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Welcome to this announcement of the upcoming role-playing collaboration event.

This is the very 1st role-playing collaboration event here on FanPop!

As is this month, an all-new event is about to begin…
Staring at 3:00pm this will be becomes the very first collaboration that will make FanPop club members to join.

Long time ago, there was a wizard named Alexander Blackdragon, who was once lived in Camelot to learn the wonders of magic that will come with a price.
One darkening day, he was researching about dark magic spells, at this struck of an hour, something terrible has happened….
He has Lost his mind, going crazy, going rouge! At this time of the hour, he turned into evil, as he went out of his lab, he made a full rampage.
One giorno a disaster is struck, he has wreaked havoc over time travel.
Yes, he has the power to go back and forth in time.
He was so powerful, his spells are out of control and banished to another place, a dark forest is a dark place far away from Camelot….
There, a lair made, and soon he will come to ruin the hero lives, forever.

te better look out, stay away from the evil wizard, because there are
Shadows Of Time
The titolo of the event that will start today at 3:00pm

commento if te want to play a role of an Disney character o a Non-Disney character.
te can also commento if te want to host the first part of the event.
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 “But I’m supposed to do it!”
“But I’m supposed to do it!”
“So, now what?” Belle asked.

It was later that same giorno and they were sitting up in their leaky tower, although it had now stopped raining, for the foreseeable future. Archimedes had retreated to his house in a huff after Belle had dried him off, but she knew it wouldn’t last long. Now she poured her uncle a cup of tè and one for herself.

“The boy needs to learn about survival instincts,” Merlin replied, smacking his lips as he took a sip of tea.

“Hasn’t he been through enough today?” Belle smiled. “I’m just glad Archimedes was there to rescue him.”

“I did nothing of...
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 “A legend is sung of when England was young..."
“A legend is sung of when England was young..."
“A legend is sung
Of when England was young
And knights were Ribelle - The Brave and bold
The good king had died
And no one could decide
Who was rightful heir
To the throne

It seemed that the land
Would be torn da a war
Or saved da a miracle
Of old
And that miracle appeared
In Londra town
The sword in the stone...”

The old legend of the sword in the stone was known throughout the land, but it was also forgotten. Many had tried to pull the great weapon from the stone, and all had failed. Thus, the legend had been forgotten and Britain had been without a king for almost twelve years. The lands were divided up and ruled...
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 “You sure you’d like to try this someday, Arthur? It looks pretty brutal.”
“You sure you’d like to try this someday, Arthur? It looks pretty brutal.”
Belle stood, wrapped up in her cloak, watching as the two horsemen charged one another. It had snowed quite heavily the night before and even though it had stopped, the place was still quite cold.

She was standing with Arthur, Kay, Ector and Pellinore, closer to the former and further away from the latter. The three of them were staring transfixed at the joust, and Belle was grateful that, for once, Kay’s attention was on something other than her.

Looking around the square as the knights charged at one another, Belle sought out another familiar face. The man who held authority over the joust,...
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A really cute Jack Frost and Rapunzel video. Credit:MisticalSeaMermaid
jack frost
This is a crossover video made da TonyWDA. It's about one of the famous musical pieces of the movie "Fantasia".
Crossover Disney
As you'll discover this video has two songs first it's All Around Me da Flyleaf, then it's Monster da Meg and Dia, also during the first song it's più of a manip, in the secondo one it's più of a crossover!
Musica video
Credit: xPrincessAriel101x
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credit: lauramichelle1995 on Youtube
trailer. jim
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