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posted by avatar_tla_fan
There's been so many articoli recently. :O Well, I'm going to add one anyway.

Might as well remake this list, I haven't done it in a while. My opinions have changed a lot on the Canto voices (As they do with everything) so pretty much everything is new here. Sorry my descriptions are so short, they're usually longer but I got lazy. Anyways, please respect my opinion and I will respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Merida.
Um... Yeah. She sings Noble Maiden Fair, which is nice and her voice is okay I guess. It's just a little kid, so her voice isn't very strong o powerful.

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This is the secondo time I've done this. Well, it's been changed yet again, and.. A lot. So, I might as well re-do it, there's been some pretty big changes since I last made this article. Some placements have changed a lot, and some have stayed around the same, so you'll find out soon which placements have changed and which havent. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagreement so respect my opinion and I will respect yours. I hope te enjoy the article! :)

And I really want to know what te think about my list, so if te could comment, it would mean a lot!

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ciao guys! It's been a while since I have done something like this again but lately my preferiti have changed.

13. Anna (Frozen)

Anna used to be much higher on my list. But lately after re-watching Frozen I was honestly annoyed with her. I mean sure she couldn't go out of the castello and was bored but did she really decide to marry a guy she only just met? At least get to know him first girl!

12. Elsa (Frozen)
I don't really hate her it's just that I kinda have no interest in her anymore. She kinda bores me at times and other times she interests me.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
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 Magic Mirror on the bacheca who is FanPop's preferito villain out of them all?
Magic Mirror on the wall who is FanPop's favorite villain out of them all?
Here are the results of the Best DP Villains count-down. Remember is not my personal opinion it, has all been voted FanPop users. I hope te enjoy it.
 I think Ribelle - The Ribelle - The Brave should've had a better antagonist._ avatar_tla_fan - - at least mord'u is scary._BKG201
I think Ribelle - The Brave should've had a better antagonist._ avatar_tla_fan - - at least mord'u is scary._BKG201

12. Mor'du (Brave): Not surprising that Mor'du was the first villain to go, since he has basically no personally. Some fan domanda if he is even truly a 'villain'. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that Ribelle - The Brave needed a better antagonist. least Ratcliff makes me laugh._324anna -- Really boring_Flutey_Girl96 least Ratcliff makes me laugh._324anna -- Really boring_Flutey_Girl96

11. Governor...
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Can anybody find me somebody to love?
Each morning I get up looking crazy
Can barely stand on my feet
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Who is gonna build a snowman with me
Elsa, I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can't get no relief,
Somebody, somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

I play da myself every giorno of my life
I play till get bored
At the end there's nothing left to do
I look at the pictures on the wall
And I start talking to them
Till I go downright insane
Lord - somebody - somebody
Can anybody find me - somebody to love?

Everyday - I try and I try...
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 Did te miss me?!
Did you miss me?!
ciao guys, te may o may not remember me (people who don’t maybe new people o people who never noticed me in the first place). But it’s me, princecatcher93. I am so sorry that I left fanpop, I left for many different reasons, one being my family changed internet plans so I have 4G a mese all to myself (may sound like a lot but when te use other things it can go da quickly), secondo of all my health really went down, which lead to many different things. I discovered I had desperation early last anno and I used fanpop as my support group to get out my feels, I loved running a lot of things...
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Here's part 2 of the results of the countdown and unfortunately I won't be mostrare commenti because the domanda that I made asking for the bottom 15 least beautiful of the remaining commento I accidentally deleted before getting some commenti for. Anyway this is the public's opinion, not mine, mine would be much different. complessivamente, generale people found these ladies to be at least pretty in some way. Please commento and enjoy!

She just barely made it to the superiore, in alto 30 but thankfully she made it. People found her cute and pretty. They praised her gorgeous hair but thought everything else about...
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I haven't done an articolo on fanpop at all yet.
Since this place is the most active, I decided to do one here first.

13.Aurora- I CANNOT stand her. She is so boring, and I don't even know if she has a personality! Maybe she is just a clone of the real Aurora. Sleeping Beauty was good though, although it would have been better if Maleficent hurt Aurora more. Hopefully the Aurora in Maleficent will be più entertaining.

12. Snow White- I know she is getting a lot of love. I dont know why. She is so bossy and manipulative. I hate how in the movie, she bosses the dwarves around and tells them what...
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Ok so we left off on number six so we are on number five.

She has this fun side that is so enjoyable. Most of the time she seemed to be very zest.I Amore how she's so like able and well-realized.

she's very like able in many ways. First she's very independent and relate able. Just she is much like me. That most of the reason why she's that high on the list.The other reason is that she can say no which is a lot in my book.

I don't even know how she got this high on my list. Sure i know why i like her.Just she wasn't execpted to be that high. The main reason i like...
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Bonjour! Pretty much everybody has created (at least) one of these "prettiest Disney princess countdown" articles. I thought I would have a crack at it. (Please note: These are un-biased opinions that do not reflect on the amazing qualities of the princesses at all. It's completely about the looks. And I believe that they're all beautiful, of course. Just some più than others.)

