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 For credit check Part 1 of Aurora's story found in Princesses Switching Places: Aurora and gelsomino Part 1
For credit check Part 1 of Aurora's story found in Princesses Switching Places: Aurora and Jasmine Part 1
Aurora's Story Part 2:
Aurora had enjoyed the night, it had been a wonderful ride to a new world she had never seen before. She couldn't hide her feelings not even when her father came into her room to tell her that she was going to marry Jafar because Aladdin had died, but that wasn't true because suddenly Aurora spotted him and was so overwhelmed over his return that she quickly ran to him and gave him a hug.

Her father was so happy over his daughter's choice that he letted the guards take away Jafar

Aurora looked at Aladdin, both of them smiled over the Sultan's decision, now nothing would...
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 I Can't Believe I got #10!
I Can't Believe I got #10!
I Amore all the Disney Princesses, but I do like some più than others. Some WAY più than others. So I would like to share with te my most recente opinion, and order of the Disney Princesses. Hope te enjoy!

10. Tiana -- The Princess and the Frog
A lot of people like Tiana, and there are some redeeming qualities about her, but, I just don’t like Tiana. Maybe it’s because I really despise her prince, Naveen. o maybe because I wasn’t that big of a fan of the plot of the story. I find myself to like Charlotte, her friend, better than Tiana. I don’t find myself liking her personality that...
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Intro: this lista is not a ranking,it can be o could be,but I don't intend it to be. This will be short and straight to the point. I will also be making one for : all of the princesses couture, ariel couture, tiana couture, belle couture, pocahontas couture,aurora couture,rapunzel couture, gelsomino couture, snow white couture and so forth...(I won't need any comments)
There will also be articoli for all princes couture,eric couture,naveen couture and so forth...(if fan commento asking for them)
Also Disney Fairies, Disney Characters (like Pinocchio) and also Walt Disney. (mickey mouse)
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Well I hope you'll enjoy this articolo :)

Snow White: Red bow

I've already explained why I Amore the bow in 2 other articles, but as I've detto before I've always loved this bow ever since I was a child and I will always have this as my preferito accessory, it's so cute and I have the same hairstyle so I suit in bows perfectly well.

Cinderella: Blue headband

As te know I really hate the bun, but the headband is very lovely and of course it Suits the dress perfectly. I also Amore how sparkly the headband is and I would Amore to wear this headband someday.

Aurora: Golden tiara

I would...
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Well, since I wrote an articolo about my preferito DP Movie Intros I decided to write an articolo about my preferito DP Movie Endings too so enjoy and don't forget to leave a commento :)

10. Pocahontas

Compared to the intro to the movie I like the ending better, but I really dislike the ending because it isn't a happy ending and I personally think this ending is a little too overrated, on the other hand the ending is different from other endings with it being sad. Personally I think that Pocahontas should've gone with John Smith instead of staying, but ciao she followed her own path. And I just...
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[i]I finally decided to do this, has changed a little bit since I did the pick about it, but I hope you'll enjoy this articolo and don't forget to comment![i]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Since this is my preferito DP movie I'm always having it hard to choose my preferito scene in the movie so my preferito changes often, so right now my preferito is when Snow White finds the dwarf's cottage, especially because of the music, it happens to be my preferito score in the movie. I don't know what else to say, it's in my opinion one of the best drawn animated scene that I've seen, only the ending...
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I am glad to announce my successivo interview will be with the Characters from Disney’s Cinderella. Now I was warned before hand that this may well be my most boring interview with very undramatic and plain characters, but we shall see. The first to enter the room are the Happy couple, Charming and Cinderella, but we asked her to keep her animali outside today….then in comes The fairy Godmother who seems to be all smiles, oh and has brought lunch and bottled drinks…how nice. Lady Tremaine sweeps in dramatically with her two daughters and takes the seats right in the center (Drizella actually...
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posted by rapounzel97
Where Dreams Begin Lyrics

Just put your hand in mine
Go where dreams begin

Everyone has their own stella, star in the sky
There's one for te and me
Yes it's a magical light
That shines high up above
Far as the eye can see

It shows us the way
Lead us sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza through the night
Into a lovely fantasy
Its heavenly glow
Will help our Amore always grows
So take my hand
Don't let go and you'll see

Just put your hand in mine
And then we'll go where dreams begin
I'll teach te how to fly
And then we'll go where dreams begin

It's a wonderful ride
As we scale the heights
There's no better view o place you've ever been
The signs are clear...
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A little più than a mese fa I wrote a combined articolo of my preferito and prettiest DP. This time I'm writning my prettiest princess lista seperatley since it has changed a lot since a mese back and my preferito princess lista hasn't changed that much, but I'm very soon planning on rewatching all the Film and do a new update, but my prettiest princess lista always changes since te don't need to watch the movie to decide it, te just need to look at some pictures and than decide, but here we go!

10. Mulan (9)

I don't find her pretty anymore, but she's not ugly, she is homely. I don't...
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 <3 x35435469364654
<3 x35435469364654
So a few months ago, I decided to write a short articolo on who my preferito princesses were. Well, that wasn't a complete lista and my explanations weren't very clear so here we go again :)

10. Pocahontas
ok, so I don't really Amore her as much as I Amore the other princesses but I still like her. She's so Ribelle - The Brave and I admire her strength and courage. I loved her at the beginning of the movie. Before she met John Smith and became really boring...She was such a free spirit, running through the woods and paddling down that river and waterfall without a care in the world. She seemed like such a fun person!...
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posted by sweetie-94
I saw some others doing it and I thought about making my own, it was quite simple to come up with things that I liked about each one of them because there is always at least one thing that I like about them.

