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How did Rapunzel realise that she was the Lost princess?

più specifically, I don't entirely understand the scene back in the tower when Rapunzel sees all those sun symbols on the ceiling. My theory is that she decorated the ceiling herself, and designed it to include the sun symbol. She didn't know what the symbol was at the time, but during this scene realised that it was the symbol of Corona, and that she had first seen it as a baby. And then everything started to click together and she realised who she was.

Does anyone have any other thoughts on this? I always feel as though I am missing something in this scene.
 How did Rapunzel realise that she was the Lost princess?
 JungleQueen13 posted ·7 mesi fa
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princesslullaby said:
te are exactly right. It's not very clear in the film but she had been subconsciously drawing the sun. It definitely could have been explained a lot better.
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posted ·6 mesi fa 
Thanks! Yeah it's definitely not the best part of the film, as I'm always sitting there wondering if I'm missing something. It just seems weird to me that someone could incorporate the sun shapes into their artwork subconsciously.
JungleQueen13 posted ·6 mesi fa
AudreyFreak said:
A hunch and her childhood paintings. Aka flimsy evidence for a contrived revelation.
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posted un mese fa 
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