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News by Diggy_luv15 posted più di un anno fa
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Let "The Brady Bunch" tell it, the middle kid gets no love. But on the six-season series "Run's House," Diggy Simmons was easy to zoom in on. Deeming himself a triple threat (singer, actor, dancer), the son of hip-hop legend Joseph Lloyd "Reverend Run" Simmons made his talents known early.

Ironically it wasn't until after the reality mostra went off that girls stopped swooning over his looks and everyone started listening to his lyrics. In a world surrounded da new hip-hop artists whose rhymes are about as challenging to memorize as a Dr. Seuss book, Diggy Simmons chose to utilize catchy hooks with lyric-heavy rhymes. Super producer Pharrell has been his mentor, and Diggy proudly looks up to ghiandaia, jay Z and Kanye West.

One of the most lyrically talented artists in the hip-hop game, Nas, was impressed to hear Diggy remake his song "Made te Look (Flow Stoopid)."

"[Rev.] Run is the king of rap, and for him to have a son who’s that nice?," Nas detto in a Vibe interview. "I don’t think we’ve seen that in hip-hop yet—he’s nice and his father’s the king? That’s historic, bro."
Fan fiction by jayjaysimmons13 posted più di un anno fa
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diggy: ciao baby
me: ciao hunny how was the giorno at the studio with fat culo spin?
diigy: the usual but I was sad cuz my baby wasn't there to make me feel alright!!!
me: awww... grow up! u suppose to be a man 4 me!!(laughs)
diggy:aye!!! a man needs *sings* Amore and affection!!
me: hahah give me a kiss..
diggy: pecks mw lips twice then starts making out with me*

we just woke up three in the afternoon ...they just
finished getting it on!!!
me: *walking downstairs in doggy's big tee camicia and shorts. u was walking to the cucina when some one roughly tackled me and started to throw punches
...* wtf~!!!!! *throwing a lot più punches then flipping ovr stranger! te come to my house-*punches* and try to beat me...oh hell naw..
diggy: jazzy!? Jessica!?!?! wtf is goin on ..
me: u tell me!!
Jessica: ythis cagna be baciare my man! calling him names and be riding him...!
diggy: Jazzy u cheatin!
me: no stupid she is dillusional she talking bout u!!!
Fan fiction by MisFit2001 posted più di un anno fa
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*Im at the M.B house*
Prince:opens the door* hi yall im back
Me:hi bros
me- yes I am
Roc-hi sis why u got them glasses on*walks up to me and take the glasses off*
Me-covers my eye as soon as he take off the glasses*
Prod-walks up to me* take yo hand down
Me-fine ok *takes my hand down*
Roc-sis..... did that nigga hit you
Me-didn't answer*
Prod-answer the question
Me-*started crying* yes he did
Me-*looks at Prince* Prince kissed me and diggy saw us
Prince-yannia im sorry *hugs me*
Me-it's ok plus diggy used to pull pistole on me
Roc-im gonna kill that nigga
Me-well im sle*passes out*
Prod-wtf just happened
Prince-im just gonna take her and the room she sleepy
* 2 hours later we all go to sleep*
Fan fiction by MisFit2001 posted più di un anno fa
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I wake up the successivo morning and go

Diggy-* walks behind me* look Yannia im sorry for hitting u *tries to hug and baciare me*

Me-graps a knife* nigga if u lie a damn hand on my ill stad yo ass
Diggy-graps the knife* cagna u most be crazy
Me-graps a glass cup and plant and throw it at him* nigga im crazy im the one who got kissed and then u gonna fuckin hit cagna I should have called me daddys hit man on yo culo

Diggy-look baby (gco)
Me-don't baby me cagna one giorno im leaving yo culo for Prince
Diggy-* gets real mad and slap me* look u wouldn't have none of this with out me
Me-bitch I don't need yo culo ill prove it to u

Me on the phone with Prince
Prince-hi Yannia
Me-ayy come get me I want to yours and only yours because I was stuip to let you
Prince-im coming bye *hangs up *
Diggy-oh ok then get yo shit and leave
Me-fine I will bitch
Fan fiction by MisFit2001 posted più di un anno fa
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Me and diggy r dating because I just broke up with Princeton

Me-Diggy can M.B come visit i miss my bros
Me-thanks boo Amore u *calling Ray*

Me & raggio, ray convo
Me- ay raggio, ray u and the boys come here
Ray-lol k bye
Me-bye * hangs up*

Knocking on the door and I go answer it and it's my bros

Me-wut up
Me-come in
They walk in and sit on the sofa
Me-yall thirsty
Eb but Prince-yes

