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 Snow White Pop Art
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This Principesse Disney foto might contain anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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10_ Mulan's lips.
Mulan's are a weird shape.- Pink_Love
They look so funny. They look like wings.- MrsEmmaPeel
i always thought that they were shaped kinda weird.- opalrose
They look strange. They suit her face but they have awful shape...- CodyVenusTrent
whats up with the middle of her upper lips??? i mean seriously.. it looks like a deformed boomerang o something.- DamianLUVR
Too pointed.- LightningRed

9_ Pocahontas's lips.
pesce LIPS.- KataraLover
Her lips look like they could fit on a pesce rather then on a human!- sweetie-94
Because of the lack of a cupids bow, looks unnatural.- Swanpride...
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 Disney Princesses
Disney Princesses
Hey!I know that is been hundreds of articoli about who is the most preferito Disney preferito princess, but I like to start my first articolo about this.If te see an error in spelling o grammar,I am sorry but I am not a first english speaking. Don't be too bad with me. This is my first article, but give advise to improve for the successivo article. And Thank te for the people who help me with this survey.

10. Snow White
 Princess Snow White (1937)
Princess Snow White (1937)

The first Disney movie and princess is the least preferito princess in this year. Back in 1937,this movia had a lot of sucess. This princess is too innocent,...
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The moon shone down on Princess pisello as she continued to walk along the beach. Finally, the puntellare, riva seemed to halt at a large cliff. pisello peered over the edge to see sharp rocks and massive waves far beneath her.
"Damn," she detto under her breath. Luckily, there seemed to be an alternative root. It led into a forest. pisello blew the dust off a sign in front of the trail that read Mystic Hollows: Only The Strong Survive. pisello immediately recognized the name Mystic Hollows...the infamous forest full of dark magic and spells...all so dangerous that approximately one in every eight hundred people to travel...
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I get most people hate Pocahontas for its historical inaccuracy, and so do I. It just doesn't seem right to me to have John Smith (who was a Pervert, Betrayer, and Conquerer) as a Disney prince and looked at in such a angelic light. Since most people's agreement is "it's just a movie." And "it's not Disney's job to make teach history." I'm not asking for a historically accurate film that would be terrible for children. I'm stating it was a mistake to be made a BASED of real history could have just been a random Native American but no they chose Pocahontas and they twisted and bent...
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Hi guys, okay I noticed that there are foto of both Emma and Dan in their respective roles for the upcoming 2017 reboot of the Disney classic. I would like to voice out my disappointments with the movie, with the exception of Emma Watson (so please don't shoot me!).

Horrible Outfits

When I first saw the foto of the Beast and Belle dancing, it was a 'What the Fish' moment for everyone, not just me. I was expecting something very majestic like what they did with Cinderella.
As somebody had mentioned, this is only an early shot and so I maybe wrong about it. So please feel free to correct...
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