Principesse Disney Disney Princess Wardrobe Countdown Round 10 (final round)! Pick your Least Favorite.

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 LMH5113 posted più di un anno fa
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LMH5113 said:
11) Snow White
10) Pocahontas
9) Merida
8) Rapunzel
7) Tiana
6) Jasmine
5) Cinderella
4) Belle
3) Mulan
The Final Two!!!
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wavesurf picked Aurora:
So...yeah. I only love Aurora's dress when it is blue. (So I take Merryweather's side).

I don't seem to love Aurora's peasant dress, either. I find the color scheme, grey and an off-white eggshell, to be too drab with a black bodice. I tend to like Ariel's blue peasant dress more, because the skirt and the sleeves are different colors and brighter colors.

The only dress I dislike from Ariel's is actually the sparkly purple/blue one from her dad, Triton. That sheath always looks dated to me, somehow.

Ariel's wardrobe has more variety than Aurora's, and I end up liking most of it, save one outfit.
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princesslullaby picked Aurora:
This is kind of hard, because Aurora only has 2 outfits, Ariel has 6.
I love auroras peasant dress and am indifferent about/dislike her other dress. Specifically the shoulders. And it's a bit plain. I love Ariel's purple dress but sometimes I think she dresses a bit like a little kid playing dress up lol.
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Sparklefairy375 picked Aurora:
Glad to see my top 2 wardrobes here!! ^^ I love both, but I slightly prefer Ariel's over Aurora's as Ariel at least didn't have any clothes with dull colors.
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anukriti2409 picked Ariel:
love both dresses...glad to see them up at two. I like Ariel's dress for her glamour and it's such a pretty color, without the overdo of princess-y look. But i simple adore Aurora's peasant dress - it's simple yet chic and elegant. Wonderful blouse design as well.
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AdelitaI picked Aurora:
Neither. Aurora's is more plain and upright though. I prefer more ornate clothing.
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