Principesse Disney ROUND 15: Pick the LEAST scary scene in a DP movie. (NEW GUIDELINES!!)

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The fate sneak around the Forbidden Mountain
The Huns attack and Shang’s army has only one cannone left
Belle is caught snooping in the West Wing
Meet Shan-Yu
Right after the carpet ride, Aladdin is violently captured
The evil shadows cerca New Orleans for Naveen
The evil shadows capture Naveen right from under Tiana’s nose
The Queen undergoes an intense, painful transformation
The Hag tries to crush the dwarfs’ Bones
Maurice is attacked da Lupi in the dark forest
Belle is nearly devoured da a pack of vicious Lupi
The creepy old man (Jafar) betrays Aladdin, trying to stab him
The Huns do a surprise attack from beneath the Chinese dragon
Shan-Yu vs. Mulan
Meet the Queen’s alter-ego: the Hag
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The Hag darkens Snow White’s window, smiling psychotically
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Maleficent’s goons do a surprise attack and capture Phillip
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Maleficent the Dragon
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Jafar vs. Aladdin
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Dr. Facilier strikes a deal with the voodoo masks
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becca85 picked The evil shadows cerca New Orleans for Naveen:
ALRIGHT!! We’ve finally hit 20 scenes, but since I don’t want to drag this countdown out for 20 weeks, the rounds are going to last about 2-3 days each. One scene will be eliminated each round from now on. I don’t know how I will work an article at the conclusion (usually my “articles” are solely stories), but if you want to leave comments here on out, I’ll see what I can throw together…unless someone wants to volunteer to write an article for this one…?

In honor of reaching the top 20, I’ve also updated the icons to new ones. Enjoy!


All scenes from Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Pocahontas have been eliminated. The number of scenes from each DP movie still in the running:

Snow White – 4
Cinderella – 0
Sleeping Beauty – 3
The Little Mermaid – 0
Beauty and the Beast – 3
Aladdin – 3
Pocahontas – 0
Mulan – 4
The Princess and the Frog – 3

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AllegroGiocoso picked The fate sneak around the Forbidden Mountain:
There is a lot of sneaking around... but not much actually happens except for creepy music and Maleficent's goons either patrolling around or dancing by the big fire during this long scene. It's intense, but not really scary.
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princesslullaby picked The Huns attack and Shang’s army has only one cannone left:
I really like how you've tinted the icons!

Well, how is this scene scary? Not really scary for the viewer. It's halfway through the movie so you know they're going to figure something out.
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becca85 picked The evil shadows cerca New Orleans for Naveen:
Thanks for the compliment, PL! I highly recommend link (or comparable websites) to anyone who makes icons. It's so much easier just inputing a code for what you definitely want, than hitting random spots on a color wheel trying to get close enough. I stumbled across that site last night when I went searching for a sepia code and now it's bookmarked on my favorites list.
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