Principesse Disney I changed the DPs eye colour, Round 6 - Which one do te like best.

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23 fans picked:
Rapunzel with sky blue eyes
Cenerentola with electric blue eyes
Pocahontas with hazelnut brown eyes
Snow White with purple eyes
Ariel with icy blue eyes
 dimitri_is_hot posted più di un anno fa
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dimitri_is_hot picked Snow White with purple eyes:
Mulan won round 5
posted più di un anno fa.
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auroraxaurelia picked Pocahontas with hazelnut brown eyes:
^Yea. I have been voting for her since the beginning. :) I like Pocahontas eyes with this color.
posted più di un anno fa.
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princecatcher93 picked Rapunzel with sky blue eyes:
Voting for her since Tiana went out.
posted più di un anno fa.
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BelleAnastasia picked Pocahontas with hazelnut brown eyes:
She looks great!
posted più di un anno fa.