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9. Snow White's Castle
I'm sorry, but the only thing that seems good about this place is that it has a few nice balconies that te can stand on while your man serenades you. Other than that, it's a very dark, eerie castle. Of course it's ran da an evil Queen so that makes perfect sense.

8. Prince's Castle (Snow White)
The scene with the Prince's castello is one of the most beautiful scenes in all Disney Film however, we can't really see it. It seems più like a mirage made of light in the clouds if te ask me. It's obviously beautiful, but we have no idea what it actually looks like inside.

7. Mulan's House
Mulan's home is actually quite beautiful. It's very peaceful and serene. I absolutely Amore the gardens with the ciliegia blossoms and little streams. It's very elegant however, it's not a castle, and I think we all prefer castles.

6. Jasmine's Palace
The palace in Agrabah is quite a vision. It stands so large and regally compared to all the little homes before it. It has very round architecture and it's definitely fit for a princess and Sultan. It even seems to glow at night against the black velvet sky. I just wouldn't like to live so close to all those people.

5. Aurora's Castle
The architecture on Aurora's castello is just breathtaking. There are so many little details in every nook and cranny, it's amazing. I Amore the old Gothic style and how a vast forrest surrounds it. It's the perfect home for a king and queen.

4. Prince Charming's Castle (Cinderella)
I actually never even realized how beautiful Prince Charming's castello was until I wrote this article. It illuminates the sky so magnificently it leaves te dumbstruck. But it's not just the outside that's appealing, I actually think the inside is even più beautiful. The tall ceilings feel so regal and the garden is just enchanting. It's the perfect place to take a late night stroll with your love. I think it's the most romantic Disney castle.

3. Beast's/Prince Adam's Castle
Hidden deep within the forrest lies one of the most magnificent residents Disney has to offer. Not only is it enormous, but it's Come d’incanto too! Imagine all the fun te could have in there. I especially Amore the biblioteca and ballroom. Both are so big and beautiful. There's so much magic within this castello who wouldn't want to live there?

2. Atlantica
It would probably be the most amazing thing in the world to live in Atlantica. Imagine being a mermaid. I don''t know about you, but it's always been my dream to be a mermaid and visit Atlantica since I was a kid. There'd be so much to explore if te lived in King Triton's palace. I think it would be just a dream come true.

1. Eric's Castle
Who doesn't find this seaside castello appealing? I mean it's right da the water so te could watch the beautiful sunset every day, plus swim whenever te please. Having your home right along your own private little spiaggia would be crazy. I would just Amore to be da the water all the time. Ariel is one lucky gal.
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 Hmm... I'll check my schedule........meh, I'm sure I can squeeze this in.
Hmm... I'll check my schedule........meh, I'm sure I can squeeze this in.
Hello, and how is everyone today? I have made the decision to make this article. I've always wanted to do this, and I'm quite sure I've got it down. It'll be like this for a little while hopefully, and not constantly revovling around our preferito Disney girls. Anyway, let's begin and I hope te enjoy this article. =)

#10: Snow White

I haven't got a thing against this lovely girl; She's sweet, caring, optimistic, helpful, and cute. It's just that since I have to number our DP girls one da one which one I like best, she always ends up in...
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Okay, so I have noticed there is some kind of Rapunzel war going on Fanpop, o something...not going to say names o anything. It first started with a domanda thread, and now several pick questions, and well...

It needs to stop. Guys, I am all for having opinions, but really.

I feel really bad, because, personally, I feel like I participated in the bashing to an extent. I expressed my opinion in the domanda thread, but I feel like I bashed her too. I re-watched clips of Rapunzel and also read about the good things people had to say about her.

I can see why people can relate to her, with being...
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 Me...ewww... ><;;;
Me...ewww... ><;;;
First Name: Corinne (I like the name, but I find the meaning boring. XD)

Country of Origin: The US. I am a New Orleans girl...have been since giorno one! :3

Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast, no question. It is heartwarming and entertaining for kids, yet it has deep messages for adults along with many uses of symbolism. The Musica is gorgeous, and so is the animation.

Hobbies: Reading, singing, Scrivere one-shots/fanfiction, fanpopping, RPing, listening to music.

Education: I just finished my first anno of college at the università of New Orleans, and I am majoring in Musica education....
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9) Snow White
Ahh, the famous line, Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? The mirror detto this young lady, but I beg to differ. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, just not as pretty as the others. But hey, this was made in the 30s, ideas of beauty change over the years.

8) Mulan
China's heroine. Her hair is very pretty at the beginning, even still cute when it's short. She has an excuse for not being as pretty as the following, Disney had to make her to be able to pass off for a man.

7) Pocahotas
This girl is absolutely beautiful, graceful, and mature. She has long pure black hair that...
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