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This Principesse Disney foto might contain tutti frutti, torta a strati glassata, glassato la torta di strato, and cupcake.

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Here are the results about positions 31-40 of the Disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted da public.

40. Aurora: Yellow toga, abito (Disney Princess: Come d’incanto Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I hoped it should have been higher. The design isn't so bad, except the puffy sleeves. Maybe the yellow doesn't suit her hair? I don't know, I can't be unbiased about Aurora. She looks awesome to me, whatever she wears.
 Position #40 Aurora's Yellow toga, abito
Position #40 Aurora's Yellow Gown

It doesn't go with her hair at all and even if it were a different color it would still be ugly! - DsnyPrincess

[...] I kind of like Aurora's yellow dress....
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 Just a lovely icona of mine to start this articolo with
Just a lovely icon of mine to start this article with
I've been explaining a lot of times why she's my preferito princess, but I decided to write an articolo where I try to explain as good as I can why I Amore her. Also I saw that other people wrote articoli about why they Amore their preferito princess/other DP Characters so I decided to do it too

 I'm not annoyed da her optimism, that's what I Amore about her
I'm not annoyed da her optimism, that's what I Amore about her

Okay first of all I of course Amore how optimistic she is, some people finds her too optimistic, but I don't. Sometimes I wish that I could look on the bright side of life like Snow White

 It's maybe a little hard to guess that I can relate to her as much as I do
It's maybe a little hard to guess that I can relate...
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I watched all of the movies, the sequels, The Little Mermaid series, and the Aladdin series yes I'm judgeing them on sequels and series too. I relized that some of them aren't as smart as some people think and some of them are smarter than some people think. Keep in mind this is my opinion I bet alor won't agree with some of this but since when does someone make a lista of an opinion that every single person agree's with.

 Well, and what are te three dears up to
Well, and what are te three dears up to

9.Aurora okay so we all know she's not the smartest but I think she's still smart. She gives witty looks like in this picture of...
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As the majority know, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney's first feature length animated film, therefor giving us our first Disney Princess. There are a variety of different films, fairy tales, animations and stylistic genres that seemed to blend together to make this very historic piece of cinema.

 Betty Boop & Snow White
Betty Boop & Snow White
Many believe that Disney was directly inspired to make the film due to the success of the Betty Boop short of the fairy tale. This is relatively believable, dato that the Betty Boop short was released in 1933 a anno prior to Disney's adaption coming into...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
 10. Mulan & Shang
 "True Amore begins when nothing is looked for in return." -Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"True Amore begins when nothing is looked for in return." -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This really shouldn't come to anybody's surprise. Throughout most of the film Shang believes that Mulan is actually a man. I don't doubt for one secondo that they don't Amore and respect each other, but we don't get to see any romance between them (not including the sequel). They never dance, never serenade each other with a romantic song. 
"I like that Mulan's and Shang's Amore story starts with a friendship - not that we see much of the actual Amore story, but what's there...
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The Little Mermaid Early Original Script

It is a bright, sunny morning. Scuttle is excitedly flying toward the palace.


Ariel is asleep in her letto with a happy smile on her face. She is dreaming of romance with Eric. Sebastian is also asleep, on the stand beside the bed, SNORING loudly. Scuttle swoops through the window and enters the bedroom.

Ariel! WAKE UP!!!

Sebastian wakes up with a jolt in reaction to Scuttle's screaming. Scuttle flies over to Ariel and frantically pulls at her clothes and her hair. She wakes up groggily.

SCUTTLE (cont.)
I just heard the news!...
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Pocahontas is the hardest priness to do because ALL of the attrici on this lista could play her.

4/5.Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera
I couldn't rank one higher than the other, these two are basically twins seperated at birth. I like Pretty Little Liars and I hate Glee but both of these girls are beautiful enough to play Pocahontas. Shay has her lips and Naya has her eyes. But the successivo three are far più capable.

3.Moon Bloodgood
One of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. Moon certainly has the body to play Poca. She's alittle bit older than I'd like her to be, but she's so beautiful...
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Okay, so I've been watching our Disney princess Film and I noticed some mistakes. te may o may not have noticed them, and I do not mean any offence to these films. It's just kind of fun to watch. Let's start with Aladdin... Enjoy!_________________________________________________________________________________________________

So, as I said, there are few mistakes I've noticed here. Let's start with Jasmine's golden arm band; the mistake here is that it switches places on her right arm, to her left arm. When gelsomino has just kissed Jafar, it is on her right arm.

But when Jafar pushes...
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