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posted by _CatWoman_
This will be determined da points. Each princess starts off with 0 points, for every dumb action points are taken away, for every smart action points are given. For scales -1 for naïve o dumb +1 for witty o quick thinking, -2 for stupid o pointless +2 smart o insightful, -3 for deadly o incompetent +3 for intellectual o thought out.

13.Anna Points: -13

Not listening -1: Elsa clearly detto "Wait" but she continued to jump. This can be overridden da the fact she is a child o that she didn't hear Elsa though.

Being lonely -2: She could have left the palace ANY possible time. Not to mention...
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I wanted to write a new articolo for a long time,but I didn't have any new ideas.
So,why don't just make a Favourite DP Movie List?
And sorry for few mistakes,English isn't my native language (yeah,I always say that).
Also,this is just my opinion,I don't mean to hate o hurt anybody.:D
So...Let's begin :)

I just want to say one thing:I don't hate Frozen.I like some characters,I like the villians,I like the songs.
But I don't think that Frozen is THAT special.Yes,as I said,I liked it.I really enjoy watching it,it was actually fun.
But,there are some problems with it.I already wrote my...
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Personal Info My name is Sarah and I'm 25 years old. I live in central Texas and attend the community college. I should be graduating the December with an associates degree in Criminal Justice.

My real passion is animals. I Amore exotic animals. What I really want to do someday is own my own pet store. My preferito animal in the world is actually a snake. Yeah I know weird. But I have two pet pythons and they're sweethearts.

My hobbies mostly include breeding exotic animals, Scrivere fanfictions, and sewing.

Disney Princess

My preferito DPs:
1. Snow White
2 Tiana
3. Mulan
4. Elsa
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posted by BelleRose829
So this all happened when I made a post on specifically why I dislike Frozen.

Original post:
You know I know some people dislike Frozen because it's overrated, but I just don't like Film that are "made for their time" I like Film that strive to be classic. It's one of the main reasons I dislike Aladdin, Hercules, Frozen, and, though I like Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre more, that as well. I don't know, I just felt like I should say that.

That being the reason I disliked Frozen, some people thought that it was più timeless than what I was giving it credit for.

avatar_tla_fan commented…
I dislike Frozen because...
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I meant to do this articolo for quite a long time but I didn't have time,so I'm doing it now.
Enjoy :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I'm not trying to hate o hurt anybody.
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.

13.Snow White
Her voice is one of the only things that I don't like about her.It is impressive how high can her voice go,and I think that Adrianas' voice totally Suits Snow White.It is sweet,soft and positive,but it's too high in my opinion,and I saw that a lot of people here agrees with me.

There isn't much things to say about Merida.She...
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So I decided just to lista some of my preferito Disney Princess stuff. Keep in mind this is my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

Favorite Disney Princesses:
13. Anna (dislike)
12. Aurora (neutral)
11. Elsa (neutral)
10. Pocahontas (like)
9. gelsomino (like)
8. Snow White (really like)
7. Belle (really like)
6. Ariel (love)
5. Cenerentola (love)
4. Merida (absolutely love)
3. Tiana (absolutely love)
2. Mulan (adore)
1. Rapunzel (adore beyond measure)

Favorite Disney Princess Voices:
13. Merida (nice)
12. Cenerentola (nice)
11. Snow White (nice)
10. Anna (good)
9. gelsomino (good)
8. Elsa (great)
7. Aurora (great)
6. Belle...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
 Aurora From Sleeping Beauty
Aurora From Sleeping Beauty
So, I'm new to fanpop and I decided to write my first article. I'm new to this so I'm sorry if the grammar isn't amazing, I'm trying here. :)

13. Aurora: She's actually the only DP I dislike, although I don't hate her. I'm not a big fan of Sleeping Beauty either, the only character I really like is Maleficent. I just find Aurora to be a boring and bland character. There are things I like about her, I find her to be very beautiful and have a great Canto voice, but other than that I don't really like her. Apparently, she's only awake in 18 minuti of the film and has like 20 lines and her song....
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This is not a real articolo on anything of actual relevance to the fanpop DPs. This is a miscellaneous piece "about myself" for a topic--- because I was forced the write recommendation letters for myself a lot of late...and now I just feel like I can tackle a "blip" articolo like this without completely gagging over how boring I appear.

Well, my name is Laura. I'm glad my mother refused to let my grandmother name me, Jennifer. ( Grandma did name my cousin, Jennifer, though. So there is a Jennifer in the family).

What would be worth saying about me...?

Okay. I guess I'm vocal, though half of the...
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posted by prinelsa
Google Translate is a device that translates something in one language over to another language.I have translated English over to one language per line and then translated that language back in English.Most of the time the lyrics were altered.

White snow glistening on the mountain tonight
It is not a footprint to be seen
I'm the Queen of a kingdom Lost and it looks like
The wind is howling storm as it swirls through
Could not keep,even though I tried
Do not leave them,do not let them
Be a good girl always have to be
Remove not refuse to recognize
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posted by FallenLove
I've been on fanpop since 2010 but I took a 2 anno break. I made a lista a couple of years fa but I thought I'd update it. I've included Anna and Elsa.

13. Aurora

I think that Aurora is one of the prettiest princesses, but I find her to have no personality. I do not like her film o her Canto voice either.

12. Merida

I like Merida's personality, but I don't really see her as one of the princesses. Maybe it's the Pixar influence, but I think of her più as a Disney characters rather than a Disney princess.

