This will be determined da points. Each princess starts off with 0 points, for every dumb action points are taken away, for every smart action points are given. For scales -1 for naïve o dumb +1 for witty o quick thinking, -2 for stupid o pointless +2 smart o insightful, -3 for deadly o incompetent +3 for intellectual o thought out.

13.Anna Points: -13

Not listening -1: Elsa clearly detto "Wait" but she continued to jump. This can be overridden da the fact she is a child o that she didn't hear Elsa though.

Being lonely -2: She could have left the palace ANY possible time. Not to mention there was plenty of staff she could befriend, she could have had a Carl and Russell (From UP) relationship with one of them.

Jumping -1: She was only copying the pictures which is pointless and she can easily fall and hurt her self.

Dancing with the bust -1: She ruined the cake.

Wrapping herself with curtains -1: She hit herself in the face.

Swinging out side the window -1: She could have fallen.

Closing her eyes -1: she ran into Hans.

Getting engaged to Hans -1: Marring the first man te meet isn't the smartest.

Making a scene in public -2: When is that ever a good idea? Even if Elsa didn't have ice powers she should know how embarrassing that is. She also respect the Queen's judgement.

Chasing after Elsa +1: She was trying to fix her mistake but failed anyway.

Going into the mountains -2: She had a drape on. She didn't known where she was going. She was alone. I could just do -3 but she did all that in good cuore I suppose.

Bringing money +2: She bought herself some warm clothes.

Haggling with Kristoff +2: She got herself a guide to the mountains. She did it weakly though.

Fighting off Lupi +1: Quick thinking. She could have lit Kristoff on fuoco and hit him with the chitarra though. te could still see she thought about it. It potentially saved them from danger. Still incredibly reckless.

Trying to go off on her own -1: She new he didn't want to help her, but she should have insisted he helps her o else she could die.

Trying to climb the mountain on her own -1: Like Kristoff said, she was going to kill her self. Luckily she didn't get to far up the mountain for serious damage.

Throwing the snowball -2: It was pointless and completely unnecessary. It also triggered Marshmellow to not just kick them out but chase them potentially killing them.

Thinking Hans would save her -1: It's just being naïve, but I'm counting that as obvious.

12.Ariel Points: -9

(I'M SORRY! I really wish she wasn't this terribly low.)

Missing the concerto -1: She just forgot; however she shouldn't have.

Trapping the squalo +1: Very quick witted. She did save platessa, passera pianuzza as well as escape with all her things. If te ask me I'd say Ariel is at her smartest when faced with immediate danger.

Ignoring Sebastian -1: She shouldn't really have gone to the surface, but she was curious, which is somewhat intelligent.

Saving Eric +1: I would call that quick thinking.

Making a deal with Ursula -3: She intended to only risk herself whilst perusing her dream, but she should have known an evil sea witch would use her. Then again she didn't judge Ursula da her appearance.

Using a Fork as a hairbrush -1: It was after they had dinner, she should know da now. Plus, Sebastian was speaking to her, after all he did go through all that trouble.

Trying to swim -2: She didn't know how, even though she just wanted to get to the wedding she could have died.

Calling Ursula a monster -1: It was pointless, plus Ursula had the triton.

Attacking Ursula +1: She managed to kill Flotsam and Jetsam.

11.Belle Points: -4

(I'd thought she'd be higher *IM SORRY, BELLE I STILL Amore YOU, BABY*)

Going after Maurice -2: If he didn't come back, what is the likelihood that she will? She was going to save him but she could have gotten some help, I'm sure no one thinks they are so odd, not to help them.

Leggere +1: While Leggere itself isn't a form of intelligence using what te read is. That's why people say to read to your child every night, it expands their vocabulary and knowledgeability. Also I doubt any women could read in that time period. Gaston probably couldn't either because he says "How can te read this there are no pictures."

Sacrificing herself for her Father -1: She was doing it, with mindset to save him. It's not smart, but it is noble.

