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 Walt Disney immagini - Fa Mulan
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fa Mulan
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YAY, i finished the article, so this the superiore, in alto 20 DP songs as voted da te bros, i asked te to make a lista about your superiore, in alto 15 DP songs without ranking, so i collected the songs and the song which appeared the most is the winner.

to make the articolo easier to read, and because i'm too lazy to come up with some words, i'm gonna just put our Skype convos like princesslullaby did.

D = CuteDiana
J = JonnaSe
P = princesslullaby
C = ppgbelle4
V = cromulanfav

20 : Savages

D: it's okay,for me Savages Pt.2 is better
P: It's a good song, with a good tune, but the lyrics are REALLY bad
V: I agree, I don't have...
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