I walk in cucina and Prince follows me
Me-Hi Princeton
Prince-I........ I Amore you*leans into baciare me and I baciare back*
Diggy-Prince & Yannia wut the fuck yall doing
Me-Diggy no........
Diggy-*yelling to wherer every one herd him* yall need to get the HELL OUT MY HOUSE
Prince-*walks out * ayy we have to go
*eb leaves*
Diggy-Yannia wut the fuck was y'all doing
Me- he just... (gco)
Diggy-hits me hard and I fall on the ground* cagna shut the Fuck up now get up and take yo culo to letto
Review by misskind100 posted più di un anno fa
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this time we r talking about PRINCETON AND ANOK
one summer giorno the mb and us went to HIGHPOINT
prince; hi baby
anok; hi honey bunny
fi; euh can u plz dont say that
diggy and sandy; y cant they say that? they r bf and gf
fi; yeh but prince is my bro and anok is my bff
EB;ohhh ok we get it
then we went to the mb house
we play TRUTH o DARE anok spin the bottlethe bottle turns to fiona
anok; truth o dare fi; um dare
me; ok i dare u to baciare roc
fi; ok
prod was jelious of roc royal
the fiona spin the bottle the bottle turns to anok
fi; truth o dare
anok; dare
diggy; i dare u to baciare princeton
anok; sure ok
fi; euh seriously
then the bottle turns to me
ray; truth o dare little sis
me; truth
anok and fi; who do u love???
me; ummm.... (i was blushing) it's diggy
eb forsep diggy; uh la la la
fi; diggy truth o dare
diggy; dare
Review by misskind100 posted più di un anno fa
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so let me see where r we up to right fiona ran downstairs her cuore was crushed da prodigy (she ran outside)
prince;wat did u detto to my little sis
prod;i just detto that we should break up
ray;u r a jerk
roc;y would u say that

the successivo day
we all see each other again the mb came to the mall we saw each other
prod; wheres fiona?
anok; she was still upset about u broke up with her
me and diggy was upset to because our data was horrible bec prod and fi broke up
we were going around the mall then prod saw fi
prod; ciao fiona wait up baby
fi;can u plz dont call me that i am not ur gf anymore
anok; ciao where have u been prodigy we have been looking 4 u
fi; hi guys
eb;hi fiona
prince; r u k little sis
fi; i am fine big bro i was just doing some shopping so i can feel better
anok; i hope u r feeling better about the whole drama from yesterday

when everybody went prod and fi was the only one in the shopping centre.
Review by misskind100 posted più di un anno fa
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one day, my gurls and me (sandy) we went to the spiaggia we saw the mb with a cute boy. prodigy went up to fiona
prod; ciao baby watya doing
fi;hey prod hanging out with my gurls. ciao who's that cute boy
prince; oh yeah his name is diggy simon our friend and who's that girl.
anok; she's our friend
then the mb and my 2 Friends anok and fiona was groupe hug. fiona; since they r alone we can make diggy and sandy as bf and gf u know wat i mean right
prince and anok; who's hungry
diggy and sanhdy; jinx u guys own me a soda
prince and anok; now u guys own us a soda
then we all went to hungry jack
fi and prod; wat do u guys want
me and diggy was eating 6 wicked wings meal we were both shy so he said
diggy; sandy do u want to share
me; ok diggy thanks
so diggy was thinking
diggy; do u want to go on a date
me; ok its fine to me
then we went to the movie we watched scary movie 3
Opinion by mindlessbgurl3 posted più di un anno fa
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DIGGY IS A REAL COOL GUY AND REALLY GREAT YOUNG RAPPER. WHAT HE RAPS ABOUT IS REALLY UNIQUE. HE RAPS ABOUT GIRLS,EXPECTATIONS,AND OTHER STUFF. I THINK HE NEEDS TO GO TO THE successivo STEP. HE IS WAY TO GOOD FOR THE POSITION HE'S IN RIGHT NOW. SOME OF THE PEOPLE HE'S WORKING WITH I HAVEN'T HEARD OF BEFORE BUT HE THINKS IS COOL. I SUGGEST HE DO INTERVIEWS WITH più KNOWN PEOPLE LIKE ELLEN,OPRAH,AND GEORGE LOPEZ. I BET ALOT OF OTHER PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME . IF te DO PLEASE SHARE I WOULD Amore TO HEAR :)IF YOUR NOT SO FAMILIAR WITH WHO HE IS TAKE A LOOK:Daniel Dwayne "Diggy" Simmons III (born March 21, 1995) is an American reality star, fashion designer, and rapper. He is the secondo son of Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons, one of the founding members of influential hip hop group Run–D.M.C.. He released a mixtape, The First Flight, in December 2009. He eventually got his big break when he released freestyles to Drake's "Over" and subsequently Nas's "Made te Look", and was noticed da labels, eventually signing with Atlantic RecordsSimmons was born on March 21, 1995 in Queens, New York the child of Joseph Simmons and Justine Simmons. He has three older siblings, Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, and...