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posted by TheFabulousFAN
 Oh, I hate this one
Oh, I hate this one
I know shocking, the so called "Best movie ever" is disliked da me. I know most of te are like "oh, this chick again here to cagna about some più stuff." But I don't care I can state my Opinions even if I present them as though they are facts. About Frozen, No, I don't just hate I because it's so popolare but the 'hype' I dislike as well, sorry but I dislike lots of things. Is there a problem? Anyway I recently made a bacheca post hoping to find someone that could tell me WHY they liked Frozen so I could watch it with an Open mind.

TheFabulousFAN detto about Disney Princess …
There is so much mindless consumerism here and I wish I was one just so I can agree with più people. I don't think of it as 'hype' I think of it as 'you don't even think about it and start to like it anyway' some people like the stupidest things. Frozen is one of them, I just wish I could see someone's view of it. I've literally read hundreds of reviews but all they say is the same thing "Disney's best animation, Let it go was amazing, nice character development." But no one says why it's great
postato 17 hours ago

shanyuisboss commented…
Most people have this kind of view that as long as it was funny it was "well done". Though at the same time, many people just like a movie despite it's flaws like the people here on fanpop. Saying it's Disney's best is just stupid though.
17 hours ago

Disneyfan9648 commented…
I Amore Frozen, but it's not because I don't think it through. It is beautiful, had a good story and has good characters too. I Amore the story the camera angles and more. It is good and there is a reason to like it. I find very little flaws with the movie and almost every flaw te point out, I can find a train how te are wrong, o that it doesn't really matter. I don't like how te assume that I am stupid because I like frozen. I wish I knew why te hate it so much, because it's not bad, I also don't like how te say your opinion as if it is right and everyone else's is wrong. I do respect your opinion on the movie though :)
14 hours ago

Tygers_Eye commented…
Mindless consumerism is right. I get annoyed when a well-made movie comes out and everyone raves about how it's the greatest thing ever, but after all the hype dies down no one talks about it, aren't interested in it, and/or start to realize o pick at it's flaws. This is why I dislike super hero and CGI films. If the best it has to offer is it has "groundbreaking/realistic CGI" (Avatar and Life of Pi, I'm looking at you), then it doesn't have enough for me.
13 hours ago

TheFabulousFAN commented…
@DisneyFan that what im saying all te say is : "it's beautiful, good story, good characters." But your not telling me why...
I never called the people that liked Frozen stupid just the movie
10 minuti ago

So to answer DisneyFan9648's domanda in a respectable way here is why I dislike Frozen. My domanda if anyone wants to answer it is WHY do te like Frozen actual thought out risposte though PLEASE not just 'it was good' o 'good animation, pretty looking.' Actual REASONS like I'm about to present about why I dislike frozen. Key word: Dislike NOT hate.


Anna- she is the first one we see, and at first I found her enjoyable she was CUTE, clumsy the average kid basically. But then we see her growing up after a while she finally gets that Elsa does NOT want to be bothered. I thought this was her maturing up for the better whilst Elsa stayed a child and became the villain but I was mistaken. successivo we see her waking up recitazione all 'modern' having letto head, and she didn't really act like an Adult really then she jumped out of letto like "it's coronation day!" She acted so hyper that I knew she couldn't possibly be the princess I thought. she was just like the tumblr people detto "she is going to be a rip off of Rapunzel." The fact that Disney didn't take the time to give her a NEW face I was willing to over look, but her personality is JUST like Rapunzel if not worse. Yes her back story is different but her Character is spot on to Rapunzel. I mean 'locked away from people' and 'totally, awkward and clumsy' that's RAPUNZEL. Also I don't really like hyper princesses plus she was so annoying nor did she change at the end like Rapunzel did Anna stayed IDIOTIC, sorry but I don't find her hyper ness enjoyable just annoying.

Elsa- Ok, I liked her at first she was a not-to-childish child but then her parents BLAMED her for shooting Anna (when it really was Anna's fault for not stopping when Elsa detto to stop) her parents corrupted her with fear, anxiety and panic. She turned into a fearful person and after that I don't think she could think clear. She acted so Over dramatic (whilst Anna was annoying her in PUBLIC) I like Elsa I really do but Anna and her Parents messed her up. I feel bad for her with her annoying sister and misguided parents. (Also I don't like the trolls because they told the parents and SCARED Elsa)

Hans- I Amore Hans, he is so deceptive and sneaky that what te look for in a villain though I don't think he was supposed to be the villain but after 'let it go' they couldn't make Elsa the villain and the duke of WeaselTown was so lame. Hans was the only enjoyable character for me and I'm so glad he didn't really like Anna and stabbed her in the back. Not to mention he is a damn good actor.