Yelling at the beast -1: He let her sleep in a nice room, even though he is a monster (on the inside too) at this point, she should have been aware of the situation and do as she was told plus it's just cena with the guy (he was trying to be nice).

Going into the west wing -1: Again it's curiosity, wanting to learn is a form of intelligence however dato her situation she should have just seen the biblioteca instead.

Running away -1: She was frightened and probably thought she would have a better chance of survival out there, but she was wrong. Lupi attacked her she was lucky the beast came in time.

Helping the beast +2: Well I wouldn't know how to clean his wound. Not to mention helping him instead of running away while he was hurt was smart now he could help her più if she needed and maybe she'd be treated better in the nice, sheltered castle.

Teaching the beast to read +1: She didn't start from scratch, but I think it takes skills to teach.

Running off after being let go -1: Those wolves. I think that counts as a plot hole how sometimes the Lupi come and sometimes they don't.

mostrare the towns people the beast -1: She was desperate. She had the intention to prove her father wasn't crazy, she should have known a big scary beast in a magic mirror would scare people.

Going back to save the beast (0): She couldn't really do anything, but at the same time she wanted to protect her friends.

10.Jasmine Points: -3

Using Rajah to scare off suitors +1: Good thing, too.

Sneaking out -2: She isn't prepared. She didn't bring money. This can be overlooked da her curiosity. Which is wanting to learn which da itself is a form of intelligence; however she didn't plan for any possibilities that could have happened.

Going off with Aladdin -3: Yes, he did save her but that could be a trick. He could have been a criminal (which he was), a rapist, a murderer, a psychopathic kidnapper the possibilities are endless. STRANGER FREAKING DANGER! Especially when te are alone with them in a dark unkept house. Sometimes te have to judge things da appearances.

Revealing she is a princess -1: It could have helped Aladdin, but it didn't because they take orders from Jafar. She should have detto that before he threw her on the ground. Now that she has revealed she is the princess she must go back to the palace. So is it really smart o just pointless maybe she is just ignorant to the situation.

Figuring out Prince Ali was Aladdin +1: Took her long enough.

Distracting Jafar +1: Shame she had to use her sexuality, but she did distract him long enough. She could have thought about her crown though.

9.Pocahontas Points: -1

(Again I really thought she'd be higher)

Spying on the English men -1: This can be overlooked considering her curiosity and ignorance. She didn't know they were deadly, however there is such a thing as "Stranger Danger" and "Curiosity killed the cat" also "mischief murdered the monkey" with that being detto she she was in fact trying to learn. I won't take to many points off.

Letting John Smith talk her into staying -1: She doesn't know him, but he does seem nice. Once he detto "I'm not letting te leave." That's when te should leave.

Teaching John Smith +2: Well, now John will think of colori of the Wind before he kills something, so it's good she taught him, but still that's morally speaking. Intellectually speaking teaching is the skill of itself.

Not explaining the situation to Nakoma -2: That made Nakoma get Kocoum and Kocoum died. Plus, what's so hard about explaining the situation so there is less confusion?

Saving John Smith +1: Though in real life it would have been better to let him die. Now it's true she could have gotten killed herself if her father didn't realize she was there. It looks as though she takes that into consideration, since it ultimately worked out for the best I'll assume, but I'll never assume again.

8.Merida Points: 0

(I actually thought she'd be a whole lot lower)

Entering the archery competition (0): She should realize that no matter what, as a princess her mom would force her to get married and that entering the competition wouldn't help. However it was witty for her to think of that, I know I wouldn't have.

Splitting the tapestry -1: This was over the top, very unnecessary and causes her problems later. She should only expect Elinor to burn her bow.

Running off (0): Maybe she was cooling off. There are things I the woods like Mor'du but I guess it's normal to do that she obviously does that a lot.

Follow the wisps -1: Following strange lights that are all magical and creepy sounding is never a good idea.

