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 BB2010, our march FOTM!
BB2010, our march FOTM!
Sorry for taking so long to post this.

1. First, congrats for being the FOTM! How do te feel?
Honestly....shocked. I mean I've been hoping to become FOTM for some time now but I never thought I actually deserved it since I only put up picks and bacheca posts. Thanks to all the people who voted for me. :)

2. Why do te think people voted for you?
Because they're crazy? haha but seriously, I guess it's because of all my picks. I mean the FOTM is chosen based on contributions afterall

3. What is your preferito part of the spot? The wall, the forum o the picks?
Pretty much the wall, forum, and the picks :P I really like to vote on the picks and take part in the games like Best Lyrics and Best Quotes.

4. Is there a person in this spot whom te admire?
There's quite a few people such as te (AnimaIuco), KataraLover, and SweetPea2007. They all contribute a lot to this spot, aren't afraid to voice their opinions, and they can really make me laugh sometimes :P

5. Say who are your preferiti and explain why!
a) preferito Disney Movie
The Lion King. I've watched this movie since birth, it's the only Disney movie I can remember and quote word for word, it brings back so many childhood memories, I Amore the Musica and the characters, and it's the only Disney movie that still makes me cry even after watching it so many times

b) preferito Disney Princess Movie
Mulan. Ever since I was a kid Mulan was my preferito DP movie because it helped me believe that I can do anything a boy can do and it was nice to watch a DP movie that actually did some fighting and didn't have to be saved

c) preferito Disney Princess
Mulan. I loved how Ribelle - The Brave and selfless she was and how she grew stronger and più confident with herself throughout the movie. Honestly, whenever I'm going through some hard times o I need to get things done quickly, Mulan ends up being my inspiration to keep going :)

d) preferito Disney Prince
A tie between Adam/Beast and Flynn/Eugene.
Beast because I loved his inner transformation, changing from this hot tempered jerk to this really awesome sweet guy.
Eugene because I kinda have a soft spot for the 'handsome bad boys' :P and I loved how he also changed from this kinda jerk to, again, an awesome sweet guy. And I loved how when Rapunzel gave him back his satchel, he chose her over getting rich :)

e) preferito Disney Princess Outfit
Mulan's blue/red dress at the end of the movie. It might just because blue and red are my preferito colors, idk for sure...

f) preferito Disney Princess Hair Style
Rapunzel's braid with the fiori :) It's so pretty and I wanna try that hair style so badly...

g) preferito Disney Princess Parents
Fa Zhou and Fa Li. I loved that they didn't obsess over honor, even after Mulan had failed to impress the matchmaker and ran off to fight in the honor. And I loved Fa Zhou's line 'the greatest gift and honor is having te for a daughter' *sniff* :') that always warms my heart

6. How do te feel about Disney Sequels? Is there one comparable to its original movie?
I Amore them and I hate them. The only Disney sequels I really Amore are The Lion King 2, The Little Mermaid 2, Aladdin 2 and 3, Beauty and the Beast: The Come d’incanto Christas, and Lady and the Tramp 2 because I think they really do the originals justice compared to other sequels

7. How did te discover the spot and what was your fist interest in it? Is it your preferito spot in Fanpop?
I think I found this spot when I was looking for a DP movie script and there was a link for it here on this spot. Being a big fan of Disney and the princesses (both official and forgotten) I immediately liked this spot. This spot is my preferito one on fanpop :) I come here every single giorno to check out the forum and the picks and bacheca posts.

8. Has your preferito DP been your preferito since te were a kid?
Yes Mulan has been my favorite. Over the years my DP preferiti lista has changed repeatedly but Mulan will always be my number 1

9. What does your nickname (BB2010) mean?
if I told te I'd have to kill you.........oh what the my nickname BB stands for Bree-Bree because that was my childhood nickname and the number 2010 is the anno I joined fanpop

Thanks for interviewing me and thanks again to everyone who voted for me :) I'm truly honored to be FOTM
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Imaginative Princess Countdown Results!

Disney Princesses vary in multiple ways, and how much they imagine is no exception. Some of them are very down to earth, and quite realistic, while others are very much in their own world, constantly dreaming and creating new visions and ideas in their heads. This is a rank of the least to most imaginative Disney Princess.

9. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was determined to be the least imaginative princess. This is mostly because she doesn’t having the flaming ideals and dreams that most of the others have, because she was generally unsure for most of the...
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Natale special, but sad that Mulan and Pocahontas are not in it.
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