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First: Here is a link from an actual Muslim woman with her thoughts on how Muslim women are portrayed in America in
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Second: Here is my personal break-down analysis based on knowledge of Arab/Muslim culture compared to the Disney Aladdin film.

The majority of Princess Jasmine's numerous flaws stem from the fact that she is completely inaccurate and offensive to her culture. From the clothes she wears to the way she speaks, gelsomino does not represent Arab o Muslim women at all but rather a disgraceful woman in their culture. Unfortunately, gelsomino is not a suitable role model for young girls.

1. gelsomino is dressed like a Harem girl instead of a princess. A princess is the daughter of the king who no man is allowed to touch without the king's approval. A harem girl is one of the king's many mistresses. No king would dress his daughter like his mistress. No father would want to see his daughter dressed in that way.

2. gelsomino is very impulsive to her detriment. She runs away from home which would never happen in reality as she knows she would've been raped and/or killed as a lone female running around, especially in that clothing.

3. gelsomino does not choose her words wisely and therefore gets herself into più trouble. (Example: She says "At least one good thing will come of me being Queen, I'll have the power to get rid of you!" to Jafar. Now, someone who wasn't trying to stop her from getting to be Queen has all of the incentive in the world to stop Jasmine. If gelsomino had kept her mouth shut, she could've just became Queen and actually got rid of Jafar instead of just talking about it.)

4. gelsomino doesn't have enough self worth/value. As she says in Aladdin, "I am not a prize to be won." So she's just some trash to be thrown out? She completely looks at herself the wrong way. She IS a prize to be won and she gets to choose who gets to win. Instead of just being dato to someone, her preferences are actually playing a huge part. Most other princesses in the world and most other women in the middle east (Jasmine's culture) would not have had so many luxuries in choice of who to marry as gelsomino did.

In addition, when gelsomino first meets Aladdin when he saves her in the marketplace, she immediately goes home with him. He is a stranger and she has no idea what he will do to her. She also knows Aladdin is lying about what Abu says when Aladdin pretends Abu "thinks it's awful" that gelsomino "has to get married". In this moment, she goes to baciare Aladdin but the guards interrupt. No proper young lady would go back to a strange man's house and let him make his moves on you. If she had più self value, she wouldn't be offering her first baciare to a random strada, via criminal that she doesn't even know if she should trust o not yet.

5. gelsomino is incredibly spoiled. Instead of recognizing how much better her life is than any other woman around her, gelsomino refuses to acknowledge her blessings and instead is very spoiled and selfish in her wants for more. Nothing would ever be good enough for gelsomino as her life is already better than everyone else around her yet she still complains. All her father wanted, was to know that his daughter would be taken care of da a good man before he died and she wouldn't even give these men the time of day. How is she supposed to know whether o not they are worthy o whether o not she could Amore them when she wont even really meet them o give them a chance? She'd be a much più pleasant and reasonable person if she at least gave them a chance but made no connection. The film makes it obvious that she doesn't even try to connect with them though.

6. gelsomino is absolutely a tease and not just for her clothing. Having watched the film, it is easy to say that her clothes are chosen for her rather than chosen da her. This doesn't change the fact that she is so unpleasant in her personality that the most likely reason for her provocative clothing is so as not to scare off every potential suitor. Besides her clothing though, gelsomino acts like a tease on her own accord. She teases Aladdin on the balcony before berating him. (Refer to #6.)

7. gelsomino is referred to as a "Shrew". A "shrew" is a person with violent temper and speech. This is not seen as becoming of a young woman. She should no better when to hold her tongue and when not to. She is also a prejudiced shrew, being awful to innocent people who don't deserve it. When Aladdin compliments Jasmine, telling her that he thinks she is beautiful, her response is to tease and then berate him. She says "Hmm... Yes. I'm rich too. The daughter of a sultan. A fine prize for any prince." to which Aladdin says "A prince like me." Hopeful that with his new status, he will finally be worthy of Jasmine's Amore and attention. He goes through a lot just to get to see her again and how does she respond? "A prince like te and EVERY other peacock I've met. Just, go jump off a balcony!" What a shrew! This guy goes through all of this trouble just so he will be allowed to meet and talk to te and all te can say is for him to go kill himself? Over what? Being attracted to you?

8. gelsomino is incredibly spoiled. All her father wanted, was to know that his daughter would be taken care of da a good man and she wouldn't even give these men the time of day. How is she supposed to know whether o not they are worthy o whether o not she could Amore them when she wont even really meet them?

9. gelsomino is prejudiced. She doesn't even want to give Aladdin a chance just because now he is a prince even though he is the same guy? This proves that gelsomino is not a generous o kind person who takes people as they are but rather for what they represent. She didn't even care to know Aladdin as Ali because of what he represented not who he was as a person.

10. gelsomino is a hypocrite. In addition to her being rude to Ali just because he was a prince, she was still rude when she realized he was Aladdin the whole time. When she tricked Ali into admitting that he was Aladdin, she got very upset and started yelling at him. She yelled at him because he lied about who he was even though she started the lying in the first place when she lied about being a princess. How could she get mad at Aladdin for pretending to be something he's not when she did the exact same thing? Somehow it's right when she does it but wrong for anyone else? Exact definition of a hypocrite. Both Aladdin and gelsomino felt trapped da their positions in society and they both lied about who they were to discover another world they felt denied of. She had no leg to stand on whatsoever for getting mad at Aladdin.

Personally, this is all a shame to me because they pretended gelsomino was an Arab princess but then they designed everything about her to be American o an Arab harlot. This is not representative of her culture o of a princess. [I personally would have loved to see her più true to character as I think Muslim/Arab women have a very unique grace and bravery that could have been shown.] I believe the reason that gelsomino gets negatively portrayed in lots of "fan fiction" is because she is so much in conflict with her own culture and princess culture. It is hard for grown adults to take gelsomino seriously as a role model for young girls when she is portrayed this way.
più Accurate Portrayal of an Arabian Princess

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Had gelsomino been portrayed più accurately, she would've been far più like Cinderella, Ariel o Belle. She would've been braver, kinder and più modest. She would've had più grace and poise the way a princess should. The most accurate gelsomino was portrayed in Aladdin was in her purple royal engagement announcement dress. That is the gelsomino who should be sold to the little girls. Not the spoiled, impulsive, shrew-like tease version of her.

NOTE: Aladdin IS taken from "1001 Nights" o "Arabian Nights". Princess gelsomino is based on Princess Badroulbadour who is Chinese (not Arab) and described as being somewhat spoiled and vain.
Princess Badroulbadour who gelsomino is based on.

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