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Quick descriptions for each placements. Hopefully it doesn't confuse you, tell me if so, I'll never do this again. If it's fine then I invite te to do this type of article.

10th Movie: Pocahontas
I have so many issues with this movie, I just cannot ignore the flaws. Though I Amore the animation, the score and the ending.

10th Princess: Aurora
Poor Aurora, I like her but her lack of screen time always puts her in disadvantage.

10th Prettiest: Snow White
Perhaps if she was older, she'd rank up but I'm just not a fan of her look to be honest. Though her lips are lovely.

9th Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
It's really cute, charming and sweet. While I do respect this movie, there are far too many fillers and it gets boring for me.

9th Princess: Pocahontas
She's Ribelle - The Brave and she jumps off cliffs... and yeah, that's pretty much what I like about her.

9th Prettiest: Rapunzel
Her eyes take up too much of her face if te ask me. The only thing I Amore about her appearance is her subtle freckles, adorable.

8th Movie: Sleeping Beauty
This movie is beautifully done, I Amore the dark and romantic style of it. Some of the characters may be boring but the movie is not boring at all in my opinion.

8th Princess: Ariel
While I'm not for what she did to become human, I Amore her determination and drive.

8th Prettiest: Tiana
I Amore her lips, eyes, body, rosy cheeks and subtle dimples. She's beautiful but the others are più in my opinion.

7th Movie: Cinderella
I Amore it! This movie puts me on an emotional roller coaster. I would get so angry and then so happy in a matter of seconds.

7th Princess: Snow White
I like her, she's always so optimistic. She's also very innocent, quite naive and the motherly-type.

7th Prettiest: Ariel
I Amore her hair under water. Her big blue eyes are nice. She's pretty and her smile is gorgeous.

6th Movie: The Princess and the Frog
Honestly, I usually prefer the Renaissance Film even though the Classics are great too. I'm just più into character development and PatF has it. I think the movie was funny and enjoyable.

6th Princess: Rapunzel
What I like about her is that she's creative, feisty, sweet, energetic and so bubbly.

6th Prettiest: Aurora
I think she fits beauty standards too much. Though she is undeniably gorgeous. Her face is as beautiful as can get.

5th Movie: The Little Mermaid
Creative, unique and ground-breaking, the movie has it all. I Amore it but I just like the others more.

5th Princess: Tiana
She works so hard for her dreams to become a reality, I really wish I was più like her.

5th Prettiest: Cinderella
She's really beautiful and realistic looking. Her eyes are crazy and her lips are really nice.

4th Movie: Tangled
I Amore the characters' development. The plot is really well done, everything falls into place.

4th Princess: Cinderella
She's graceful, kind and I admire her for her emotional strength.

4th Prettiest: Mulan
She just gets più and più beautiful every time I look at her. She has such a subtle and natural beauty.

3rd Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Some scenes just blow me away and I Amore the score! The Amore story is so beautiful and romantic.

3rd Princess: Belle
She looks beyond other people's appearances. She feels like an outcast and most can relate to that.

3rd Prettiest: Pocahontas
She is hot and exotic looking, her body is great. I Amore everything about the way she looks.

2nd Movie: Aladdin
It's a really fun movie to watch. The characters are interesting and I Amore the chemistry between them.

2nd Princess: gelsomino
Confident, outspoken and fiery, I Amore that she always stands up for herself.

2nd Prettiest: Belle
She has simple traits but there's a certain warmth to her beauty. She has such pretty lips, hair and eyes.

1st Movie: Mulan
I think there are so many epic scenes. It has everything from action to comedy. I absolutely blindly Amore everything about this movie.

1st Princess: Mulan
I admire her in every single way possible. She's cunning, brave, smart and so bad-ass.

1st Prettiest: Jasmine
She has a whole lot of sex appeal, she's exotic and unique looking. Every single inch of her is gorgeous.

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She sounds surprisingly good!
 Team Miss Universe
Team Miss Universe
Hi everyone, since nobody postato this up, I thought it would be interesting to write this lista if all of the Princesses are judges in both Miss Universe and Miss World, two of the oldest Beauty Pageants ever and what will their domande be.

1. Snow White

"Describe yourself, are te an optimistic o pessimistic person?"

2. Cinderella

"If you're married into a member of a Royal Family, are te willing to follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana o Kate Middleton?"

3. Princess Aurora

"Do te believe in a Damsel in Distress moment?"

4. Ariel

"Which species do te want to be? A human o a fish?"

5. Belle...
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The multilanguage version!
 misscindyspice made this
misscindyspice made this
A while ago, I did a sondaggio series called "A Movie Staring Disney Princesses" , deciding what roles Disney Princesses would play in a movie (results are down below. And then I postato a forum, deciding plots. Although I did decide most of the plot, many people helped me get started and got the plot going in my head, so I can't take all the credit. Thank te to those who participated- whether te helped in the forum, voted in the sondaggi o both, and I'm sorry for the long wait. This will take place in a few parts- I don't know how many exactly, but I estimate four-five.


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An even better version than English.
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Elsa goes Bollywood!
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La Sirenetta
La Sirenetta
animated film
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