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A great appreciation for all people in this spot who participated in my poll. Using the link (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) assessment, I attempted to classify Belle in one of sixteen different personality types.


1. Introverted link

Introverts often:
- Have quiet energy
- Listen più than talk
- Think quietly inside their heads
- Think, then act
- Feel comfortable being alone
- Prefer to work "behind-the-scenes"
- Have good powers of concentration
- Prefer to focus on one thing at a time
- Are self-contained and reserved

In the song "Belle," she preferred Leggere alone to mingling with the villagers. She was più of a homey girl than a society girl. She was quite reserved, in a sense, that the villagers did not understand her.

2. Intuitive link

Intuitives often:
- Focus on the big picture & possibilities
- Admire creative ideas
- Notice anything new o different
- Are inventive - see what could be
- Think about future implications
- Trust their gut instincts
- Prefer to learn new skills
- Like to figure things out for themselves
- Work in bursts of energy

Belle loved to think about the future: "I want much più than this provincial life." She admired her father, who was a creative, though odd, inventor. When Maurice was missing, Belle discovered with her instinct that something was wrong.

In the Beast's castle, Belle's intuition told her that it was an Come d’incanto castle. "This is my first time in an Come d’incanto castle.... I figured it out myself," she said.

She quickly observed that the Beast changed into a gentler character. Then she learned to be happy in the Beast's castello and, in time, to Amore him.

3. Thinking link

Thinkers often:
- Make decisions objectively
- Appear cool and reserved
- Are most convinced da rational arguments
- Are honest and direct
- Value honesty and fairness
- Take few things personally
- Are good at seeing flaws
- Are motivated da achievement
- Argue o dibattito issues for fun

Belle is not a 100% Thinking type. She has some traits that belong to a Feeling type. She did not always "make decisions objectively." (She decided to go from the Beast's castello because she was frightened. "Promise o no promise, I can't stay here another minute.")

Instead of being "cool and reserved," she was più "warm and friendly," another Feeling trait. She also took quite many things personally. When Maurice was imprisoned da the Beast, she considered it an offense toward herself and offered to replace her father.

However, Belle is quite strong in her thinking. She directly voiced her thoughts about Gaston to her father (though not to Gaston, of course): "He's handsome all right, and rude, and conceited." She dared to defy Gaston even when the villagers were with him.

Furthermore, she was honest with the Beast when she detto that she was happy with him.

4. Perceiving link

Perceivers often:
- Like to keep their options open
- Are playful and casual
- Are less aware of time and may run late
- Prefer to start projects
- Play first, work later
- May have difficulty making some decisions
- domanda the need for many rules
- Like to keep plans flexible
- Want the freedom to be spontaneous

It is clear that Belle belongs to the Perceiving type. She is "playful and casual." See how she kicked the bucket when she sang, "Madame Gaston, can te just see it?"

We can easily imagine her to forget time when reading. The villagers said, "Her nose (was) stuck in a book." Belle herself declared to the librarian that she "couldn't put it (her book) down."

We don't know whether she played first, worked later, o worked first, played later, because it is not shown in the movie. Although she went to the biblioteca (fun for her) before helping her father, I believe that she knew her responsibility. Maybe she had asked his permission when she went to the library.

In the castle, she questioned the Beast's rule: forbidding her to go to the West Wing.

She was also flexible in eating her breakfast from her bowl, to make the Beast feel better.


The characteristics of an INTP (Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) person:

- Rational and reasonable
- Loves knowledge and new ideas
- Sometimes appears dreamy and distant
- Spends a lot of time thinking
- Dislike routine work
- Does not lead o control others
- Does not want to be controlled
- Flexible and tolerant, except when his/her beliefs are violated
- Independent, original, and creative

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 This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
This is basically Elsa's character in a nutshell.I can relate to those words easily.
Elsa is without a doubt my preferito Disney character ever because she's the one I related the most out of all the Disney characters out there.Let's get into più detail why I Amore her so much,shall we ;):

Originally,I didn't Amore Elsa that much,I thought she was okay and felt neutral about her.That is until I re-watched the movie 2 months fa and from that giorno on,I realized just how much I have in common with her.
It was like I was seeing myself in her,for me that meant so much,and I'm thankful for that.
te see,my mom told me to hold back my emotions at school because I have big anger issues...
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Well, I did link, and now it's time to sposta on to a new subject, noses. Some Disney Princesses have regular noses, some have noses that look good with their face, and some have a weirdly shaped, o poorly drawn nose. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Jasmine

I'm not a huge fan of Jasmine's looks in the first place, but her nose is definitely the worst of all the Disney Princesses! It's huge and hideous! It looks weird and if te stare at it, it basically takes all the beauty that te see on her off her face. I hate...
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For such a successful and expensive film, Frozen's complete lack of diversity (particularly ethnic diversity) really vexed me. Frozen has four main human characters and out of the four:
- Four are white
- Four are all apparently straight
- Three are blonde
Looking at this, te can tell there is very little variation in Frozen's main cast. In ethnic terms, there really is no excuse of this. Frozen needed più POC.

I have heard one main argument (read: excuse) why Frozen didn't have any racially diverse characters (and no: I am not counting black background characters). Some say that Frozen...
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 Obviously, Shan yu deserves the number one spot
Obviously, Shan yu deserves the number one spot
I'm slightly obsessed with eyes. I Amore drawing them, I Amore looking at them, and when I look at the beauty of a person, princess o not, the eyes play a big part in their attractiveness. So I decided to make an articolo about my preferito Disney Princess eyes. Honestly, they all have gorgeous eyes, so this will be difficult. But, I shall try my hardest. Oh yeah, Anna and Elsa are included.

13. Cinderella
Her eyes are a really pretty color. They are an amazing shade of blue, and... well, that's about all I like about them. The shape of them is really weird, and in a lot of shots, they are just...
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I was looking through my articoli and realised I didn't have an articolo in which I examined Ariel in depth. I decided to amend that da Scrivere about a subject it's fun to think about - Ariel's rosa dress.

Most fan can agree (I think) that the dress looks quite bad on Ariel. There are several reasons for this: the sleeves are ridiculously puffy and makes her arms look misshapen and the shaping of the gonna looks... Odd. I just think it's too puffy and big in general.

Another popolare reason for the dress looking odd is that a red hair/pink dress combo doesn't work:

However, I...
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I was bored so I decided to write an articolo about which princesses look like which greek goddesses, since I'm greek and I Amore the Greek Mythology. Enjoy!

Hera- Jasmine

Firstly, Hera has a serious problem with her temper, like Jasmine.She likes getting revenge and even though we don't see gelsomino as revengeful, I believe that if someone hurts her, she won't forget it so easily (besides Aladdin, she forgives him every time, like Hera forgives Zeus). Also, Hera protects women which means she's a feminist, again like Jasmine. Another common, is thei history with their husbands. Zeus...
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