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Justice League:
1. Anna and Hawkgirl
2. Ariel and Wonder Woman
3. Aladdin and Flash
4. Genie and Martian Manhunter
5. Hercules and Superman
6. Peter Pan and Green Lantern
7. Tarzan and Batman
8. Gaston and Bane
9. Captain Hook and Sinestro
10. Frollo and Joker
11. Jafar and Captain Cold
12. Ratcliffe and Lex Luthor
13. Gothel and Harley Quinn
14. Yokai and Mr. Freeze
15. Shan Yu and Killer Croc
16. Hades and Lord Hades (get it?)
17. Dr. Facilier and Felix Faust
Other Characters:
18. Hiro Hamada and Jimmy Olsen
19. Eilonwy and Supergirl
20. Ringmaster and Toymaker
21. Megara and Catwoman
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Here's the 2nd prolouge which is Quasimodo's story. If te haven't read the 1st prolouge yet there's a link to it in my poll, but if te missed it here it is link

Even though Quasimodo enjoyed being alone he wanted to find love, he did have his best friend Esmeralda who was married to Phoebus, but they didn't met so often nowadays.

His stepfather Frollo was gone, but he still lived in the Notre Dame cathedral with the gargoyles who where his only close Friends that he met everyday. Today it was The Festival Of Fools, a giorno when everything was the opposite to what it normally was. Ever since...
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    "Scamp, now that all this is over, can te tell me what te were going to say when I told te I Amore you?" asked Angel.

    "Yes I can, I Amore te too." detto Scamp as he licked her.

    I looked at the kids with their families and I just felt sadness inside me. I have grown to Amore those kids so much that it hurts me to actually let them go. I know I can visit them but it’ll hurt me to see them as Cani because the ones I’ve grown to Amore were humans. I’ll never be able to see those faces again, except in my memories. I knew...
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It's the following giorno since Proteus and his men have met Kida and her acquaintances. Now, they are getting ready to leave on a new ship that the people of Atlantis have donated for them. "Well," Proteus says as he finishes throwing a large chest full of sharp swords onto the deck of the ship. "That should be everything." He smiles. "Yeah but," One of the prince's men swings from a long rope from the mast of the boat. "How do we know where to go?" That was very true. No one had known how to get out of Atlantis. If they attempted to, they would be most likely to get lost. "I think I may help."...
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I do not own this. This belongs to TheNamelessDoll on youtube.
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 "They can't bind me forever..."
"They can't bind me forever..."
In a time when other parts of the world were still being discovered da the British, a young woman named Pocahontas falls in Amore with the dashing young sea captain John Smith. But what Pocahontas doesn't know is that John Smith is really part of a brutal slave trade ship, and he plans to include her in their successivo shipment of slaves.

Upon arriving in England, Pocahontas is left alone and scared in the household of the wicked Judge Claude Frollo. Shunned da his housekeeper Cenerentola Sweep because of her colour and creed, Pocahontas is miserable - until she meets Frollo's neighbour Miss Belle...
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[A sneak peek at my story 'The Glass Mirror' I will be publishing June 1st hopefully]

Cinderella was scrubbing the floors when the doorbell rang. Her older sister, Aurora came running down the stairs. "Oh Cinderella, why do te insist on cleaning giorno and night? After all te are a princess, it is Maid Marian's job to clean the palace." Cenerentola looked up at her sister. Aurora had hair of golden sunshine and lips as red as the rose, in words she was the most beautiful in the kingdom.
"I like cleaning" she replied with a smile.
"Well I don't mean to be a pest but can te please change into your...
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The sound was barely audible and at first gelsomino questioned whether o not she actually heard it. She slowed the riding lawn mower to a stop and turned it off. She flinched as the Musica from her headphones suddenly became louder without the noise of the lawn mower. She quickly pulled the ear buds out of her ears.


Then a crash. It was loud; as if something had gone through a large window. gelsomino was almost positive it was the same noise she had heard earlier. She jumped off the lawn mower, stumbling slightly but then running towards the house. Her father was in the city for the day,...
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