Principesse Disney Countdown: Which DP is the most like a Mary Sue? Round 4- Choose the LEAST LIKE a Sue. (Eliminated da commenti explaining why!)

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Snow White
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AudreyFreak picked gelsomino:
13. Merida
12. Tiana
11. Anna

A Mary Sue is an idealized character meant to be the Author Avatar (a character who shares traits with the author like name, appearance, beliefs, etc.) or a self-insert character for the reader to live through. Common Sue traits (note, having a few of these to a degree doesn’t necessarily make a true Sue):

-Exceptionally popular/gets lots of attention, even if the Sue is *supposed* to be shy, anti-social, or socially awkward. People are drawn to her, her advice is great, and she’s trusted fairly quickly.

-Only people who challenge or dislike the Sue are portrayed as mean, stupid, or villainous (and usually get a comeuppance)

-Has no real flaws, or ones that are meant to be endearing and relatable (popular ones are clumsiness, temper, awkward, and stubbornness) that are justified by the author or not even intentionally written. These ‘flaws’ will ONLY help her, never hurt her because she’s always right. (For example, she’s rightfully stubborn against something bad or she loses her temper on someone who deserves it.)

-She doesn’t have to suffer consequences for selfish, bad, or reckless behavior

-Exceptionally beautiful, often with exotic traits like unusual coloring meant to make her stand out physically.

-Magical tools/weapons

-Magical abilities/traits like wings, healing factor, immortality, etc.

-Unusual pet(s)

-is a Woobie (has a tragic past or crappy life) but is still perfect/likable despite what happened.

-Exceptionally talented or good at things the author deems good. The Sue might be bad at things the author considers stupid (girly things like sewing, fashion, etc. but good at “boyish” stuff or things outside the norm like fighting, reading, or weapons are common). Even if the talent/skill isn’t realistic for the time period (like being a scholar or warrior when you're a medieval peasant, for example).

-Usually or always get their way even when she’s actually in the wrong. Never gets called out for being wrong, but if they do, the person calling them out is portrayed as a jerk (see above). If she does do something wrong, she’s remorseful and is instantly forgiven.

-Good fashion sense, even if she’s meant to be a rough-and-tumble type or one who doesn’t care about clothes and is effortlessly attractive. Male characters will often comment on how they like this about her.

-Is a Special Snowflake who “isn’t like the other girls”. Something unique, physically or personality-wise, sets her apart from everyone else.

-A Friend to All Living Things. Animals like her and she loves everyone and forgives their imperfections. Willing to protect or risk all for someone she just met recently.

Summed up, the Mary Sue is meant to stand out from everyone else in a good way and is generally portrayed as the ideal character/role model, very cool and universally relatable, usually. Anyone who dislikes the Sue is the one portrayed as in the wrong.
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AudreyFreak picked gelsomino:
I'm glad Anna is finally gone. I couldn't choose between her and Jasmine.

In addition to my points before, I don't think Jasmine is too idealized. From a feminist/modern standpoint maybe a bit, but I think the filmmakers genuinely wanted a princess who really does act like a teenager, which means she can be bratty and rude sometimes without justifying it as a Sue author would. People are definitely meant to identify with Aladdin more than her, too. She's not really a Snowflake either (that would also be Aladdin, sort of). She likes animals but as Rhythmic pointed out in her article, they don't flock to her like they do the Classics. She has a pretty good life and she knows it, she just takes it for granted a bit and wants more, so not a Woobie.
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Diazdiaz95 picked Mulan:
She wasn't popular until after she saved China, her beauty wasn't a main focus of the story, actually she had to disguise it, and she is never perfect. Even as a warrior she only gets lucky because she's a quick thinker but I don't consider her idealized. She fails at being the ideal Chinese girl, is clumsy, lazy, and doesn't think through all her decisions very well. She might be a great warrior but not a Mary Sue even though she does have a few traits of one, but don't they all. Jasmine and Elsa also seem the least like Mary Sues.
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BeautifulBeasts picked Belle:
Or Mulan.
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BKG201 picked Mulan:
how is she still here?
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3xZ picked gelsomino:
I don't see Jasmine as a Mary Sue. Too not Mary Sue-like. She is nagging and temperamental. She is not always right. Beautiful? She is the princess. Not exceptionally talented. Although she is a fast learner, we rarely see her do something with her quick wit. She is not shy at all. If she is popular, again, she is the princess.
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CRaZy_rawR picked Pocahontas:
I definitely don't see Pocahontas or Jasmine as a Mary Sue.
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Silverrose1991 picked gelsomino:
Mulan is one of the most Mary Sue-ish, IMO, though none are Sues. Anyway, I guess Jasmine, Elsa or Poca.
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Lanalamprouge picked Pocahontas:
the movie really does address her flaws and doesn't make them out as good things and the lesson in choosing must be learned
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girlygirlspwn picked gelsomino:
yea same as before, she is pretty rude sometimes and the movie doesnt try to gloss it over or w/e
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MaidofOrleans picked Mulan:
She has to work very hard to accomplish what she does. Nothing really comes easily to her, and she isn't any great beauty.
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lottielabouff picked Ariel:
Fighting better trained, more experienced, FAR stronger grown men twice her size comes... all too easily for a teenage girl, especially one with rather basic training. She's also hyper-intelligent and can overcome any task. I do love Mulan, but she's not a very realistic character.

As I said earlier, Ariel's flaws are out in the open and not idealised at all.
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