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Okay, keep in mind this is just my opinion and snsdlover4ever's opinion.

Also, thanks to snsdlover4ever for the wonderful pictures. :)

Also, I will be shortening our usernames.
I will be ATLA.
And Snsdlover will be SNSD.


SNSD: I think Naveen. I felt that they're both smart and cunning. Like the I-get-what-I-want kind of type.
ATLA: I think Naveen, o maybe Flynn. I actually think they're not that much like each other, but I feel like it would work out. I think that they would be a great couple, especially since I don't even like Tiana with Naveen anyway..
Ship Name: Navana.


SNSD: I say Kristoff. I can see Darby falling head over heels for him.
ATLA: I feel like she and Kristoff would be very attracted to each other. Similar to Anna and Kristoff, both are quote different, and it's an interesting ship to follow by.
Ship Name: Krisby.


ATLA (it's just me this time): I ship her with.. The Prince!
They're both quite nice, and they're both quite interesting. (The Prince IS interesting!) and also.. The Prince has a great Canto voice, and I just have a feeling she's a good singer.. I.. Don't know why.
Ship Name: The Jaira.


SNSD: She's good with Naveen. They seem like a lot of fun together since they're outgoing.
ATLA: Definitely Prince Charming! I know they're total opposites, but it will completely work out! Either that o it will end in divorce.. Either way, I Amore this ship!
Ship Names:


SNSD: Beast. I first thought that she was a bit hard to approach, but was actually warm and caring, like the Beast.
ATLA: Beast. I.. I'm not that sure why, but they seem kind of similar to me.
Ship Name: Hajibeast.


SNSD: Philip. Because they both can speak for yourself, and can kill.
ATLA: Shang.. I don't know why.
Ship Names:

SNSD: Mary. Because anyone can be a princes.
ATLA: ^No Comment.. And Cinderella.
Looks like we only did Mason shippers, did te notice? Well, if you're interested in Mason, the Mason Forever Club (<--Link) is always welcomes new members.
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Scene 21- A random cave :P

Narrator: Meanwhile thousands of miles away-
*Anabel, Denaji, and Rebecca stop running and start panting*
Narrator: No.
Anabella: Grrr...
Narrator: As I was saying, meanwhile these poor defenseless losers R tired from running away from some ugly looking monsters who ARE NOT THAT FREE KIN STRONG AND COULD EASILY B DEFEATED IF ONLY SOME1 HAD-
Denaji: Damn it, Y cant we get anything good in our lives? Other than torturing Hella which was hilarweous!
Rebecca: U talk lik a 2 anno old.
Denaji: No I...
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precedente Playlists;

Snow White: link

Cinderella: link

Aurora: link

I like making playlists on my ipod for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, animali o magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you.

Symbolism: ice, snow, death, freedom

Acting Out da Ashley Tisdale

- An alternative song to Let It Go and when Elsa breaks out of the dungeon.


Up above the surface, I was just a perfect child
But underneath it all,...
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Some people say he's forgettable but I think people automatically dismiss him just because he's not dramatic, theatrical and "hammy" like other Disney villains. I personally think he's pretty badass and ruthless.

Shan Yu is actually kind of similar to Mulan in that while everyone agrees that they both do remarkable things, some people think their personalities are on the boring side but I think it's unfair to dismiss any princess who isn't overtly dreamy, bubbly o feisty in some way (Mulan) and any villain who isn't over the superiore, in alto and in your face (Shan Yu) as boring. There are other ways to...
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Tonight's rewatch: Both Frozen shorts
Last time watched: 2018

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
Like Frozen, these shorts came out in my 20s so I wasn't a kid but like I detto before, I'm a kid at heart! I was hesitant to watch both shorts because I kept hearing a lot of Frozen haters call these shorts cash cows and detto the holiday special was boring. I hardly heard anything positive about both shorts. I watched Frozen Fever about a week o two after it premiered and I loved it and I finally watched Olaf's Frozen Adventure around Natale time last anno and, again, loved it!

Why I love...
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