Principesse Disney DP countdown giorno 1: The best DP hairstyle.Pick your least favourite hairstyle.

Pick one:
Snow White with blue bow
Snow White with red bow
Cenerentola with braids
Cenerentola ponytail with bow
Cenerentola with bun
Cinderella's wedding hairstyle
Aurora with loose hair
Ariel's loose hair
Ariel with fiore
Ariel's cena hairstyle
Ariel with bow
Belle ponytail with bow
Belle's ballroom updo
Aurora with cappuccio
Cenerentola with bandana
Belle with loose hair
Jasmine's low ponytail
Jasmine's ponytail as Jafar's prisoner
Pocahontas' loose hair
Mulan with long hair
Mulan's bun with comb
Mulan with long hair and comb
Mulan's soldier bun
Mulan with short hair
Tiana's low ponytail
Tiana with short hair
Tiana with bun
Tiana's messy low ponytail
Tiana with low ponytail with a brown hat
Tiana's bayou wedding hairstyle
Rapunzel with long hair
Rapunzel's braid with fiori
Rapunzel with short hair
Merida's loose messy hairstyle
Merida with cappuccio
Anna's messy morning hairstyle
Anna's coronation hairstyle
Anna with braids
Elsa's coronation hairstyle
Elsa with braid
Cenerentola with loose hair
Aurora with tiara
Aurora with black hairband
Tiana with green hat
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