Bargaining with the witch +1: She got what she wanted da figuring out what the witch wanted.

Feeding her mother the cake -3: Feeding your mother strange Cibo from a strange witch in a strange forest with strange powers from strange wisps. Lots of strange stuff. Not to mention it made her mother sick.

Hunting pesce +2: That's a skill that she knows and knowledge is knowing. It's a good skill too, if she didn't have it her and Elinor would have been eating water worms and poisoned berries.

Figuring out Mor'du's story +2: Took her long enough. At least now she knows how to fix her problem.

Figuring out how to settle the argument +1: She was following what her mom was trying to signal. She spoke very strong and eloquently. She stopped the fight. She got her "forced to be married" problem solved. It was also a great distraction so they could sneak in.

Protecting her mother +1: This is like Pocahontas protecting John Smith. She took a risk with her possibly being harmed; however she used skill to stop Fergus on his wooden leg.

7.SnowWhite Points: 3

(She beat out Belle and Pocahontas that's proof enough she is not THAT stupid)

Running from a strange man +2: Finally! Some of the newer princesses could learn a thing o two.

Running into the forest +1: She wasn't prepared but te got to do what te got to do.

Befriending animali +1: They found her a place to stay.

Going inside the cottage +1: There are animali in the forest that would could hurt her especially since she doesn't have pick axes like the dwarfs do. I think she would have been fine, but still.

Falling asleep -2: te do not fall asleep in strangers houses. She could have had to run again because the dwarves were really axe wielding maniacs. She should have stayed awake, not to mention she could have been killed.

Using her skills to survive +2: Cleaning the cottage is also quite smart she basically used her skills to get a job as the dwarves' maid. Now she is hidden from the queen.

Letting a creepy woman in the house -1: she was probably thinking its a poor old woman whom is easily hurt and wouldn't harm her, but there is still the rule of strangers and dangers.

Eating the mela, apple -2: Ok helping out a poor old woman is understandable, but eating from someone that was creepily staring at te who still remains a stranger is just dumb, not even naïve, especially considering Grumpy warned her about strangers. She had ONE rule and didn't follow it. Poor old snow is so nice, she is just to trusting.

6.Aurora Points:4

(We don't see her much so it's debatable really)

Wondering (0): Questioning your surroundings, wanting to know and wondering are forms of intelligence. No one can really be sure what she is wondering about is intelligent though so it's a diviso, spalato road other wise known as zero points.

Running from a strange man +1: Only she gets talked into (or Streghe#The power of three into) staying with him.

Realizing she is talking to a stranger +1: Once he starts domanda her on "Who are you?" and "Whats your name?" She snaps back into reality finally.

Arranging Phillip to meet her later +1: At the cottage so she would be protected da Flora, Fauna and MerryWeather if Phillip was really a murderer o something.

Accepting her duty +1: It takes maturity to out your duty before something te want unlike...*coughMERIDAcough* (Merida learns so it's fine). Aurora still cries but does what she is told, which is a good thing considering her aunts want what is best for her.

5.Elsa Points: 5

(I hate to see her so high)

Concealing +1: It worked, didn't it? It worked until Anna got involved at least. Being controlled da fear isn't smart but it was how she was raised. It was a tactical way to do what she wanted to do, which was not to let anyone know she had powers. If Anna hadn't upset her it probably would have worked into adulthood.

Running off +2: She was scared, and she didn't want to hurt anyone. Again she was run da fear which is never good, but her fear makes her think about things better apparently. She ran away knowing would hurt anyone. Plus she was now free. This was also a great way not to be killed da people who now think she is a monster.

Building a castello +1: Using her skills to her advantage. Now she has a place to live, just one problem...No food. I suppose there is Oaken.

Creating marshmallow, caramella gommosa e molle -2: she should have at least made sure I didn't harm Anna and Kirstoff. It did have the ability to hurt them, that's why she should have watched him throw them out to make sure they were ok.

