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ciao everyone! This is my secondo articolo and part two of comparing our Disney girls!

hmm... where should I start...?
Well, it's rumoured that Cenerentola was actually made after a native american legend called "Rough face girl"
except the legend goes that there was a young girl with two selfish sisters, who got all the nice beads, moccasins, and dresses. While all she got was hand-me-downs. And she didn't have cinder on her face, she actually had ASHES/burns. So she met a guy who fell in Amore with her and told her to wash her face in a special lake, which made her face beautiful. They lived happily ever after. sweet huh?

Our successivo comparision is "EVER AFTER" starring Drew Barrymore! This is a little bit similar to the Disney Cinderella, but there's no magic. And Cinderella's name isn't really Cinderella. It's Daniel. (I dunno where they got that from.) Also, the prince has an Actual NAME! his name is Henry, hmm... Suits him. te know my movie rule. XP

The successivo movie is "ANOTHER Cenerentola STORY" Starring Drew Steeley and Selena Gomez. I found it a little boring, (If te watched it, te may o may not agree with me)Instead of loosing a slipper, she looses her i-pod. And... I forget what happens next. XD

Our last comparision of the articolo is "CINDERELLA STORY" starring Hilary Duff, and Channing Tatum. In this story, the girls' (I forgot her name.) dad dies, and she's stuck with her stepmother and stepsisters. I found this one a little boring also, I'm not too fond of Hilary Duff. (You think I would be, she's my neighbor.-really-)

So, basically the difference between these and Cenerentola is that there's no bibbity-bobbity-boo. And the similarities are pretty obvious. Overall, I find the Disney Cenerentola and EVER AFTER the most appealing.


ppgbelle4 - A Cenerentola STORY (Hillary Duff)
FullMoonFever - ANOTHER Cenerentola STORY (Selena Gomez)

CREDITS (for future ideas):

LisaForde - Come d’incanto (for ariel)
firegirl1515 - AQUAMARINE and PONYO (for ariel)

Thanks! =)

Thanks for reading! again, critics are welcome.
rudeness is not. don't forget to commento if te have any suggestions.
My successivo articolo is on Ariel! and the one after THAT is on Aurora. so if te have any suggestions for either one, just commento it. I'll make sure te get the credit in the little credits area like I have here. *inhales deeply* DONE!
see ya people!
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Suddenly they saw a cute little cottage right in the middle of the woods.
"Wow, it looks so cute, it reminds me of my dollhouse I have in my home", Alexandra exclaimed.

They walked up to the cottage to see how it looked inside.
"Hm, this cottage needs a bit of lightning, but other than that it looks nice", Alexandra told the other girls.
"I agree", Erica replied.
"Me too", Snow White replied.
"I'm not sure if we should go inside, think if someone lives here, but based on how it looks inside I think we should go inside", Alexandra told the other girls.
"We can check it da knocking on the door", Erica...
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Sorry that this part is very short, but if te wonder this is the secondo to last part which means that the successivo part will be the last one, but I'll hope you'll enjoy it despite it being short. I'm also sorry for taking so long with writning this part!

"To do o not to do, that's the question, I'm too nervous to even answer, but oh well I'll do it, it can go however it wants to, but I'll do it", Alexandra thought for herself.

And she did and she got a positive response so she felt relived, but now she wanted to go to that witch and save her friend so she detto goodbye and continued her journey...
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