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 Baby Ariel
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My First Secret Reveal Ariel Doll
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Disney Princesses are often criticized. And while I see some negative points in the franchise, mainly its tendency to reduce the characters to pretty woman in glittery clothes, I also think that those people who rage against the Princesses as if they are the devil incarnates (it’s frankly disturbing), overlook something: They are not just puppets. They are characters in movies, and those Film are way più feminist than some people give the credit for. At least they should get some credit for being Film with female protagonists – god knows there are not a lot of them out there. But let’s...
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This is the first half of the articolo of the princess pairs that are most similar. The least similar pairs are listed first, with each pair considered to be più and più similar. The 20th Place Pair and above will be featured on Part 2. Enjoy reading!

36. Aurora and Mulan

These two princesses have been ranked as the most different princesses of all- and it is clear why. It's hard to find a più opposite pair than a clumsy, tomboyish kick-butt heroine and an elegant, ladylike damsel-in-distress. These princesses have very little in common, so they were put as the most different princess...
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I figured since Merida is now in the line-up I should remake my prettiest Disney Princess list. I wanna make it clear that I think all of them are beautiful, just in different ways. Please commento telling me what te think.

 Classically beautiful but plain with a poorly drawn nose, quite common, and looks MUCH prettier in the third movie
Classically beautiful but plain with a poorly drawn nose, quite common, and looks MUCH prettier in the third movie

I know I'm going to get attacked da several people but I actually don't think she's all that special. First of all the animazione is too old fashioned and her design is too simply so those are two things that work against each other. However...
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 That rosa things supposed to be Aurora, say whaaaaattt?
That pink things supposed to be Aurora, say whaaaaattt?
As you've seen from my past articles, I'm not the best as expressing my Amore for things, but I decided to make an articoli about what makes Aurora special. Now let me say people often say that Aurora is probably at the bottom of at least half of the people on this site's preferito lista and it's really sad. Although, I am happy about the increase in Aurora lovers. Well anyway, I'm rambling I'm gonna start the article.

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose, the girl of many names is one of many personalities. Now Aurora doesn't have the most complicated personality, o maybe even the most interesting...
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Okay, so I'm going to try to help fanfiction authors again. o criticize them. Whichever one it seems I'm doing better.

Anyway, in my articolo 'Common Mistakes Made da Disney Fanfiction Writers' I pointed out that many authors have Aurora play the role of the mean, popolare girl in their high school AUs, probably because Aurora is a very unpopular princess.

Since I find it very irritating when characters are written OCC, I am going to lista all of the Disney girls that I feel could play a good mean girl when written in-character. Of course, it would depend on what type of person the character...
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 Everyone's reaction to fanfiction
Everyone's reaction to fanfiction
I Amore Leggere fanfiction. Especially the really stupid ones where some Mary Sue meets Justin Bieber at Starbucks and two minuti later, she's pregnant.
Anyway, Disney fanfiction is usually read-able... usually.

Now, I don't write fanfiction. Frankly, I'm far too lazy to finish a full story, although I am quite imaginative and I do feel that I understand the characters well enough to do an okay job in portraying them. A big problem in Disney fanfiction, and fanfiction in general, is that authors often misunderstand the characters.

In this article, I am going to focus solely on high school AUs,...
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I don't really like Lindsay Ellis at all but I never thought I'd see the giorno where I agree with her on something and she'd have a video that perfectly sums up how I feel about Disney today.

I was watching her Beauty and the Beast 2017 review and she pretty much hit the nail on the head of all my issues. She was basically complaining about how years of whiny, nitpicky nobodies on the internet like te and me going on and on about "plothole" this and "problematic" that regarding Disney Film has pretty much resulted in the hot culo messes modern Disney films are today. How Beauty and the Beast...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, may I present te the official Teaser Trailer of Frozen 2!
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