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posted by rigo1315
It's a mix of facts and fiction. I ship Jelsa, but not for the same reasons as many. I like it because it is actually tragic. Jack Frost and Elsa would never be a couple o meet and here's what I think is why.

1695 - Jackson Overland is born in a village soon to be called Burgess, PA.

1702 - Jackson's sister is born.

(Okay I consider Jack to be 17 and his sister 10 if te want to go off what they detto in the movie o other sites then fine 1698 Jack would be 14 at time of death and 1704 sister would be 8)

- Jackson Overland drowns in a pond.
- Jack Frost is born.

The Great Snow of 1717. - Jack...
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before i beggin, i have to make clear that i don't have the intention to ofend anybody, and my english is a little bad,so am sorry for it

For this is i am going to ignore sequels
note: i didn't add immagini cause i still have to learn how

[b] 11.Cinderella and Charming [b]

i have to say it always bother me the fact than he didn't went to find her himself , it would had been easer for the duke as he knows how the girl looks.
i also sometimes doubt that he would pick her if he had seen her in her maid costume.
My biggest problem is that Cenerentola have a lot of positive attributes , she is kind,persistent,...
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posted by MissCassecou

So there are lots of beautiful women in Disney - however only the Princesses seem to be recognised for it. Today I've decided to acknowledge some of the other Disney Heroines who are stunning, but who rarely get the recognition. They deserve it!
(No particular order, btw).

Slew Foot Sue
Melody Time

I'm not sure if many of te have seen Melody Time - it's a little bit like Fantasia da putting Musica to stories. But there's a girl in the story of "Pecos Bill" (who happens to be Bill's Amore interest) who is actually quite pretty. Red hair; a colour that represents that of Ariel contrasts...
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 anna r u drunk :/
anna r u drunk :/
Alright, this is going to contain critical and possibly controversial opinions about Frozen and Tangled, as well as other things, so if te can't stand to hear these Film badmouthed I'd suggest that te skip this article. Now that you've been suitably warned, on with the article!


The first that te see of new Disney characters is almost always through promotional rendered images, so that's where we are going to start in this dissection of Disney's character design.

To begin, let's look at some of the earlier promotional art of Elsa and Anna:...
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posted by Annabethandco
There was a very popolare articolo made a long time fa about the origins of Disney princesses names and I wanted to do something with the names of Disney princes. These names will be done in a random order and some princes will be left out for various reasons (such as SOMEBODY not even having a name).

1. Adam
Adam is the Hebrew term for man. I think this is pretty obvious because according to the Bible, Adam was the first man created. In a way it is fitting that the Beast is called Adam once he is transformed back as he is human again and now a man not a beast.

Another name meaning is red. This...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
My opinions on Rapunzel have changed a lot. When I joined Fanpop, she was secondo on my list. Eventually she moved up to first. After that, she made a bunch of drops, until she eventually reached the eleventh spot on my list. So I've gone from loving her to death to disliking her. Oh, well. I might as well explain why I dislike her then.

I dislike Rapunzel mostly because she's an overdone character and I feel like she's shoved onto me a lot as a character. You're supposed to see her as this amazing character who is easily relatable because of how she has many hobbies, and well rounded,...
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Recently, I saw a sondaggio on this club about which House Rapunzel would be in at Hogwarts, which got me thinking about that domanda in relation to all the princesses. I’m an avid Harry Potter fan, so I figured I would lend my unique insights on the matter to all of te lovely people.

But before I begin my analyses, it’s time for some disclaimers!

1. About the Houses. Here’s how I tend to think of the Houses of Hogwarts. (Note: I will be saying the most about Slytherin, since Slytherin is most often distorted.)

Gryffindor: values bravery, daring, bold decision-making, rule-breaking, following...
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Source: The pictures were a BIG help from tumblr. icona made da me. :*
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