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 Cenerentola wasn't "passive", she was abused
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So I've finally decided on my lista of Disney Couples. The thing is....I only like 5 of them. Yeah, te read right. I only like half of the Disney couples. Why? As a general rule, I like couples who Amore più based on action rather than talking. The little things couples do for each other, like smile at something else the other is doing, rather than saying "you're beautiful", is più convincing to me. To be frank, I also base it very much on their first meeting. Those who have an instant connection are usually higher than those who don't. Too many of the DP couples are like that;...
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Let’s be honest here: basically every movie sequel song sucks. Still, some of the good songs have Lost their way to the sequels. This articolo is about my preferito sequel songs. As captions I used my preferito lines from the song. Let’s start.

10. For A Moment (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
This song always gets to me. It’s just that… erm... I’m not sure. Melody is too enthusiastic for my taste. On the other hand, it’s really good that she’s so enthusiastic. Otherwise the whole song would be ruined. Hard to explain. Still, I really like this song. It’s very inspiring....
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I didn't base this of my opinions. This lista is based of which princess Film the critics like/dislike.

10. Pocahontas

Rating: 55/100
Consensus: Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but it's largely a bland, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and an unfortunate lack of fun.

9. The Princess and the Frog

Rating: 84/100
Consensus: The warmth of traditional Disney animazione makes this occasionally lightweight fairy-tale update a lively and captivating confection for the holidays.

8. Mulan

Rating: 86/100
Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor,...
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posted by lovegypsy64
#9. Cenerentola
Yep. Sorry,Cinderella fans. She's at the bottom of my countdown. I mean,it's not that I don't like her o anything. I Amore her. She's kind and beautiful like all the other princesses and her movie is great,too. It's just that it seems like she's the most typical princess and has the most typical story. I understand it's very well known but still,it seems to be told più than any other fairy tale. So,she's just not as exciting to me as the other princesses. But,hey,I'd choose her over Hannah Montana any day. ;)

#8. Aurora(Sleeping Beauty)
She's più beautiful than Cinderella...
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So the Disney Princess fan for the mese of April is Dweep! Congratulations! I for one have noticed all the work she's been putting into our spot and whole-heartedly agree with the verdict. So let's get right down to the interview shall we?

How long have te been active on this site?
I think I joined in the late summer of 2009. Me and my best friend wanted to find out which Disney Princess was the prettiest so we looked it up and got to this site. But it wouldn't let us vote unless we were a member so I made an account. I named the account "dweeb" because I felt like such a loser for joining....
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I have tried/am trying to write a Disneyville high school but I'm having issues about how to represent the characters. I got Gaston down at the jock, and the triplets girls from Beauty and the Beast as cheerleaders Cenerentola and her steps are the new kids (but Ella's the protagonist).

These are who I have for teachers:
Jane Porter- English
Jafar Magic -Science-*picks on Aladdin*
Merlin History-history
Ursula Landvik -gym class/swimming coach *picks on Ariel*
Roger Radcliffe –music
Anita Radcliffe -home Ec.?

Aurora-(but likes to be called Rose) Pajari
Phillip Romanov
Aladdin Scott (I guess...
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posted by Crayting3
My name is Basìlìa, I'm white, I have blond hair and I'm very skinny, as in I'm very undersized. I don't want to get deep into things but I'm a lonely kid, I'm bulled, I have dyslexia and I can't do any physical activity. I have diabetes, and no friends.

On the happier side my preferito princess is Belle because she was the only one who could cheer me up every weekend I went to the hospital.

I'm thirteen, I also like gelsomino andSnowWhite. And my preferito movie is Cloud9 because it taught me that I can do anything if I really try, and I always thought I couldn't do anything, but I can play the Pianoforte really good, my mom is very inspiring because she could do the impossible
Sorry if some of my Scrivere was choppy, when I type my hand shake, they always do that.
I hope te guys will like me.
Even though Natale is over, like WAY over, in fact we're already in Valentines giorno (BA HUMBUG) and Black History mese (which is a holiday), let's talk about Christmas. We all Amore Christmas! Who doesn't? Even people who don't celebrate it seem to Amore the joy it brings and some are even guilty of watching a Natale movie. We watch Film like home Alone 1 and 2, The Santa Claus movies, How The Grinch ha rubato, stola Natale (both animated and live-action), Rudolph, Frosty The Snowman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Natale Carol, and even a movie that completely misses the true meaning of...
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 They held each other, ever so tightly and close together that it seemed their hearts could almost be touching.
They held each other, ever so tightly and close together that it seemed their hearts could almost be touching.
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    Everything was finally as it should be. As it should’ve always been. John Rolfe had been banished from her tribe and forced to go back to London. John Smith promised Pocahontas that he would always stay with her and never leave her again. She made the same promise to him. Their lives, their hearts, their souls had become one, never to part again.
    When he looked into her eyes and held her in his arms, he felt warmth that he never felt elsewhere. He felt Amore that he never thought was possible. When she looked into his...
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