Well I am happy to say I was able to finally get an interview with the characters from Disney’s Princess and the Frog! We had some fan domande for Dr. Facilier so we decided to hold the interview at Mamma Odie’s house in order for her to summon him and control him. Tiana, Naveen, and carlotta, charlotte agreed to meet me there.

(When I arrived Naveen greeted me and helped me inside. Tiana was handing out snacks and Mama Odie…well..She looked to be sleeping. And carlotta, charlotte actually came up and gave me a huge hug…I about suffocated in all the flounces she was wearing…guess she thought there would be a photographer…well everyone seems ready so let us begin…)

Me : Naveen, how many girls have te actually been with and can te remeber any of their names?

Naveen (he looks a little startled and quickly looks at Tiana, but then he gets his usual grin on his face and leans in) : Hundreds! Maybe even thousands! But I THINK I can remember one girl's name... Sarah was it? o was it Georgia? I don't know... Oh yes! I remember ONE girl! Tiana!

(he laughs and squeezes Tiana’s leg)

Me : Mama Odie, since te know so much, why did carlotta, charlotte didn't turned into a frog when she kissed Naveen if she wasn't technically a princess anymore?
(there is a long pause and I repeat the domanda another time…or two…)

Mama Odie ( she snorts awake) : The fact that she USED to be a princess protected her from being turned into a frog, but it didn't transform Naveen and Tiana.

(…and she falls right back to sleep)

Me :Tiana did te have any boyfriends before Naveen o was he your First?

Tiana : No, my work was più important than a boyfriend! So Naveen is my first and i Loooooooooove him so much!

Me : Tiana, what do te do if there's a fly in your restaurant? I know te wouldn't ever smash a bug after the whole thing with Ray, but what if your costumers complain?

Tiana : We have a special place for the insects, their own Buggy dinning area called Ray's Area...it was Naveen's idea, he is so sweet!

(they share a hug and a smile…for a secondo I thought carlotta, charlotte rolled her eyes…)

Me :Charlotte what happened to your mother and why is your daddy still single?

carlotta, charlotte :I don't like to talk about it... But my daddy says I'm the only girl he'll ever need!

Me : Naveen, do te and Tiana visit Maldonia, often?

Naveen : Yes, but not so often, because te see we're running the restaurant. My parents Amore Tiana and how she changes me into a better person. (laughing) o else they come to America and visit us instead.

Me : Tiana: How long are shifts at Tiana's Palace?

Tiana : About 6 hours. te have to have time for family and friends. te want a job?

Me : Mama Odie do te go to visit Tiana and Naveen o do te prefer them to come visit you?

(once again we have to startle her awake)

Mama Odie : "Guuurrrl watchu smokin'?! I am a blind woman! I'm old! And this is my sanctuary, I don't wanna leave my place. They should be da one to visit me! They da one dat needs something from me."

(before she goes back to sleep we get her to summon Dr. Facilier so we can ask him his questions. He does not look pleased at first, but then settles in and leers with a huge grin)

Me : Dr. Facilier, how are te doing with your Friends on the other side?

[b Facilier [/b]: not very good. They are STILL mad at me for not keeping my promise, and now i'm their servant.

Me : Facilier Have te ever been with a girl and what did te do to her???

Facilier : I have had several lady Friends and unfortunately when I sent them to the other side I was not thinking I would be joining them....Friends....bah...sadistic asses is what they are...there is nothing worse then being stuck forever with bitter, hateful women that are just pissed te did some dark magic on them....GET OVER IT!...Got to go the hourly torture is about to start....meh.... (grumble grumble....women...grumble grumble....)

(He disappears quickly and Mama Odie also quickly goes back to sleep)

Me :tiana finally u have your restaurant how does it feel to reach your goal?

Tiana :Oh, it was amazing! I fulfilled Daddy's dream about having a restaurant, and I have my love, what he really wants me to do! (caressing Naveen)

Me : Tiana, do te interested to become the princess of Maldonia?

Tiana : When I started to like Naveen, I never thought of his position as the prince of Maldonia. In fact, I hated a spoiled prince of Maldonia. But when he turns out to be sweet, I Amore him and it doesn't matter for me to marry him as a frog o human prince.

Me : naveen what was your first thought when u saw eudora?

Naveen : Tiana has a sister?....wait that is her mom...DANG....Tiana is going to look good when she gets old! ;)

Me : Tiana if te turned into another animal what would it be????

Tiana : um maybe a dog i yhink they r very cute!

Me : Charlotte, is it true when a woman says later it means not ever, o it just your words to stop Travis from following you?

carlotta, charlotte : Sugar, it's true!

Me : Naveen did te have aby romances before coming to New Orleans?

Naveen : Well, yes but due to different personalities. We didn't last long. *laughs*

Me : Naveen, is your little brother as spoiled as te were?

Naveen : No, he's lucky and I hate it absolutely.

Me : Charlotte, have te found your prince charming yet and/or are te ever going to give up looking for a prince?

carlotta, charlotte : not yet sugar, I'm waiting for the little prince to grow up. But if I met another handsome good prince before he grows up, I'll switch. My Prince is out there and I am going to find him and never let him go! Are te a prince o know a prince o are related to a prince?

(By this point Mama Odies snores are rocking the house and everyone looks like they are going to melt from the heat, so we quickly say our goodbyes and avvolgere up the interview. carlotta, charlotte keeps stalking me and asking about any Princes I know so I sneak out the back while Naveen distracts her with his wit….)

Well guys I hope everyone’s enjoyed this brief and witty interview with the characters from Disney’s Princess and the frog. And I would like to thank everyone that provided risposte and domande for this interview : alexon31,2kn111,justinfangrrl, smileyAqua, MagicPrincess, chesire,sophy22, ajotma, LightningRed, MACFAJIL000, MmLuvXx, BKG201, dee389 , BelleAmie, 3xZ,SweetPea2007