Listening to Hans +1: The one time te should listen to Hans and not Kill a man.

Breaking free of the dungeon +1: It could just be her powers taking control o she could have actually thought her ice would break her chains. If she used her powers to get free, I'll count it as intelligent.

Figuring out Amore will thaw +1: She took her sweet time connecting those dots.

4.Cinderella Points: 6

(I'm glad she made it in the superiore, in alto 5)

NOT standing up against her step family +2: She could have even died if she had stuck up for herself. It's sad but true. I doubt she could make it alone on the streets, trying to get a job. It's only practical she stay in her current state of suppression.

Sending Jack to talk to Gus +1: He was obviously frightened.
Good that she didn't force him out.

Sending Bruno outside +1: Even though she knows Bruno is innocent and she loves him, she needs to send him out so her step family doesn't permanently send him out.

Talking back to her step mother -1: She should know it wouldn't help her. Most probably her step mother would assume she's lying and add extra chores for both the topo, mouse under the tè cup and talking back.

Seeing her strengths +2: She realizes she CAN go to the ball and stands up for herself. Most of all she could have listened to them but she knows when to be quiet and when to talk.

Not telling the prince her name -1: She could have quickly detto "My name is Cinderella." Just quickly shout it, that's all te have to do. She didn't really think about because she was in a hurry.

Keeping her slipper +2: If she didn't she would be in deep poo-poo. She was cautious enough to thank her fairy god mother and keep souvenir.

3.Tiana Points: 15

Getting jobs +2: She works for what she wants. She has enough SKILL to get multiple jobs. Did te even see how well she did her job a Duke's restaurant? She was boss.

Working all the time -1: She could tire herself out, which is damaging her health.

Accepting Charlotte's money +1: Good on you, mate. Most people would be stupid o overly nice.

baciare Naveen -1: baciare strange frogs for money, is almost like prostitution. Replace baciare with "Doing the deed" and frogs with men. She is just lucky Naveen is a tiny frog, so she can easily kill him and not some creepy man. She did think however 1 baciare means loads of money for her dream so it was practical, but not the best idea taking someone's word. Plus she should have known that a princess would break the spell. dato the ending of the Frog prince and that Naveen detto that only a princess could, it would have saved her some trouble.

Making a zattera +2: The girl has skill.

Directing Louis +2: All through 'When we're human' she is making sure Louis doesn't run into anything. She also gets Louis unstuck from the hollow tree.

Taking directions from a gator (0): She didn't know the rule, of course she could have guessed da how stupid Louis came off, but she doesn't judge and genuinely think Louis knows what he doing. Little does she know Louis is confused about the choreography.

Escaping the hunters +2: Takes skill. The hole time she is dodging knives, escaping traps and jumping around.

Fixing Cibo +3: She did it with little to no resources around and created gumbo. That is talent.

Going to a witch doctor after being transformed da one (0): Desperation is the only conclusion I could come to. I suppose she thinks this one will be different, but what is the likely cappuccio of that? I don't see it as dumb o smart.

Thinking Naveen is human whilst she is still a frog -1: She didn't spend time to consider what Mama Odie said.

Not taking The Shadow Man's deal +2: She connected those dots real quick.

Breaking the amulet +2: She is the master of connecting dots. Don't try to challenge her in a game of Clue.

Using Louis to get her restaurant +2: INTERROGATION! The girl is a genius.

2. Rapunzel Points: 16

Finding Pascal +1: She is good at hide and go seek plus she pretends like she doesn't know Pascals there. I would say that counts as witty. Not necessarily intelligent.

Charting stars +2: This is a way to formidably accuse Gothel she is wrong and insist that she can in fact take her to see the lights. This works in her little argument she persuade Gothel to take her. (I'm basically giving her points for her debate)

Sneaking up on Flynn +3: She did it so he couldn't see her then, BANG! Knocked him out. Rather smart, if I do say so myself.

