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My little sister, she's nine years old, is really into Disney Princess and she's been bugging to me let her do this all week. So If te want to see a child's perspective of the princesses, here te go. My Scrivere is plain, her's is in bold.

10.Snow White
She's my #10 because her voice is very annoying. And I think she's really dumb but still think she's interesting.

Aurora is this low because half of the movie she is sleeping but she is still very pretty and charming.

Cindrella is my #8 because she stays with her step family even when they treat her like crap.

I really like Rapunzel. That's it.

I Amore her voice and that she is free spirted.

What i Amore aboutbelle is that risks her life just to save her fatherand she falls in Amore with a beast.

Tiana is independent and knows what she wants and thats why Amore her.

Ariel is a beautiful person and she loves to explore but she crys over a boy who does not even knows her.

gelsomino is a little bit mean and ungreatful thourgh out the movie but i understand why she ran away from home.

I Amore Mulan because she disobeys her father and goes to war when her father is to sick to fight. And she freakin saves China and on the way and she gets a boyfriend.

Here's a comparison between my sister's lista and mine.
Her list-My list
10.Snow White-Rapunzel
6.Pocahontas-Snow White
 Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
posted by sweetie-94
I decided to mostra te my DP collection which will be in parts since it's pretty huge, here we go! There are some that I wan't take with for example I used to own a pair of DP tattoos, but I threw them away, but most of the other things will be shown!

First I will be mostrare te my DP stickers:

Quite a lot ones, right? I think I have over 100 stickers in total!
Next I will mostra te my DP coloring book:

I've already started with coloring a little bit and as I detto in one of my wallposts it has my 6 preferito princesses in it.

Next I'll mostra te my DP poster:
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posted by rapounzel97
When te feel like you're ready to go
Somewhere you've never been
Make a wish and the dream in te grows
Shinning as bright as day
Carrying te far away

The story begins with the light in your heart
A fantasy, a dream and a spark
Once te believe te are ready to shine
The princess inside te will show
te are the glow, te are the glow

Look around take in all that te see
te just might be surprised
A world of enchantment and pure majesty
You'll be discovering
The princess that you're meant to be

The story begins with the light in your heart
A fantasy, a dream and a spark
Once te believe te are ready to shine
Bright as the world's ever known
te are the glow

Feel your strength, te can face the world
Believe every day, everything is possible
A magical journey awaits

The story begins with the light in your heart
A fantasy, a dream and a spark
Once te believe te are ready to shine
The princess inside te will show
te are the glow, te are the glow
Whoa, te are the glow.
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I didn’t think I would get to go to the ball.
My stepsisters ripped up my dress after all.
Then out of nowhere my Fairy Godmother appeared.
And she told me not to fear.
She detto she would take care of everything.
Then she took out her magic wand, and started to swing.
She made me a beautiful carriage out of a pumpkin!
She looked at me and began to grin.
She transformed my rags into the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.
It was so pretty I could’ve passed as a Queen!
I even had shoes made out of glass.
I was ready to go, at last!
She told me it would only last until midnight,
And I told...
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The successivo day, Ariel was in homeroom and some guy who was sitting successivo to blondie asked Ariel "Hey, is that your natural hair color?"
Ariel replied "Yeah."
"It's gorgeous." the guy replied back.
"This is Flynn o te can call him Eugene. We're dating at the mo." The blondie said.
"Hey Rapunzel, nice extensions. What's it made of?" detto a dude who walked past Rapunzel.
She quickly detto "Your mom's chest hair!!!" (Not really)
"I'm Rapunzel."
"Hi, I'm Ariel. Do te guys know where Room G is?"
Flynn took and looked at Ariel's agenda and detto "Health Tuesday/Thursday Room G"
"I think it's in the back building."...
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"Rise and shine, sleepy head!" Mushu detto in a playful voice "C'mon girl, te got chores to do!"
"Urrrrgghh!!!" Mulan detto with a frustrated voice; she pulled her duvet over her and buried her head in her pillow, trying to drone out Mushu's voice.
"How 'bout a morning baciare from pretty-boy?" Mushu asked flirtatiously raising his brows up and down.
"How did te know?" Mulan asked (a little confused).
"Girl, te talk in your sleep!" Mushu detto then did his Mulan voice "Oh, General Shang! Marry you- oh I do, I do-" Mulan swiftly got out of letto and put her hand over Mushu's mouth."Okay, I get it! I'm...
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 'Cause our song is the slammin' screen door, sneakin' out late tappin' on your window...
'Cause our song is the slammin' screen door, sneakin' out late tappin' on your window...
Well, one giorno I was in my room on fanpop listening to "Our Song" da the amaazzinngg Taylor veloce, swift and this little idea come to me for a new article. I am very opinionated about these songs but I can't pick a preferito so I decided to make it a fan pick. Sorry it took so long to get up and if te don't agree with it but c'est la vie. (Also if anyone has any tips for photo-editing so my pictures can be better I would really appreciate it.) Plus, it's done right on time for valentine's giorno and matches this month's theme perfectly! Thank te DreamyGal for that! Enjoy!

