo major windmillpark must be ready to produce power in 2012. It will consist of about 100 giant wind turbines, which will provide 400 MW of power. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of power in no fewer than 400,000 households....
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Copied and edited from: link


I really mean it! What would te be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would te be able to do if Scrivere fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would te do if it's illegal to do a cover of your preferito song on YouTube? What would te do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would te do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality...
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posted by aholic
I translated this little song written da Natasja before she died. I decided to translate it because everything she says is true. If te want to listen to the real song later, then I have added a link later down at the page.

Ey Denmark, what happens to you?
I miss you, I want te back,
Like in the old days where a cagna was a cagna YO!
I want te back,
Like in the old days where a free bird was free,
and where they believed what they said.

Ey Denmark, I miss you.
I freaking fucking miss you.
You frighten me,
I want te back, because I am scared.

I can see it happen,
It's Satan, and he puts forces...
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This poem is actually a song da Michael Falch. I just Amore the text so I decided to translate it. There's no dots o commas, I know. It's supposed to be that way. It rhymes in Danish but not in English... It's called "I et land uden høje bjerge" in Danish.

In a country with no high mountains
where it rains and snows
Shall I live my days
and die the giorno is happens
On a dot on the world map
as nobody reckon on
And so easy can be gone
when we don't have peace anymore

My flag doesn't have stars,
hammer o sails
It dropped down from heaven
almost da a mistake

In a country with no high mountains
will I build...
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The 38 anno old woman from North Zealand jumped out from the 34,8 meter tall tower - Rundetaarn and landed in the middle of pedestrians.

No one got hit when the woman jumped. Købmagergade as the strada, via is called got barred. About 15 people were witnesses to the incident.

Among other were a class witnesses to the tragedy and the police called for phycological help.

Red attraversare, croce helped the witnesses and has done a great job according to the police.

The police says that they have handled the incident and that it was a suicide and not an accident. The killed woman's family first found out here tonight (May 13)

informations: (ekstrabladet)

te can read about Rundetaarn here:

posted by aholic
Okay, I just made this, because I was so borred. :P

This is what Danes have in common with Americans.

1. Our flag gets burned in the middle east like yours.

2. We have McDonald and all the other fast Cibo stores, but what country has'nt?

3. Our language is very similar to yours.

4. Our pizza is the same.

5. We use the internet all the time.

You may think that Denmark is a little country, where nothing happends, so little freaks like me have to go to american sites. are wrong.

There lives 5 million people in Denmark. That's più than in Norway and Finland. (Denmark was once a big country,...
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Hi, there. I thought it would be funny if I wrote about the defference about danish and english. I tried to do it in Images, but this is easier...

In Denmark, some things is easier than english, but many is harder.

Here are some easy ones:

Am = er
Is = er
are = er
ice = is
bath = bad
mouse = mus
window = vindue
fish = fisk
wine = vin
water = vand
sick = syg
sun = sol
music = musik

See, that's easy.

Some of them are completely the same :

England = England
radio = radio
computer = computer
stereo = stereo
door = dør
agent = agent

There's a lot più of that kind of words.

Then there is also those who does'nt look the...
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