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A good friend will wait for te to pick yourself up while he laughs at you. :)
prince phillip
La bella addormentata
Come d’incanto
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 “Daddy, look! It’s the Spirit of Adventure!"
“Daddy, look! It’s the Spirit of Adventure!"
“Where is the bird?” asked the large black dog in a surprisingly high voice, as if it had swallowed helium from Carl’s balloons. “You detto te had the bird.”

Dug cowered. “Oh yes, oh yes, since I have detto that, I can see how te would think that.”

“Where is it?”

“Um, tomorrow. Come back tomorrow and then I will again have the bird.”

“You Lost it?” snarled the dog.

Rapunzel found her voice. “Hey, leave Dug alone!”

The dog turned and growled at her. Rapunzel backed away. “Master will be most pleased that we have found them and will ask of them many questions. Come!”...
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 "Look at me, Mommy!"
"Look at me, Mommy!"
The Frederickson Family quickly settled down to a happy and contented life together.

“Mommy, look at me!” giggled Rapunzel, holding up her hands, covered in paint. "Look at me, Mommy!"

She had paint on her face as well.

“Oh, honestly!” Ellie laughed, picking her up to wash her off. “You’re meant to put the paint on the paper, not you, Rapunzel!”

“She’s making herself a work of art, Ellie,” Carl replied, causing her to laugh again.

“Daddy, can I be an artist someday?” asked Rapunzel as her mother washed the paint from her hands and face.

“Of course te can, honey. You...
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 “This is so cool!”
“This is so cool!”
Everyone was celebrating in good form that evening. Mr Ratcliffe allowed them to deck the school hall out with fairy lights and a large banner Leggere Congratulations from the rafters.

“By rights, it ought to say “Well Done, Team,” o something,” Meg pointed out. “But it’ll do since we couldn’t find anything else at the last minute.”

As good as his word, Mr Ratcliffe also provided alcohol but limited them all to only two coupons each. It was fair enough, thought Belle; this was a school after all, and none of them wanted its reputation to be sullied da wild drunken rampages on...
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 "Hey! Leave them alone!"
"Hey! Leave them alone!"
Belle hardly slept that night. The Festival had awakened something in her...and so had something else. That gypsy man, she wished she had got his name, when he had touched her she had felt a thrill, a rush of something, possibly of all she lacked living here with Frollo, and she had felt excited and pleasantly giddy all at once.

And she wanted to feel like that again.

By morning she had made up her mind; she would go out and see if she could find him.

“And what are te going to do today?” Frollo asked her over breakfast.

“I have to return those libri to the bookshop,” Belle replied.

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A lot of these ships exist only in my mind but the good foto are done da great editors here on fanpop and I gave them credit but if your pic. is here and te still have a problem commento and I'll replace with a horribly edited one da me.
also I multi-ship so...

I support a lot of ships and I wanted to make a superiore, in alto 10 lista b/c I Amore lists but whittling them down was hard so I stopped trying to elimination process at 27 so here is my lista of preferito crossover couples.
part 1 anyway

#27- Marie & Oliver
 da summerjoy11
By summerjoy11

#26- Kayley & Tarzan
 da LightningRed
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