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 family <3
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for kristenfan 10109 because she gives me the idea to make this <3<3<3<3<3 now Jim is happy!!!
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La Bella e la Bestia
posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 15: Sacrifice

It had been a few days since Ariel had left John couldn't believe how he had left things between them she must have had a reason why she didn't tell him either way he shouldn't have detto the things he did he realized that now all he wanted was her to back with him he wouldn't let anything become between them ever again sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza in his arms and he wondered if she was missing him as much as he was missing her. And she was she couldn't stop thinking about him ever since she had come home she locked herself in her room from sunset to sunrise she didn't want anything to do with...
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posted by TheCrystalRing
Ariel’s life was currently in Hell. She thought she knew the consequences of her agreement with the witch; she thought that if anything went wrong, only she would be hurt…she was wrong. Dead wrong.
    Everything was going perfectly; she was human (at the cost of her voice, however), she was with her prince, and they were only one baciare away from being together forever. But then She had shown up and stolen the cuore of the prince, Eric, away from her. Ariel’s animal Friends had tried to delay Her wedding to the prince, and tried to recover the Mer’s voice, but in the...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “Adam kissed me.”
“Adam kissed me.”
Meg and Snow White were waiting in their room when Belle and gelsomino got back. “Hey.” Meg gave Belle an apologetic smile and went over to hug her. “I’m sorry I had a go at te earlier.”

“Me too,” detto Snow White, even though she hadn’t had a go at Belle.

“It’s all water under the bridge now,” Belle insisted. “Let’s just hope our successivo R.E teacher is better.”

“I’m not going to miss Mr Frollo one bit!” gelsomino declared, lying down on her bed.

“None of us are!” Snow White shuddered. “He did look at me in a creepy way once. I hate him.”

“We all do,” Meg...
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posted by auroraxaurelia
Lady Tremaine is a woman of respect and power. Her first marriage ended with her as a widow and now so did her second. Presently she found herself as mistress of an estate manor, with the titolo of Lady, mother of her two daughters, and STEP-mother to her recently deceased husbands child; Isabella.

Though she had not started out disliking Isabella, she quickly saw in the girl things her own daughters did not poses. Among those things were grace, patience, kindness, and true elegance. So to not have her daughters out-shined, she made Isabella a servant in the house she had always known. Lady...
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    The Ratcliff’s woke up bright and early so they could get to their new home as soon as they could. They were so excited to finally get to see America and actually be living there. The Cuccioli were excited to be on a boat, Pongo and Perdita had to make sure none fell overboard. Patch was happy to be on a barca for the first time but at the same time sad because he knew it was the closest thing he’ll have to a real adventure, successivo to his adventure in London. He was glad that his parents at least remembered him this time. However he still dreamed of when he’d be able...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Alright, grumpypuss!"
"Alright, grumpypuss!"
That was the way it was for Ramses and Ariel and they were perfectly happy. Queen Tuya knew that they wouldn't have it any other way, but her husband Seti was anxious that Ramses stop fooling around with Ariel and focus on taking a wife. He detto as much the successivo giorno over breakfast. Ariel, dining with the servants, was absent and so unable to hear for herself what Seti had to say to his son.
"Ramses, te know we're holding that banquet tonight? Well-"
"Oh, don't tell me!" Ramses groaned. "You've got another batch of young and silly women lined up for me to meet and possibly think about marrying!"...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 A tale of love, friendship and a remarkable woman!
A tale of love, friendship and a remarkable woman!
Ever since they were children, Ariel and Ramses had been the best of friends.
Ariel, an orphan who's parents had died of fever when she was a child, could remember as though it were yesterday. She had been looking for somewhere to live; for some kind family to take her in after her parents' death and had stumbled across the small pool that flowed below the palace balcony, where Queen Tuya and her Friends often bathed. There she had come across the young Ramses, playing with a ball. When the ball had gone into the water, Ramses had gone after it; forgetting that he couldn't swim and that the...
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Alright this is an articolo that I'm putting with my new crossover entitled Disney Religion. What gave me the idea of this is from going to church and than spending most of my time here making crossovers. I thought to myself if I really care about Gesù why don't I spend più time thinking about him instead of spending time with crossovers? Is what I'm doing here really important? Shouldn't Gesù my savior be più important than Disney crossovers?
At first the image I made was a way to bring religion to the place where I spend my time. But it turned out più of a message for everyone who wants...
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