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posted by deedragongirl
 Are te ready for redemption, Hans?
Are you ready for redemption, Hans?
Okay, an idea had just struck me. Since the sequel will be coming soon, here are my thoughts on why should Hans be redeem o not if he makes an appearance again.

He Should Redeem Himself

When I first watch the movie, I started to have a crush on him until he turn into the dark side. However upon being expose, he was arrested and ship back to the 7 Isles so that his brothers could punish him.
In Frozen Fever, he was doing community service until Elsa let out a giant snowball and hit him! I personally think that from that minor scene, I felt that he should redeem himself anyway, because he finally...
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Hi everyone!

So it's been about six months since I joined Fanpop, and about as much time since I published my first DP articolo ranking the DPs. This articolo will explain my new ranking of the Disney princesses (including Anna and Elsa) from lowest to highest in my opinion. Hope te like it!

13. Elsa (same spot)

Unfortunately, Elsa’s still at the bottom of my list. This is mainly because she doesn’t seem to exhibit any worry about the kingdom and sister she leaves behind after they find out about her ice powers, which is disconcerting since she spent her whole life...
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posted by sweetie-94
Like I stated in my last wallpost I'm about to lose my grandmother and so I decided to write an articolo about some of the Saddest Moments in the DP Film in no particular order (but I'll mention my number 1 in the end of the article). So anyway hope you'll like this article

Brave: The 2nd Sunrise
I may not be a big fan of Brave, but this scene is sad, when I first saw this movie in the cinemas I cried during this scene and I still find this scene to be quite sad

Cinderella: The Dress Ripping Scene
This scene is so sad to watch everytime, Cenerentola had the chance of finally getting out of the...
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posted by laylastepford
What if all of the Disney Princes were from American cities? Which ones would they be from? (*Note, I comprised this lista of where they would be born and raised from not where they would be most suited as a free choosing adult. That is another list.)

Floridian: Cape May, New Jersey
Because it is traditional and very romantic and serene.

Henry: Chicago, Illinois
Because it is the center of the mid-west. Perfect combination of traditional with some progressive and completely balanced.

Phillip: Miami, Florida
Because it is a laid-back and playful place.

Eric: Los Angeles, California...
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Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

I absolutely loved Ariel. I can't really go in depth about it, because when I first saw it, I was really little. (Prolly about 5 o 6) But my feelings were pretty straightforward: she was a MERMAID & was pretty & a unique princess. I mean, I kinda wanted to be her. Who wouldn't want to live under the sea? I never really understood why she wanted be a human, though, because a mermaid was freaking amazing in my mind! Something...
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before i beggin, i have to make clear that i don't have the intention to ofend anybody, and my english is a little bad,so am sorry for it

For this is i am going to ignore sequels
note: i didn't add immagini cause i still have to learn how

[b] 11.Cinderella and Charming [b]

i have to say it always bother me the fact than he didn't went to find her himself , it would had been easer for the duke as he knows how the girl looks.
i also sometimes doubt that he would pick her if he had seen her in her maid costume.
My biggest problem is that Cenerentola have a lot of positive attributes , she is kind,persistent,...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Aurora was starting to get più confident. After being scarred da Maleficent, she had felt very uncomfortable with her appearance, and would refuse to go out in public, unless her face was covered. But she would still avoid people either way. She placed a lot of value on her appearance. But now she was più confident. Her parents had convinced her to go out into public, without her face covered. She was worried. She didn't know how people were going to take this.

What if they hate me? Aurora worried.

"Stop worrying," Her mother told her.

"How did te know I was worrying?"

"Pretty obvious, Aurora....
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Eight months ago, I started an articolo series explaining my complessivamente, generale opinion on each princess in as much details as possible. I've decided to start over! :) Technically, we don't know if Anna and Elsa will even be included in the lineup, but like last time, I'm including them. The categories I will analyze are: original thoughts, thoughts now, beauty, wardrobe, singing/speaking voices. Also, I will be doing these in chronological order, form my least preferito princess to my favorite!

My Original Thoughts

Most of te new gents and ladies weren't around to witness my blindness to the "Frozen" hype....
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Ariel woke up.

"Other person? Are te awake?"

Belle was not awake.

Ariel sighed.

She then noticed that there was a cut in her finger.

How did I get this?

Ariel wondered if there was anything sharp near where she was laying. She checked. Nothing.

Then how did I get this cut?

She had an idea. But she was going to need "the other one"'s support.


Belle woke up.

Ariel immediately got to her feet. "I need your help!"

"Um... Okay," Belle responded, "With what exactly?"

"I need te to help me figure out how I got this cut." Ariel told Belle.