Searching Flynn for pointy teeth +2: She's getting a view on her opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

Hiding him in the closet +1: True, he could have regained contentious and sprung to life in her closet, but he didn't and it was a perfect example for her to mostra Gothel.

Hitting her head with Pan (0): Yes she did need to knock some sense into herself, but not like that. She didn't have to swing the pan. Over all it's not smart nor stupid thus she gets zero.

Tying Flynn up +3: Better him than her.

Bargaining with Fylnn to take her to the lights +2: Very smart. Unlike Anna, she considers herself in the equation. Kristoff could have just killed Anna and taken her stuff o just taken the stuff and not help her as he can and I quote "live with that." (He can live with Anna dying because of him) Rapunzel makes it so if Flynn would Kill her he has no idea where the crown is. She is a sweet, smart and aspro, acida tart all right!

Telling the thugs to find their humanity -2: Outside of Disney that could have gone VERY different and WAY WAY south...for the winter.

Using her hair to save Flynn +3: Resourceful. Takes skill do do all that stuff wit yo hair GURL.

Using her hair in the dark water +2: Took her a couple of years, but she got it.

Getting Fylnn and Maximus to settle themselves +1: Turning on the charm are we?

Getting her hair braided (0): That was really Flynn's idea plus it's common knowledge with hair that long someone will step on it.

Going back with Gothel (0): The way Gothel set it up was genius, I would have trusted her too.

Figuring out she was the princess +2: Gothel made it so extremely easy I'm mean, she has the same birthday, that mosaic, the Lost princess, probably the same name. I mean come on Punzie, it's not that hard of a puzzle.

Confronting Gothel -2: She should have just left, because she is now all tied up.

Trying to save Flynn -1: I would say she might of had a plan for after she heels Flynn for him to cut her hair, but NO! It's a self sacrifice, which is never smart but she could have had a plan. We don't know because Flynn happens to be and idiot.

1.Mulan Points: 17 (who els saw this comming?)

Scrivere down cheat notes -1: She knew she would get a bath, plus she could have got caught. Not to mention it gave the match maker that ugly mustache.

Using little brother to feed chickens +1: It helps her sposta quicker, but it does make a mess shell most likely need to clean. It turns out fine so I'm guessing she has done this before.

Moving the Old man's Mahjong piece +2: Even the old man couldn't solve that.

Fanning the fuoco -1: Didn't work out to well, did it?

Telling the man not to force her father to serve in the army (0): She knew it would be dishonor but she gave it a try

Yelling at the tavolo (0): Pointless really.

Taking her fathers place in the army -1: She isn't prepared nor is she qualified, but she is expecting to die for her father. She knows she will die and she is willing to take the risk

Listening to Mushu (0): She thinks he knows what he is talking about, but he doesn't not really her fault.

Figuring out how to climb the pole with the weights +3: No body else could.

Learning how to fight +3: It's a skill! It was also very hard to do I can imagine.

Using the avalanche to kill the Huns +3: Saved China!

Saving Shang +2: She didn't have too. Saving a life is always appreciated.

Sitting up (0): One thing about being a girl, te NEVER forget te have boobs. Then again she needed the medical attention so there was really no preventing that.

Going to warn Shang (0): They didn't listen (which she should have learned) but the fact of even going back is admirable not necessarily intelligent.

Dressing them up like pretty girls +3: Perfect way to sneak in the palace.

Using Firecracker and her fan to fight Shang yu +3: Quick thinking. Also very resourceful. Genius really.

As te can see the superiore, in alto 3 were very close to just being tied. I'm not really all that satisfied o happy with the results, but that's how they turned out. If te are wondering why I put in all those zero points, it is so people can see I acknowledged those events and decided not to count it for what ever reasons I state. If there are any events I forgot to lista please tell me, so I can be just that much più accurate. Are te happy with this list? commento below. Thank te for reading. ^-^