11. Snow White

I Amore the Snow White film, but I dislike her as a character. She is very bland...
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Ok so I decided to do an articolo on what Disney movie that te Amore says about the person.SO lets get cracking and I will give a verdict as to what film I sorta relate to as an example.

No particular order.

Tangled-You Amore to venture out on your own and te dealt with a man who was like Flynn Rider who really wasn't that bad at all.You Amore being artistic and te are rather emotional. te also Amore to go off on a barca ride and wish to see the lanterns.

Verdict: Yes I have dealt with a guy in the past that was like Flynn Rider. No he wasn't my boyfriend but we were polar opposites of one another....
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Here are the results to the countdown of who fanpop wanted to be a princess the most. Congratulations to Megara who won da a large majority. Thanks for voting. Sorry if I can't write a huge explanation articolo but I am very busy with school at the moment
1. Megara
2. Jane
3. Esmeralda
4. Kida
5. Giselle
6. Eilonwy
7. Alice
8. Wendy
9. carlotta, charlotte
10. Vanellope Von Schweetz
11. Melody
12. Ting-Ting, Mei and Su
13. Maid Marian
14. Blue Fairy
15. Jane
16. Nala
17. Faline
18. Kiara
19. Minnie topo, mouse
20. margherita Duck
as we know that everyone is is a fan of Disney princesses and i am also all there eyes and there face and there body is amazing.but now it is time to vote for our favourite princess all should vote for Ur favourite one to add her in the superiore, in alto list.
so our nominees for best princess are
so donot forget to commenti i will announce the result on my 2nd artical so don't forget to read good bye take care till successivo time.
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It is now May, six months after Frozen came out, and the film is still kicking ass!! The money is piling on, "Let It Go" is still being sung da everyone around the world, and merchandise is flying off the shelves in mere seconds.

With that all being said, based on the popularity of the movie, I believe that Frozen should get an animated TV series. And here are a good number of reasons why.

First, Elsa. Let's face it, Elsa is AWESOME!!! But we don't really know that much about her. Sure, she's got ice powers, but where did she get them from? I mea she was born with them, but how did this come...
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Bonjour! Pretty much everybody has created (at least) one of these "prettiest Disney princess countdown" articles. I thought I would have a crack at it. (Please note: These are un-biased opinions that do not reflect on the amazing qualities of the princesses at all. It's completely about the looks. And I believe that they're all beautiful, of course. Just some più than others.)

13. Merida
Fanpop picked Anna as number thirteen

I Amore Merida's bright blue eyes, her wild arancia, arancio hair, and also the fact that she's not incredibly skinny. It's just the round face and thick arancia, arancio eyebrows that bother...
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I have been a fanpop and Disney Princess club member for two years. Yes, it took me so long to decide on my favourite Disney Princess list. Well, to be honest, I belayed it that much, because 1) I am ridiculously lazy and 2) I hadn't seen some of the movies. Now that I 've watched all of them, here's my (most probably quite unpopular) list.

13. Ariel
In my opinion, Ariel is extremely popular, because her beauty, mermaid nature, voice, drama Queen behaviour, and her expressive and extroverted character stand out and hide all her (uncountable) flaws. She's striking and very charming, no doubt,...
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posted by secretlife98
Cenerentola is my preferito princess she seems like she really went through alot. I felt bad for her for all the bad things she went through but I feel I shouldn't feel bad for her because she was a strong person she got through it all on her own and strong people don't usually want people to feel sorry for them. They want them to help them get through it and Cenerentola didn't have help to get through it she did it all on her own and that's the kind of person I want be. I want to be strong, independent, and be able to get through problems on my own and I can do that stuff I just want to get better at it. Cenerentola is a leader not a follower she inspires people to want to be like her and have the courage she has and take on rensponsibility. I believe everyone can be like their preferito princess if not even better. :)

Follow your dreams believers. Sincerely Yours Secretlife98
So, it's been a while since I've written an articolo on here, and even longer since I've written a list, so I decided to do my preferito soundtracks! This was actually really hard to do, since I really like all the soundtracks, but I'm fairly sure of most of my placements. Anyway, I hope te guys enjoy!

 Oh, sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale...
Oh, sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale...

12. Cinderella
Favorite Song: Sing Sweet Nightengale
Least preferito Song: Work Song
Sadly, one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of the movie is that the soundtrack is, for me at least, about as riveting as a bag of doorknobs. It just doesn't...
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posted by DisneyQueen
Hi everyone, I'm new to fanpop, and everyone just seems to get along so well, so for my first ever contribution I'm going to introduce myself to te guys. I hope we have a lot in common besides sharing interest in the Disney Princesses. So here we go.

My name is Lady, funny name right? My parents named me after a cartoon dog. I always loved it, but I go my middle name. I prefer for te guys to call me wither DisneyQueen o Lady though, only because it's in relation to my passion, Disney. I'm twelve years old, I know I'm too young to sign up but this place just seems so warm and open. It's probably...
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It's the 3rd time I'm Scrivere this article, main reason for doing it again is because I wanted to include Anna and Elsa and also because Within Temptation released a new album almost 2 months fa aswell as a single with a total of 12 new songs so I'll be using some of those to the princesses, anyway hope you'll Amore this articolo :)

Snow White - link

This song actually Suits Snow White quite well, not perfectly, but still it Suits her. The titolo fits her and this could be a song that someone else could sing to her. Pretty much a song that could work in a fan fiction where the story is almost...
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