"Well, I don't know if I could figure that out." Belle...
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"I hope those letters get there on time." Pocahontas detto as she was gathering food. "You're getting too anxious. Those things take their time getting delivered." Nakoma replied. Pocahontas had a look of doubt on her face. "Nakoma, I have to ask te something. Do te feel I should make te Mace's godmother?" Pocahontas confessed. Nakoma's jaw dropped slightly. "Pocahontas, that's all up to you. If te want to make Merida Mace's godmother, I understand." Nakoma answered. "Are te sure? I mean, we've known each other all of lives and, I've only known Merida for afew years." Pocahontas wondered....
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posted by MR0290553
 She was willing to sacrifice her life for what is right!
She was willing to sacrifice her life for what is right!
1.    Pocahontas
She saw beyond skin color, she ignored the rumors that all European Settlers were dangerous. She gave one a chance, and then risked her life for him! Even though they came into her land, she welcomed them, and wanted to get to know them!
2.    Esmeralda
She did the right thing always! She stood up for those without a voice, she cried out to God, she prayed for those who were unfortunate! She is beautiful and brave, and has a beautiful heart!
3.    Cinderella
Kind and gentle to everyone, even those who mistreat her!
4.    Snow...
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posted by MR0290553
 I would adopt this sweet girl in a heartbeat!
I would adopt this sweet girl in a heartbeat!
1.    Penny
She is adorable and overrated! This poor orphaned little girl did not give up, even though she was kidnapped and forced to go down a scary black hole! She was kind to the mice, and had faith that they would help her! She was kind to Rufus, and instead of keeping the diamond for herself, she gave it to a museum! I would adopt her!
2.    Wendy
Another adorable girl, who was brave! She was sweet to Tinkerbelle and the Lost boys, even though they tried to kill her!
3.    Little Elsa
Sweet and playful, and she was smart to know to call her parents when Ana was hurt!
4.    Little Tiana
Good daughter and good friend!
5.    Alice
Smart and imaginative! Sweet too!
posted by avatar_tla_fan
"What are te doing?" Elsa screamed. "I thought te didn't believe I had ice powers!"

"Well, we do."

"Please, let me out of here!"

"Nope! Maybe later." Then he laughed.

Yeah right. he thought.


Pocahontas was a peaceful young woman. She wanted to end things like war, so they didn't happen. She was an avid supporter of campaigns trying to stop things like wars, as well as much else. However, there wasn't much she could do. All she could do was try to end a war in her city. She was in the mental hospital Elsa was, she liked to help out and support the hospital. She heard Elsa screaming....
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I Amore Belle
Today I'll focus on why I love Belle
Today it's 7 days (1 week) until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 7th preferito DP (or my middle preferito DP) Belle and why I Amore her
Previous articoli in the series:

Even though Belle is in the middle of my preferito DP lista I Amore her very much

I Amore that she's a bookworm, now I've never really been a huge bookworm myself, but it's great to see a princess who is and I Amore that she's an outcast in her town and that everyone think she's weird, but she doesn't care about it

I Amore how selfless she was when she gave up her freedom to live with the Beast, not only that,...
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Alexandra was now back for the fourth time at the room that now only had 6 doors which meant she soon had helped half of them. She opened the door to the left of the earlier doors with the key on the tavolo and stepped inside.

When she stepped inside she started to sweat, the place she had come to was a town that was close to a desert.
"This is Agrabah, it's a really special town and this is where your fifth princess lives, her name is Jasmine, but she doesn't want to be a...
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Scene 30(Wow, actually made 30 scenes in the series)- Another different location in the weird path thingy(Sorry, I forgot the name of that path thing :()...

Rodney: I'm getting a little bit scared right now...

Hella: And? Just keep your body away from me and my stuff!

Rodney: Geez, why must te have to be such an ***hole?

Hella: *Stops and turns toward Rodney* What did te call me? Ya know, I don't have to be doing this sh!t for te ya know, do te want me to leave here in this hellhole?

*Shadow spys on them, then lurks away*

Hella: Hey! Are te even listening to me?!?!?

Rodney: Oh, um...

Hella: You...
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here they are....

 "The reprise is beautiful" (KataraLover)
"The reprise is beautiful" (KataraLover)

20. Part of Your World (Reprise)
This song is quick, simple, but very sweet. It shows te don't need to have a lot of metaphors and poetic devices to convey what te want. Ariel expresses her desire to become human so clearly and plainly in this song, just da the emotion and longing she conveys, and da just putting it into simple sentences.

"...the reprise is just unforgettable and beautiful." (TotallyMe105)
"Part of Your World Reprise is epic." (AllegroGiocoso)

 "I think this song is really catchy and fun. It's my preferito song in PATF." (princesslullaby)
"I think this song is really catchy and fun. It's my...
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Awhile ago, linkabout which Houses the Princesses would be in, and several of te requested that I do one about the princes as well. I’m pleased to announce that this is it!

But before I begin my analyses, it’s time for some disclaimers…

1. About the Houses. Here’s how I tend to think of the Houses of Hogwarts. (Note: I will be saying the most about Slytherin, since Slytherin is most often distorted.)

Gryffindor: values bravery, daring, bold decision-making, rule-breaking, following one’s dreams, standing up for one’s friends, and being complessivamente, generale “fun”/pleasant/courageous.

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posted by cuteasprincie
Facts About Snow White
1.Snow White is the first Disney Princess, being the main character of Disney's first animated feature film.

2.Snow White is one of the five Disney Princesses to be of royal blood.

3.Snow White is the only Caucasian Disney Princess to have brown eyes.

4.She is the first Disney Princess to communicate with wildlife who can understand humans, the secondo being Cenerentola and the third being Aurora.

5.Snow White is the youngest Princess, being 14 years old.

6.In The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Snow White was the Disney character who had the biggest part in the story, besides...
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Hello People! I was thinking for a while that I should make a preferito Disney Princess articolo and then i thought that i should also make a Prettiest Princess articolo and then i got confused so will put both of my lists in that Article! Anyway i hope te will enjoy it and excuse if had make a lot english grammar errors :/

10th Place

Prettiest: Rapunzel
Well do i need to say something? Just look at her she's cute at best. Her features are extremely child-ish, she's 18 and she looks like 16 (she and Aurora need to switch ages!). Her eyes are HUGE I know, know other Disney Princesses have...
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