Snow White:

As most of te know she is my preferito Disney Princess so there are lots of things that I like about her, but here are some of them. The first thing that I like about her which I think most people like about her is how she manages to stay positive during the whole movie. The secondo thing is that I Amore her personality. The third is that she is very funny.

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Now I know this is an exclusively Disney Princess page but I felt like before I start my articoli on the Film themselves that an introduction was in order and what better way to do that then do an articolo on the man who started it all, enjoy!

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney in Kansas. He had three older brothers (but one died before he was born) and a younger sister. He was closest to his brother Roy Oliver Disney who worked with Walt on their father’s farm. Walt eventually dropped out of high school and joined the Red attraversare, croce where he drove an ambulance...
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I like the "romantic" song, I Amore the "I want" song, I Amore the beginning and I Amore the funny scenes, but for me, the most enjoyable scene of a movie is its climax. A good movie has to chill me in its action scenes even if it's the 30th time I'm watching it. So here I wrote an articolo explaining what are my 10 preferito final action scenes from DP movies. I might make a countdown about that (with the public's opinion) in the future, but at the moment, I'd like to share my opinion with you.

10. The Princess and the Frog
This action scene has an interesting setting - New Orlean's cemetery...
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We all know what the Disney girls did in their movies. This is what I think the princesses would do if they were in the real world all working for the same company. I wanted to make something different so here it is! I think I might make this into a fanfic so commento please!

10. Aurora
Aurora would probably be the least helpful in a business. She would probably be the secretary that all the guys gawked at.

9. Ariel
Like Aurora, Ariel would probably end up as a secretary. Both are pretty but would probably be eye caramelle for the male employees.

8. Pocahontas
She would work hard for sure, but...
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posted by princesslullaby
This articolo was written collectively by: Princesslullaby, Cromulanfav, & JonnaSe

Cinderella's actions would make gelsomino very angry. gelsomino wouldn't like how passive she is, and how she's dreamy and wishes for più but doesn't do anything about it. gelsomino also wouldn't understand o like how Cenerentola never stands up to her stepfamily in a forceful o aggressive way, o never tells them off. She would find it very insulting to her strength as a woman.

Jasmine would like Aurora's playful, flirty personality, and how she acts hard to get with Phillip. But...
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10. Cinderella

Don't get me wrong, I Amore Cindy. But she is the most generic princess to me. She's a plain sort of beautiful and doesn't really have any edge going for her that makes her the best. She's più of a symbol of hope than a fleshed out character in her story. Even the voice recitazione seemed ungenuine at times, like when she cries at the stepmother for locking her in the attic, it sounds reaaaaally fake and not like a real emotional cry for help.

9. Aurora

She's so pretty and dainty and flouncy and graceful. I really do Amore her. Her hair alone makes her worthy...
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posted by magicfairydust
 Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
Every girl grew up with them, we all dreamed of being one <3
I Amore ALL the Disney princesses but these are my favorites.
7. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora/Briar Rose)
Ahhh the lovely Briar Rose, many times haled as the most beautiful of all the Disney princesses. She's very nice and pretty....and nice...ok so she doesn't do much. That's why she's ranked lower but I still Amore her! She's such a classic and iconic princess. Some people argue that she only shows up in 18 minuti of the actual film but thats the point! She's SLEEPING beauty. Besides, she has like the best wardrobe ever.
 oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white....
oh my, this better not be that weird lipstick wearing guy in snow white.......
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fan come from all different countries, cultures, religions, and affiliations of all kind, but there is one thing we can all agree on: deep down, we're all a little bit (or a lot) sappy. Disney Film are all about full-blown romance, and every fan has a couple that they love, admire, o want to emulate one day. With that said, here are Fanpop's preferito Couples: October of 2011.

BTW, the exquisite, beautiful immagini te are enjoying were made da the one and only PrincessLullaby. :)

10) Mulan and Shang
Mulan and Shang took the bottom spot not with a whimper, but with a bang. They were almost...
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posted by Candy77019
 "She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts..."
"She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts..."
"Cinderelly!! CINDERELLY!!" screamed a high-pitched voice.
I groaned. "What?"
Jaq pulled at my braided hair. "Anastasia! She need you!"
I jumped out of letto and hurried to get ready. I was wondering why my stepsister would need me this early in the morning.
"CINDERELLA!!" Anastasia screamed through those godforsaken speakers.
"COMING!!" I yelled back, tying my hair.
I was almost out the door when Gus tugged on my dress.
"But what about breakfast?" his furry face looked hopeful.
I couldn't resist. I dug into my pocket and threw out a pile of corn. "Share, okay, guys? And DON'T BOTHER LUCIFER."...
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posted by phantomrose89
ciao guys! I'm looking inoltrare, avanti to us getting to know each other a little better. :)

First Name: Christin

Country of Origin: The United States: Alabama.

Favorite Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid. Without question.

Hobbies: Painting, graphic design, Scrivere in my journal, watching movies. I'm a huge film buff; I even work as a movie critic for a website.

Education:I recently graduated from college with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Sociology. I have a job at a Televisione station.

Music I like: I Amore 70s folk/rock. Bob Dylan is my all time fave (I saw him in CONCERT!), and I Amore the...
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