13. Merida
Fanpop picked Anna as number thirteen

I Amore Merida's bright blue eyes, her wild arancia, arancio hair, and also the fact that she's not incredibly skinny. It's just the round face and thick arancia, arancio eyebrows that bother...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
I feel like I don't write enough articoli on here. *cough* Lemme rephrase that, I don't write enough serious articoli on here. XD I just Amore writing, and just felt like Scrivere about each princess. So, I'm going to do a little series articolo about my opinion on each DP, in order from my least preferito to favorite. So, aye, here we go. c:

My Original Thoughts
The first time watching the movie was when I was a child, and I only remembered bits and pieces, so let's start from when I first remember watching Cinderella, about five years ago.

I admired Cindy for being wishful, hopeful, etc. When I...
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posted by UltimateQueen
Hello there everyone, I'm new here. So I thought I would tell te a bit about myself.

My name is Katherine Ann Lacroix. I go da Katy o Kathy though, some people have resorted to calling me KAL. My close family calls me queenie minie, since I'm such a tiny Queen like girl. I'm also the Ultimate Perfectionist. I live in Virginia, USA
My preferito princess is Cinderella, along with Belle, Mulan and Ariel. I don't really like any of the newer princesses except for Rapunzel maybe.

My lista is:
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Lately my obsession for Pocahontas is growing, and although I've already made a "Why I Love" articolo for her, I just really wanted to write something else for her. The articolo will be a scene-by-scene review, so I'll start from the beginning and talk about every scene she's in till the end, so this articolo might get pretty lengthy. Anyways, I hope te enjoy :)

We first see Pocahontas up on a cliff thinking. I Amore how Pocahontas thinks things through and isn't at all impulsive. We then see her dive off the cliff, as opposed to going down the safer way. This shows Pocahontas's adventurous side...
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Cinderella, Cinderella, CINDERELLA!!!!!! You've come to know that phrase from Cinderella's stepsister and stepmother when they call her for something.

Without question, Cenerentola is one of the most iconic of the Disney Princesses. In fact, successivo to Snow White, she's probably the most iconic of the Disney Princesses. And it's because of this that many people (including myself) have deemed ole' Cindy as the supposed 'leader' of the Disney Princesses. And not only people, but the Disney company itself apparently has placed her in that position as well. The way the company treats her, it's like...
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My lista changed so I'm doing this. I don't know how it turned into this but it will probably change again anyway. Maybe Scrivere a lot of articoli make te change your point of visualizzazioni più often. o maybe it's that I used to rank the better role modelle as my preferito Princesses. Now, I just don't take that into account, it's really which character I like more.

10. Tiana
Previous Rank: 7

I wish I could be like her, I'm so lazy. Sometimes I really like her, maybe it's because I usually Amore people who are like her in real life but I'm not as fond of her as a character. She's the secondo Princess...
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10. Snow white's prince
He is the first one on my list. Will, he was just walking along with his horse until he heard an annoying Canto voice. He saw a girl of rags, and than sang to her. That is what he only said! Besides, he finally kisses her! Is that the only way to get a man?

9. Prince Charming
Will, he was charming. He saw Cenerentola and then, because of his manly instinct, he asks her to dance. He has a song, and then, a line.

8. Buzz

He is higher on my list, because he deserves to be on this lista in my opinion. He is cool, smooth talking,...
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I just wanted to share with te some più of my fan-fiction ideas that I have, hope you'll like it and most of them are series so here we go :)

The first serie that I have in plan that I was almost going to tell te in the last article, but I decided to focus on the other serie I had in plan is going to be called Snow White's Adventures and they'll be about that Snow White basically is in the other DP Film and she is going to be in the story along with that princess, I'm going to also do Aurora's Adventures in Snow White so that we get a chance of seeing another princess joining Snow White,...
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posted by curtains4
I noticed Papa had a cough about a mese before his death. He'd been coughing and wheezing like a madman. My stepmother, Lady Tremaine, ignored it. I pleaded her to contact a doctor, but of course, she didn't want to listen.

So one day, I decided to leave the house in cerca of a doctor. I asked people around the village where I could find one, but nobody paid attention to a ten-year-old girl. I finally stood up on a barrel of fieno laying successivo to a horse and yelled, "My Papa needs help! Help! Help! Doctor! I need a doctor!!!"

Finally, a kind, old lady instructed me to Dr. Paul A. Olverman's...
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House of topo, mouse theater
Burbank, CA

Rodger and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music


Directors: Mickey topo, mouse and Donald Duck
Producer: Minnie Mouse
Costume design: margherita Duck
Stage Technician: Horace Horsecollar
Props: Goofy
Stage Production: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia
Stage Make-up: Clarabelle Cow
Lyrics and Songs written by: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

Story based on: The autobiography of Maria Von Trapp, the German 1955 film, the 1957 play, and the 1965 film.


Belle............................................Fraulein Maria
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Since I've changed my opinion on a quite a few places, I've decided to make a new lista for my new order. :)

These are the princesses:
Snow White(1937), Cinderella(1950), Aurora(1959), Ariel(1989), Belle(1991), Jasmine(1992), Pocahontas(1995), Mulan(1998), Tiana(2009), and Rapunzel(2010).

 The adventurer
The adventurer

10. Pocahontas
I really like Pocahontas, but somebody has to be at the bottom, right? I Amore her courage and I loved it when she jumped off the cliff. I also Amore her hair, black is so beautiful and how it moves with the wind is just breathtaking. The reason she's at the bottom is because I...
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