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Justice League:
1. Anna and Hawkgirl
2. Ariel and Wonder Woman
3. Aladdin and Flash
4. Genie and Martian Manhunter
5. Hercules and Superman
6. Peter Pan and Green Lantern
7. Tarzan and Batman
8. Gaston and Bane
9. Captain Hook and Sinestro
10. Frollo and Joker
11. Jafar and Captain Cold
12. Ratcliffe and Lex Luthor
13. Gothel and Harley Quinn
14. Yokai and Mr. Freeze
15. Shan Yu and Killer Croc
16. Hades and Lord Hades (get it?)
17. Dr. Facilier and Felix Faust
Other Characters:
18. Hiro Hamada and Jimmy Olsen
19. Eilonwy and Supergirl
20. Ringmaster and Toymaker
21. Megara and Catwoman
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Arial's Point of View

Arial was opening a Cioccolato Frog with her best friend, Jasmine. "What card did te get?" gelsomino asked. "I got Nicholas Flamel. It detto that he created the Philosopher's stone that made anything immortal including him." Arial replied. "What did te get?" Arial asked, raising a red eyebrow at her friend. "I got morgan Le Fay,a dark witch. She is widely known in the Authrian legend as Arthur's half sister." gelsomino replied. "Yours is più fresco, dispositivo di raffreddamento than mine." Arial commented. gelsomino just giggled and went on their way to Hogwarts.

Finally, they got there. A huge man cried out,"...
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 I guess te could call this their wedding picture
I guess you could call this their wedding picture
{A/N}: Sadly, the last chapter, was the last chapter. Sorry to say. :( But, this will probably explain what happens after they get engaged!

After Proteus proposed to Kida, the two got married the following afternoon. Both their sides of the family attended the spectacular wedding of the anno which was held in Atlantis beneath the surface. When Kida's father named them, husband and wife, they were finally ready to spend their lives with one another. They return to Syracuse to keep the royal family name alive.

Years later, Kida is pregnant and is detto to have a handsome baby boy due the successivo year....
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Peter Pan
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