10. A Girl Worth Fighting For...
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I like the "romantic" song, I Amore the "I want" song, I Amore the beginning and I Amore the funny scenes, but for me, the most enjoyable scene of a movie is its climax. A good movie has to chill me in its action scenes even if it's the 30th time I'm watching it. So here I wrote an articolo explaining what are my 10 preferito final action scenes from DP movies. I might make a countdown about that (with the public's opinion) in the future, but at the moment, I'd like to share my opinion with you.

10. The Princess and the Frog
This action scene has an interesting setting - New Orlean's cemetery...
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posted by hisblueeyes
This articolo was inspired da Dreamygal's link, because I thought it was a great idea & wanted to try it out.

 Snow White
Snow White

♥Snow White♥
Before I read Fairest of All da Serena Valentino I didn't like Snow White. I thought she was stupid, vain, and much too naive. Then I read her back story, and my view changed completely. I Amore Snow White, because she's so optimistic and happy. I adore her sweetness, and the way she can just bright up anyone's giorno da just being around them.

Favorite Outfit: Her flower-picking dress.
Favorite Physical Feature: Her lips.
Favorite Song: "I'm Wishing/One Song"...
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Well, I read other preferito princess articoli and thought I should make my own. This is my first article. Feel free to express your opinions, but please don't leave mean, nasty comments.

10. Aurora

I don't hate her, and I don't necessarily dislike her personality. But Aurora barely does anything. She basically sang, danced, and cried. Her personality just wasn't that strong. The three fate were più enjoyable. So Aurora did nothing to impress me in her whole 18 minutes.

9. Snow White

I found her to be a little più interesting than Aurora. Snow White seemed to have been focused...
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So Everyone is making their lista of who their preferito DP are so I thought, why not. If te have any commenti please be respectful but know that this is my list. I made this lista after watching every movie these princesses (except sequels) were in so my facts hopefully are più accurate.

The princess with such a beautiful model figure and a voice that wakes up an entire forest. She is graceful, romantic, and a bit flirty but the problem I had with her is that she did not have enough time her movie for just her. She has Prince Philip wrapped around her little finger but I wish we...
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In light of the actual “fairy tale trend” in TV and movie, I recently realized how much the Disney Film have “taken over” the fairy tales they are based on, and how few people actually know the story they are based on. Because of this, I’ll compare the Disney-Version with the fonte text, and I’ll recommend a few other adaptations I really like. I’ll only take a look at the fairy tales – meaning I’ll skip Pocahontas and Mulan, since they are not part of my culture. Perhaps someone who grew up with those stories is ready to do a small piece about them?

Considering that...
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posted by Swanpride
Well, what were our Ribelle - The Brave heroines and Heroes without their friends? They would be forced to provide the comic relief themselves. Not that some of them wouldn’t be able to step up to the challenge (*cough* Flynn* cough*), but as a general rule, it’s the sidekicks who provide the laughter.
Pocahontas is not listed in this category. I considered adding “Percy’s bath”, but since the score is very short, it wouldn’t have been fair.

9. Princess and the Frog: I have my problems with most of the songs of this movie, but “Gonna take te there” might be the worst of all of them....
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articolo counting down the favourite unofficial Disney princess friendship, which were created da these picks:

7. Tiana and Belle

Not really surprising that this friendship was the first to leave as imo, these two princess have successivo to nothing in common. Tiana is very grounded and head strong whereas Belle is a bit of a dreamer and chases fairytales.

