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Hi everyone!

In this article, I’m going to compare two Film from the Disney Revival, one revolving around a Lost princess with magical golden hair, and the other revolving around two sisters, one of whom is a Queen with ice powers.

Part A.    Which is the "better" movie?

Tangled has a più cohesive plot and seems to me to have deeper characters that interact superbly with each other. Emotions and thoughts were successfully conveyed with an abundance of facial expressions. The hair animazione was astounding, but the skin and eyes could sometimes seem plastic-like o lifeless....
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After Leggere dimitri_'s wonderful articolo on this topic I felt inspired to make a lista like this. For some reason I've never felt much of a connection to the princes, I even like my seventh preferito princess più than my first preferito prince, but I still like them all so yeah :) I hope te all enjoy ^-^

11. Charming

I originally planned for Charming to be a bit higher, at least da a few spots, but after beginning to write this articolo I decided to change that. While I do like Charming, and don't hold it against him that he rolled his eyes (I mean come on, I would've done the same thing),...
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This is an articolo response to Shiki_Otherside's "FROZEN SPOILERS: Who's fault was it?" article. This is not a rebuttal, più like an expansion of ideas discussed in the final consensus of detto article.

Haven't seen the film and don't want spoilers? Best not read further.

All right, so: Different people have different ideas of whose fault the disaster was, if there was anyone to blame at all, but I've felt since seeing the first five minuti of the movie that it's their parents' fault. Without a question.

Elsa was controlling her powers just fine until a moment of fear for her sister's safety...
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Author's Note: Remember the preview? So here is the first chapter of Seldom What They Seem, my Sleeping Beauty Fanfiction. It was originally named Once Upon a Dream, but I wanted a più original name. Enjoy!

Briar Rose laughed as her prince spun her around. Then he playfully pulled her to the ground. She fell atop him, her hands in his broad chest. Her laughter died as her thoughts became Lost in those handsome features. A strong chin, a long neck and a defined body.

His hair was a honeyed brown, but his eyes were a Cioccolato brown. But the best thing were the lips. They looked so.. kissable....
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Congratulations to Mongoose09, our fan of the mese for July 2011! Here is the FOTM Interview with Mongoose09 that is way passed overdue haha, enjoy!

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be fan of the Month?
Have I gone back in time 2 years?! But yes, it's great! :D

2. Your preferito Princess and why?
Jasmine - I like her assertiveness. I find this an admirable trait. I like how self-assured she and how she stands up for her beliefs. I also like how she isn't prejudiced against street-rat Aladdin for his class and likes him for him.

3. Your least preferito Princess and why?
Ariel. I won't go too...
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*Resuming conversation... They look down and suddenly see... some giant fireball soaring up in the sky(Wait- can fireballs REALLY float?).*

Hella: Hurry te retards!

*The gang pull Rodney back up just in time. It zoomed up where everyone could see it and then ascemds farther up to the ceiling(Or to one of those doors/rooms)*

Rodney: *Pulls his pants back up* So, where do ya think it's heading?

Kids: *Shrug* How should we know?

Fairy G: Aw crap, here comes another fireball!

*This time multiple fireballs came zooming out and started flying everywhere*

Rodney: Okay, that is just creepy!

Fairy G: How is...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    As the five princesses arrived at their new destination, Belle opened her eyes in shock. “I have never seen such a beautiful place.”
    Where they arrived at was a beautiful, heavily wooded area with no buildings at all. The area looked to be completely natural, and there were beautiful skies, swirling winds, and a gorgeous waterfall.
    “And what type of princess is supposed to be here?” gelsomino asked. “Let’s go investigate, shall we?”
    The others nodded in agreement. Cenerentola soon though,...
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1. Belle and Hermione Granger
-brown hair
-love books
-are shunned, to some extent
-fall in Amore with someone not traditionally thought of as attractive
-very smart

2. Merida and Ginny Weasley
-red hair
-head strong and stubborn
-sometimes considered to 'delicate' to fight, though she disagrees
-only female child in a large family

3. Ariel and Luna Lovegood
-viewed as 'crazy' o 'eccentric'
-have a Amore of objects no one else visualizzazioni as special (or creatures, in Luna's case)
-the outcast of a family/school setting

4. Mulan and Neville Longbottom
-went through...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Ok I'm going to keep this short, simple and to the point....well I'll try too at least. The articolo does not include John Rolf o Merida's suitors....Hans will be included. (Boys te might want to skip this one) yes I do have crushes on cartoon characters DONT JUDGE

And te thought he was ugly as a beast...well he isn't hideous I was just deeply disappointed I his looks I mean what da anatra dude tbh I was expecting a Mix between Phillip and Eric...he is still good looking though

Well if it isn't Mr.Eyebrows and small eyes te have accomplished nothing as far as looks go....but...
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 The Disney Princess Villains Lineup.
The Disney Princess Villains Lineup.
So this was originally a superiore, in alto 10 list, and I still have villains 10-7 sitting around in my drafts, but they're not going to be picked up for an article, maybe they will some other time. Honestly, I don't actually like THAT MANY of the Disney Princess villains, there's only 7 that I actually like, and only about 5 that I love. So I'm only going to do my superiore, in alto 5!
Anyways, because I still wanted everyone to know my placements anyway, I'm going to mostra te 12-6.
12. Mordu
11. Hans
10. Governor Ratcliffe
9. Gaston
8. Shan-Yu
7. Evil Queen
6. Jafar
Anyways, please keep in mind that this is MY opinion, and that...
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1 = Snow White

