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MissCinico posted on Jan 04, 2017 at 03:51AM
Just like all the other rating forums, rate the Disney song above you then leave another song to be rated by the next person.

- It has to be Disney, not necessarily Disney Princess though
- The ratings are out of 10
- Have fun and stuff!

Person A: Part of Your World!

Person B: 8/10, Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty

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più di un anno fa MissCinico said…
So This is Love from Cinderella!
più di un anno fa truth76 said…
7/10 I like it.

Under the Sea.
più di un anno fa andy10B said…

Someday my prince will come
più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…

Friend like me (Aladdin)
più di un anno fa _CatWoman_ said…
8/10 I love the socre. I think I've said this in one of my articles before

più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…
9/10 one of the most underrated songs, but beautiful lyrics, music and singing

Be our guest
più di un anno fa Evera said…
8/10 Great song!

Let It Go
più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…
8/10 very memorable but now i'm tired of it

I wonder (The sleeping beauty)
più di un anno fa MissCinico said…
6/10 It's not one of my favorites, but it's sweet.

How Far I'll Go
più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…
7/10 nice to listen but nothing exceptional

Part of your world
più di un anno fa fox22 said…
6,5/10 nice song but not a song that I keep listen at and search on youtube or spotify.

Almost there
più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…
10/10 a perfect song

I've got a dream
più di un anno fa MissCinico said…
7/10 It's good, I like it, it's just not great.

Poor Unfortunate Souls
più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…
10/10 iconic!

Colors of the Wind
più di un anno fa Starfox2000 said…
10/10 Adore it.

più di un anno fa Evera said…
5/10 It has cool parts but overall I'm not a fan of it.

Touch the Sky
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa truth76 said…
8/10 I like it.

Just Around the River bend.
più di un anno fa anukriti2409 said…
9/10 love it

I'll make a man out of you
più di un anno fa ace2000 said…
7/10 it's okay but not one of my favorites

Be Our Guest
più di un anno fa KataraLover said…
9/10 It's awesome!

I'll Try
·11 mesi fa MissCinico said…
6/10 From Return to Neverland right? It's not one of my favorites, it's too poppy for a Disney song in my opinion.

God Help the Outcasts
·11 mesi fa coolsinger198 said…

Heavens Light
last edited ·11 mesi fa
·7 giorni fa MissCinico said…

I See The Light