'I don't see this happening at all!'- Tigressfan10689

'I cannot see this happening at all! Really!'-ajotma

'I seriously can't imagine Belle and Tiana together being friends...'- JediWaterBender

6.Mulan and...
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posted by magicfairydust
 Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
I Amore ALL the Disney princesses but these are my favorites.
7. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora/Briar Rose)
Ahhh the lovely Briar Rose, many times haled as the most beautiful of all the Disney princesses. She's very nice and pretty....and nice...ok so she doesn't do much. That's why she's ranked lower but I still Amore her! She's such a classic and iconic princess. Some people argue that she only shows up in 18 minuti of the actual film but thats the point! She's SLEEPING beauty. Besides, she has like the best wardrobe ever.
 oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white....
oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white.......
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posted by ppgbelle4
Well, this articolo is VERY overdue da now...I've written my preferito princess articolo when I first joined, but not this one. So yes, time to fix that once and for all! I actually like all of the princes listed here, and they were very hard to rank. Anyway, enjoy reading! Thank you, CuteDiana, for making the pictures!

10. Charming

Okay, okay. I know this is a typical placement for him, but I just feel neutral about him. I can't use the excuse for lack of screen time, because,'ll see why later. I also can't say he lacks a personality, because he does have a personality. When he...
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10 Snow White

Snow White is pretty. Although she is referred as a young woman with skin as white as the snow, lips as red as a rose and hair as dark as a raven I don’t find her that beautiful. I don’t like her hair, the shape of her face and her nose.

9 Rapunzel

Rapunzel has beautiful hair, I Amore both her long- blonde and short- brown hair. She has lovely eyes- color but her eyes are too big. The problem with Rapunzel is that she is 3D princess and her features seem weird to me. I’d prefer her as 2D, she would be più beautiful. Now she’s just cute and pretty.

8 Aurora
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I thought this would be a neat idea for an article. My preferito Disney Princess Couples Meetings. I’ve done so many articles, and I Amore doing them, but I don’t want to keep rewriting ones like I have done in the past. There’s nothing wrong with that; I know I’m not the only one that does that, because our opinions are constantly changing…or, at least mine are anyway! This was actually più difficult to write than I originally thought it would be. I Amore the funny meetings, like Rapunzel and Flynn’s, o Aladdin and Jasmine’s, but I also like the sweet/romantic ones, like Snow...
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Original articolo link

This will be a little different from the other princesses, because I do think the reasons stated for Ariel have a lot of merit. The fact was, she was being stubborn, irresponsible, selfish, and put her entire kingdom in danger. However, I would like to point out that when Disney created her, they weren't exactly thinking "Let's make the worst role model possible, who girls should never model themselves after!" So, from someone who thinks Ariel is a wonderful role model, I want to point out the view I think Disney intended us to see. It's about striving for...
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posted by dee389
 Me in Budapest, Hungary in October 2007.
Me in Budapest, Hungary in October 2007.
Hi guys, te want to know all about me? Here we go!

My name: Dee Na Nagara

Country of Birth: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

My favourite Disney movies: Princess and the Frog, 101 Dalmatians, Tangled, Mulan, other Disney princess movies

My favourite non-Disney movies: Bride Wars, The Sound of Music, Babette's Feast, Anastasia, All Cani go to Heaven, Letters to Juliet, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera (2004 film), Valentine's Day, The King's Speech, The Young Victoria, Evita, Amadeus, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Titanic

My favourite singers: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Lady...
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posted by alexon31
 "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope te like me" -The King and I
"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me" -The King and I
Yes! I finally found the time to write this article. I´ve been wanting to write it ever since phantomrose89 came up with the idea (great idea btw), I just been having a lot of homework lateley (I still do actually, but ciao it´s Friday so I decided to take a break, watch a movie, and write my article). So, without further ado, here it is, hope te enjoy it. :D

First name: Well my name is Alejandro, but everybody calls me Alex. When I was in highschool some of my Friends used to call me Alexon (I don´t really know why) and they still do, but must people just call me Alex.

Country of Origin:...
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