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 Giselle and Elsa similarities
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Elsa and Giselle
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 Tell me if I'm not the only one crying here,am I?
Tell me if I'm not the only one crying here,am I?
Okay,before we get into to this,I want to say that yeah,I did say that the movie could've been better if Elsa had più screen time,but over-time opinions have changed.So,let's get into it shall we:
Now,I can understand this,Elsa is a wonderful character,but there are couple reasons why the scenes she had are what had to be.

The first is the development in the story.I don't know if using GCI allowed faster development time than hand drawn films,but this film had barely two years of proper development(Tangled had six,although much of it was to get the CGI good as it is),and even later before...
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Hello guys! Here's the first part of the countdown dedicated to Disney Princesses Couples Month! All DP kisses were included. The most part of the kisses eliminated are from sequels, but there are also some kisses from original Film that I've never expected to see out. The secondo part will be carica once the countdown will end!

31.Pocahontas and John Rolfe: First Kiss.

It was to be expected, this couple isn't appreciated a lot. Their faces weren't even seen when they kissed; definitively it's the worst DP kiss.

I hate Pocahontas with John Rolfe... ~LauraLane

30.Cinderella and Prince Charming:...
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 One of my preferito songs of all time.
One of my favorite songs of all time.
Disney's Frozen is receiving rave reviews,and the song"Let It Go"is one of the highlights of the film.Don't take my word for it-Wikipedia,as usual is great for such simple backround facts.I have decided that Elsa is my preferito Disney character,but I'm having internal dibattito whether"Let It Go"is my preferito Disney song-time will tell,but I'm leaning towards"yes".On my Google cerca history,there are queries such as "Let It Go is brilliant" and "Frozen Let It Go analysis",but having found nothing satisfactory,I've decided to write this post instead.
There has been much written about Let It...
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Our FOTM for the mese of November was the wonderful misscindyspice and I had the pleasure of interviewing her so, without further ado, here is the full interview.

1. Congratulations on being November's fan of the Month! How does it feel to be FOTM and were te expecting to win? It feels amazing! I wasn't excpecting to win at all, it's such a shock, but I'm so glad that my contributions have been appreciated!

2. Who is your preferito DP and why?
Anna. She's been my preferito since I joined, and will likely be my preferito for a while. I just Amore her kindness, optimism, and the fact that she's...
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There's been so many articoli recently. :O Well, I'm going to add one anyway.

Might as well remake this list, I haven't done it in a while. My opinions have changed a lot on the Canto voices (As they do with everything) so pretty much everything is new here. Sorry my descriptions are so short, they're usually longer but I got lazy. Anyways, please respect my opinion and I will respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Merida.
Um... Yeah. She sings Noble Maiden Fair, which is nice and her voice is okay I guess. It's just a little kid, so her voice isn't very strong o powerful.

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