Principesse Disney Could te write an explanation on the Best and Worst Aspects of Brave, and What Could Have Made it Better?

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rhythmicmagic picked Yes:
The best aspect was definitely the mother-daughter relationship. I really like they way it was addressed and the struggles and conflict it showed.
There are a lot of flaws with this movie, but I'll just explain what annoyed me the most. What annoyed me was the portrayal of men. All of them were oafs- lovable oafs, yes, but oafs. I think it's really reductive when THAT'S the only way you can make your point that women and men can be equal. I especially think it's just plain hypocritical that Merida acts the EXACT SAME WAY the men do but is portrayed as an ultimate heroine-because she acted like that.
I feel like they needed to be less massage-conscious. Obviously, a story should have a message, but ultimately the message in Brave overshadowed the story. They needed to just let the story flow a bit. I also think it would have been a lot better without Mordu, he was entirely unnecessary.
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MaidofOrleans picked Yes:
I think the best aspects of Brave are its beautiful animation and strong female protagonist. She is the only Disney Princess not to fall in love, and her desire for freedom and independence sends a good message to the young girls of our society. Though she makes a bad decision, she eventually admits her mistake and apologizes for it. The worst aspect of Brave was the advertising done before it was released. It made people believe it was going to be different than it actually was, and I think that's the main reason people dislike it so much - they were disappointed with it.
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Jayden-G picked Yes:
Best Aspect: The best aspect of this movie is the mother-daughter relationship. I love how they handled it with delicacy and care. BOTH of them have their faults and both play a factor in the strained relationship, and they both realize and learn from their mistakes. You oils tell that they love each other even through the tough scenes, and te fact that these are strong women full of personality makes this even better. The scenes where they bond, argue, etc is magic and is by far the best thing about this movie. Pixar always has good animation, so I did not include it.

Worst: I think the worst aspect about this film is the predictability and the reuse of deas from another movies, but at the same time attempt to be kick-ass. They reused a lot of ideas, lien the complaining princesses who wants adventure, not marry, etc. to the bumbling fools that are also known as the suitors and their fathers from te other clan. The biggest one is the re use of Elinor turning into a bear, so a lesson could be learned. I think that this would not be so bad, if they did not re use a lot of elements that were in past Disney films, which makes it predictable, and just a mess at times, since they also want it to be kickass. I honestly think this had to so with the switch of directors.

What could have made this film better: I think the story would work better if they were not a royal family. I say this because it would have stood out a lot more, and Pixar would not have had the need to fit a lot of elements to the traditional Disney Princess formula, but failing at it. I also think that if they removed everything with the bear plot, and even the arranged marriage part, than it would have cancelled out the predictability of it. If they just showed Elinor get more frustrated for Merida's bad habits and her interest in unlady like stuff, and then Merida went to the wisps, than it would have made it stronger. I also think they should have went into the culture A LOT more than they did, so we could be invested in the land, and if Merida had an adventure, or something bad happened that was in the line of those, that this would have been a better movies. No predictability, no royalty?, more culture, and more insight of Merida and Elinor tension, then this would have been one of Pixar's best.
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Swanpride picked Yes:
Best aspect: The background animation and the mother/daughter relationship
Worst aspects: The character designs, the juvenile humour and the unfocussed story telling

About the character designs: I think the cartoony style clashes horrible with the gorgeous background, and unlike Aladdin, it doesn't fit the story they are trying to tell. They should have gone fore a more serious approach. Worst offender in the movie is the witch and the modern humour connected to her, she sticks out like a sore thumb in a movie in which the whole setting is established as "mystical world from a long time ago". I also think that they shouldn't have created Merida as a princess in the first place, they should have created her as a Pixar female character, without the trappings of the "princess" title.
They should have either chucked out the other clans or put the issue if Merida should marry or not at the very end of the movie, or they should have left out the myth-aspect and instead taken the time to establish the clans leader as characters with an understandable motivation for war, instead of comic relief. They should have taken the culture they are writing about more serious, instead of using it as a really tired running gag.
And if they were really "brave" they should have turned Elinor into a deer or something like that and ended the movie with her NOT turning back, and Merida leaving her home on the back of her mother, on the search of a cure she might or might not find.....
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Jessikaroo picked Yes:
Best Aspects: The relationships between Merida's family. Not only the mother-daughter relationship (which, if I might add, is revolutionary for an animated tale of this type), but the relationships between Merida and Fergus, Fergus and Elinor, the triplets, and the entire family feel. i thought it was done well, and it was fresh and interesting to see.
Worst Aspects: The shaky story. You can tell the exact moment they switched directors, and I think that is the movies biggest weakness. The first part of the movie promised this big, epic journey concerning changing your fate and writing your own story, with curses and a villain and a chance for Merida to show us how brave and powerful she is. But in the end it turned into a really empty, confused tale about a girl who messes a lot of stuff up and almost destroys her family.

What could have been changed? Well, for one if they had kept the original vision through to the end that would've been awesome. You can tell that the four princes originally had more to do with the story, and we could see that. i also wish that the themes and morals weren't so shaky, and that Merida was given a chance to show how awesome of a character I know she is.
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KataraLover picked Yes:
Best Aspects: Well Merida is an absolutely fantastic character, the animation is gorgeous, the father is awesome, and I like that they actually focus on the mother daughter relationship.

Worst Aspects: The fact that they did A LOT of false advertising getting us, especially me, excited for what I thought was going to be a total kicka** story about a curse and a girl finding herself. I also feel like they were trying too hard with Merida and Elinor. One of the good things about Ariel and Triton is that they were more subtle and their relationship flowed more naturally and not so forced. Plus it helped that it wasn't the main focus of the story like Brave was. Another problem is the characters, the only good ones are Merida and Fergus, the others are either bland or annoying. I think the humor is too immature and not very funny at all. Another thing is that the witch is too modern and the marketing was advertising her as the villain of the movie. The movie is rushed, cluttered, and really cheesy. There's also the false advertising of having Merida be this completely heroic bada** who saves the day and doesn't need saving, that's not the case at all. Plus the realistic animation looks odd with how cartoony the characters look, with a few exceptions. Plus the fact that this movie is basically a rehash of Brother Bear only not nearly as good.

What I would've done: Well I would've changed the story to what we were promised in the advertising. I total kicka** dynamic story about a curse on the land and Merida is the only one who can break it and goes on this amazing journey while also finding herself. I would've made the witch the villain and made Mordu more of a symbol of the curse. Make the characters more developed and entertaining. Changed the design of most of the characters. I would've make Merida this total bada** who doesn't need saving and actually defeats the villain and saves the day. I also would make the main focus about Merida's journey and find herself and not about her relationship with her mother and make the relationship more like Ariel and Triton's. Also give it better humor and less silly.
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Swanpride picked Yes:
Oh, and the movie needs either a proper villain, or a set up which is suspenseful enough that no villain is needed...not some half-assed "bear who used to be a human and randomly turns up" nonsense.
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