I finally worked out how to do this. My mistake was mixing too many languages together which made it impossible to translate it back into full English. That's why Snow White's paragraph came back with only one sentence. I've done a remake of it with funny results including Cenerentola and Aurora's stories.

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Snow White's Background

"Snow White was born into the royal family. Her mother died shortly after her birth. After some time, Snow White's father remarried a vain and cold-hearted queen. Not long after their marriage, the King, Snow White's beloved father, suspiciously died, leaving the young princess as an orphan.

As a young child, Snow White's vain and wicked stepmother the Evil Queen feared that one giorno Snow White's beauty would surpass her own. So, she dressed Snow White in rags and forced her to work as a scullery maid to try to quench her growing beauty. Each day, the Queen consulted her magic mirror asking, "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" As long as the Mirror answered, "You are the fairest one of all," Snow White was sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza from her stepmother's cruel jealousy. Snow White may have been a maid but she never complained when she worked and whenever she was sad she would always hum a tune to cheer herself up and her animal Friends would visit. The people of the kingdom felt sorry for their princess when the Evil Queen made her a servant, but they could not rebel due to the Queen's power."

Snow White's New Background

Languages used: Slovenian, Irish, Icelandic, Gujarati, Hebrew, Latvian and English.

"The white royal family was born. His mother died shortly after his birth. After a while, the dad of snow white becomes a cool mom and Queen again. After the marriage king, beloved snow white father, created the new princess's orphans who died in spite.

As a little kid, a snowy and sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza step mother, the evil Queen is afraid of the beauty giorno of Snow White she herself. Then she had to have snow white in her hat, and she forced her to act as a girl trying to make her beautiful. Every giorno the Queen pulled out a magic look and presented: "The most amazing view on the wall, most important?" When Shel replied: "You are the most important of all," my mother was an unpleasant Snow White fanatic and convinced that snow could be a friend, but she did not get a complaint while working, and when she was frustrated she was always happy and found her Friends for animals. The Queen became her evil servant, while the kingdom persecuted her princess, but she could not treat the king's power."

Cinderella's Background

"Cinderella was born to wealthy, unnamed parents, who treated their daughter with great love. The family resided in a French château, just beyond a small- but powerful- kingdom. Sometime during her childhood, Cinderella's mother tragically passed away, and as a result of believing his daughter needed a mother figure in her life, Cinderella's father remarried to a woman named Lady Tremaine, who notably had two daughters of her own, both around Cinderella's age: Anastasia and Drizella. After the death of her father, Cenerentola was under the control of Lady Tremaine, whose true colori finally surfaced, mostrare a cruel and cold-hearted woman. Her selfishness and vanity destroyed both the family fortune and left the once beautiful château in a state of disrepair. While pampering her own two daughters and spoiling them rotten, she raised Cenerentola in abuse and virtual slavery. This was a result of being wickedly jealous of the young girl's natural beauty and charm, which she and her own daughters all lacked. This went on for many years, but Cinderella's personality still remained sweet, humble, and kind."

Cinderella's New Background

Languages used: Myanmar (Burnese), Shona, Japanese, Spanish, Welsh and English.

"Cinderella is treated with a loving girlfriend to the girl born, the parents are anonymous. On the other hand, a family of small but powerful kingdoms live on the French channel. She was still a baby, but Cenerentola Nam Mo's mother, Cinderella's father, old Cinderella, had two daughters, married Tremain Lad again with a woman named Anastacia and as a result her daughter is a mother of life, we believe I Amore Drizella. After the father's death, Minderella is a legacy of the legendary heart, cruel and cold, which shows that the woman was led da the mother of Trmaine. For families it is not wise, to destroy all types of pollution that the castello did well. His two daughters ran for the victim and was chased but was raised to become young Cenerentola slaves. The beauty of all her beautiful women and girls and the decoration of the workers were the reasons for the jealousy. This happened for years, but the character of Cenerentola was bad and kind, left."

Aurora's Background

"Aurora's parents named her after the Roman goddess of the dawn because she filled their lives with the sunshine. Soon after she was born, she was presented to the kingdom at a christening, where she was betrothed to Prince Phillip, the son of King Stefan's good friend King Hubert. Also invited were the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, who bestow blessings on the newborn princess. Flora and Fauna give the infant princess the gifts of beauty and song, respectively. However, before Merryweather has the opportunity to give her gift, the evil fairy Maleficent arrives. Angered because she wasn't invited to the ceremony, Maleficent puts a curse on baby Aurora. According to Maleficent, before the sun sets on Aurora's sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Maleficent disappears, leaving everyone in shock and horror at Aurora's doomed future. Merryweather, though unable to lift the curse, could soften it. Instead of death, she would remedy the situation da placing Aurora into an Come d’incanto sleep, which is the fateful prophecy she'll keep, only to be awakened da true love's baciare if this was to happen."

Aurora's New Background

Languages used: Yiddish, Thai, Persian, French, German, Romanian, Maori and English.

"Aurora's boards call on the God of the Rings because he is full of day. Shortly after his birth, he was sentenced to Christianity, recitazione as Prince Philip, son of King Stephen. King Hubert's best friend was also called for three leaders. The most important of the family is born from a new leader. Plants and animali Princess is a gift of beauty and music. The statement, which took place at the Merryweather section of his party. In anger, because he was not invited to the meeting, the son of Aurora was a bad curse. According to Maleficent, before his 16-year-old grandson, Aurora wrote his finger on Maleficent's car and died to threaten everyone and fear the future of Aurora Merreeather, despite it can not be cursed. However, in the case of illness, it leaves shape to place oro in a good night's sleep, and it is extremely important to baciare it when it happens."