So good to see them together!
Since the 4 piece boy band are popolare in Asia, including Malaysia. Here are my song choices from this British boy-band.

1) Don't Wanna Lose te Again

The 3 classic princes will sing this to their respective princesses, even Prince Eric will sing this at the end while rescuing Ariel!

2) Like A Rose

From the Beast's perspective, he will sing this song about Belle and especially about the Rose as a constant reminder to break the spell.

3) Trust Me

Aladdin and gelsomino will sing this a duet, in this song, Aladdin tells Princess gelsomino to trust him!

4) Waiting for Daylight

Moments before the final showdown, Pocahontas will sing this song. This song represents her!

5) No More

This song is all about Mulan's and Shang's relationship, especially when they first meet.

6) Caught in the Middle

Tiana has become a frog alongside Prince Naveen, and Tiana will sing this song.

7) Be The First To Believe

Upon discovering that she's a princess, Rapunzel will be the first to believe that she is a Royalty.

8) Same Old Brand New You/ If I Can't Have You

Anna and Elsa will sing this, regarding their relationship. Kristoff will sing the latter as he can't have Anna as their relationship blossom during the secondo half of the film.

9) Let It Out

The titolo is similar to Let It Go, but this song represent Elsa to just let her feelings out!

10) Make It Good

Merida and her mom will sing this song together, because their relationship improve at the ending!

A1 Fans!!! Anyone???

So, here are my choices for the Princesses! Do te all agree with them?
Forever Blue!!