Kristoff- meh, he was just so quirky like for real 'talking to a reindeer' that boy need psychological help. Other than having that stupid reindeer that acts like a dog, I liked Kristoff he was normal yet logical and hopefully educated Anna.

Olaf- he wasn't so bad, sometimes he seemed a bit forced like *LAUGH AT THIS NOW ITS FUNNY* he made me laugh at some points, but complessivamente, generale I found him annoying but since he is merely ignorant and naïve...I guess he is ok. I wouldn't say he is worth melting for. He just a bit of a fixer upper. is not an open door to him. My face was Frozen into a frown. I don't want to build this snowman. For the first time in forever I hate this character. Hehe ok your PUN-ishment is over. I kill myself.

Sven- No, just NO ... A reindeer that acts like a MAXIMUS MUCH?! Rip off. I found Maximus annoying like ACT YOUR OWN SPECIES! Sven had a good cuore though there for my visualizzazioni of him are neutral.

The duke of WeaselTown- what a lame villain, realistic, but lame. At least he thinks things out not to bad, but he doesn't do much nor does he have power. I'm neutral about him.

Fixer Upper- why was this song made the Trolls can't sing, nor do I think it was catchy, I'm not into whatever genre of Musica that was.

Frozen heart- the only one I sort of like its very Nordic I think. I find it original as if it was a chant o story in a song. Not the most catchy but enjoyable

Do te wanna build a snowman- I like it it's very catchy and reminds me of fun childish things, it's più of a ballad for a musical though.

Let it go- the BEST song out of all of them the godfather of modern songs. da far the most rememberable especially with the meaning behind it. Most relatable most disney. The only song I Amore and will sing non stop.

Amore is an open door- I don't think Kristen campana, bell can sing, I really don't it's annoying high pitched and frantic. Hans can't sing either he was talk-singing o talking with the melody. The lyrics were crap on repeat. Just full of hyper over dramatic teen Canto about stupidity and 'Love' so to speak they don't know anything about Amore and Hans's betrayal makes this song ever so amaro sweet. But I HATED this song più so than my hate for Fixer upper.

The First Time in Forever- Kristen campana, bell can NOT sing but I like the lyrics despite the incompetence of Anna messing it up.

Reindeers are better than people- Kristoff can't sing, it's stupid THAT BOY NEEDS SERIOUS HELP! The lyrics are pointless a Blab of words put to a guitar.

Movie Development:

The Landscape design was crap....I don't care if Elsa sent a frost how does she get from a sunny kingdom TO A SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAIN!!! I makes no sense!

The complessivamente, generale plot was nice, but felt very rushed all the same. I was with them at first but around the time when the Lupi attacked Anna and Kristoff it seemed VERY rushed after that. It appears this all happens with in a giorno o two. Which is very unrealistic and annoying they could have at least died down on how FRANTIC it all was. But it's Disney things happen is mere hours. I like the concept of the movie the plot was Perfection! The script however was crap. Also note: Elsa also doesn't seem to have her priorities straight, she manages to shoot her sister but misses the bad guys.

Animation: it's CGI I don't like CGI I much prefer 2D animazione but that doesn't bother me, Modern Film are enjoyable as long as they don't get over hyped. I get it, it's a cartoon but it just as bad as gelsomino o Ariel unrealistic figure. Just like Rapunzel Anna and Elsa have HUGE eyes and small tiny little mouths no. Other than that the animazione was Flawless. It's not the best Disney has made but pretty AMAZING!

To tell te the truth if Anna was taken out this movie would be enjoyable....sort of-ish-kind of-maybe

That's why i dislike Frozen NOT HATE just dislike. I gave te reasons thoughts are my reasons. Tell me if te liked o hated it and please Answer my domanda correctly :) thank for Leggere butterflies.
 What did I just read?
What did I just read?
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posted by KataraLover
I've been planning on do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. However I'm also going to be including Brave, I'm pretty sure Merida is going to unisciti and I'm alright with it. Anyway please commento on what te think but please keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.


As many of te know I have a lot of problems with this movie, so many that I actually made an articolo all about it's problems. First of all I have to say I absolutely Amore Merida, she's one of my preferito animated heroines. I also Amore the songs and the animation. I also Amore the beginning of the movie...
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So on Tuesday there wasn't much, just a meeting on the apartment complexes and the rules. The complexes , da the way, are REALLY pretty, spacious and have a pool, tennis court, fitness center, and depending on the apartment complex te get, it has its own little resort.

The building on the left is a Chatham building, where I live. Those other 2 don't exist, it must be an old picture. All the buildings in Chatham look like the one on the left.

Today was the big day- Traditions. This is when they really drill into te the look of the park and how you're supposed to act. It's really long and...
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Something new that Traci Hines has been blessed to do so please check her out she's amazing as a Disney princess!! Check her out her fanpop page and become a fan link
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