Snow White isn't a bad character at all. She's sweet, kind, and was driven away from her home into the forest because of her stepmothers jealousy. After that she's sent to a deep sleep, and wakes up da a Prince's kiss. Why I dislike her? She doesn't really have personality. I know this was Disney's first movie and princess, but she's just not really enough for me. Throughout the movie, I was really drawn towards the dwarves and the Evil Queen than her. She has the every giorno sweet and cheeky girl personality. Plus, her looks to me, aren't much either. I know te shouldn't judge...
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 TheCrystalRing, August fan of the mese
TheCrystalRing, August Fan of the Month
A huge applause to link, August fan of the Month! She has participated in lots of contests in our beloved spot and won many of them. Not to mention that she's a great picture editor. Let's check out her interview.

1. Congratulations for being August fan of the Month! How did te feel?

Surprised, actually. I didn't know I was nominated o that I won until recently! I didn't think I did all that much on the site besides commenting and participating in forums, but it's nice to be recognized!

2. How did te first get on fanpop and Disney Princess spot?

I am also a Sonic geek, and I was searching...
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posted by Alantlm
child care


Stereotype: work-a-holic



Snow White is loving and an optimist at her core. She cares for everyone: animals, dwarfs, and those in distress (=old hag w/ the bad heart). And despite having lived in an abusive household and seemingly had no friends, she still remained positive.

She lives her life with a line from "With a Smile and a Song" song: "Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine". Because she wants to improve people's lives and make the world around her a better...
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posted by truth76
1. What name would te change yours to?
Elsa o Mulan, they both sounds beautiful. Elsa sounds strong. Whenever I say "Mulan" , it makes me smile. Belle is also a nice name.

2. Which skills would te like to develop?
Merida o Mulan, both have perfect skills. I Amore how Merida doesn't have to be a princess one giorno and that giorno she goes riding and doing her adventurous chores. Mulan has great skills too, she knows how to use weapons and she's very intelligent.

 Special and adventurous chores
Special and adventurous chores

3. Who would te want for a parent?
Mulan's parents, they are really nice and a perfect family....
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posted by Annabethandco
As I was creating my icone for Team Merida, I realised exactly why I loved this girl. As a result, I decided to write an articolo with 5 reasons why everybody should Amore Merida/Brave

1. Ribelle - The Brave was the first Pixar film that had a female protagonist.

Pixar is a hugely successful company, but it took about 8 years since they first started making films for them to make a movie where the main character was a girl. Before Ribelle - The Brave was made, I was slightly annoyed at Pixar - most of it's films didn't even pass the Bechdel test. I Amore Ribelle - The Brave because it finally featured an awesome female character.

 What do te mean it took 8 years to have a female protagonist? That's so dumb!
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posted by hardyharhar
i Amore Mulan because she is the best and i Amore her. she have a shan yu who is the best and i Amore him. shang is a no no, i dont like him. eric is the best and i Amore him. eric and Mulan forever in my life. they make a cute couple. Mulan have pretty hair and pretty face. her clothes are very pretty. i Amore Mulan and i choose her. she is the best and i Amore her. her voice is very pretty. best Canto voice ever. i Amore her so much. she sings reflection very pretty, best christina agularia. very very very pretty. mushu very funny sidekick. shang is a no no. shan yu very cute. Mulan very pretty. very very pretty. little brother very cute. mushu also known as mushy very funny. shan yu kissed Mulan very cute. i choose Mulan because she is the best in all the world.
Narrator: And so, the gang continue to run for their life like a bunch of sissies-



Porcupine: Okay, that was kinda awkward...

Rodney: te can say that again...

Hella: Shut up and keep running away from me o I'll be crazy. Okay that sounded kinda weird and stupid.

Rodney: Well actually-


Rodney: Even più running! *Runs into a tall pillar and falls down flat...
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    Belle had always considered herself to be a patient person. She was always able to calm her father down when he was complaining about his latest invention being a failure. She generally hid her disdain towards the arrogant Gaston da being courteous and polite, no matter how rude he was acting. Children from the village generally looked to her to help them solve their disagreements with one and other. Yes, it was true that Belle had the gift of patience. But as she had been locked up da a beast and was now waiting on a spoiled princess all in one day, Belle realized that...
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posted by sweetie-94
Last time I wrote which I thought suited Merida, today I'll write about the songs that I think Suits Tiana, hope you'll like this articolo :)

link - Beyonce
This song could suit all the princesses, but Tiana Suits it the most, just listen to the song and you'll see why

link - Britney Spears
Totally Suits Tiana, she's all about hard work

link - Nas
Again another perfect song for Tiana

link - Within Temptation
I mentioned this song in another one of my articoli and I still think it Suits Tiana after she got to know that she couldn't get her resturant, but also a little bit before that

link - Within Temptation...
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My preferito Disney Princess list! This includes Anna and Elsa.

13. Elsa

She just bothers me. I think she is boring. She isn't boring in the way she doesn't do anything, cause she does. She creates a mess and becomes a diva and just... ARGH! I just find every single thing she does so completely uninteresting. I can't see why she is so loved outside fanpop. I think she should have remained the villain in the plot; I would have liked her more. I think I also would like her più if she didn't sing "Let It Go". In my eyes she is an introvert the whole movie and then randomly sings a song about being...
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