Principesse Disney one interesting fact about each Disney princess movie, which do te like more?

Pick one:
To do the voice for the witch disguise, Lucille La Verne took out her teeth
Gus, Jaq, and Bruno share the same voice actor as Mickey topo, topo, mouse and Pluto.
The "make it blue!/pink!" argument was a real argument the filmakers had
Jodi Benson sang Part of Your World in the dark.
Paige O'Hara was crying for real at the end when Beast died
The "applause" sign flashing at the end of Friend Like Me was added as a joke
Pocahontas was originally going to have a 3rd sidekick: a turkey named Redfeather
Mulan could be ambidextrous (writes with left hand, uses sword with right)
Tiana is left-handed because her voice actress, Anika Noni Rose, is left-handed.
Rapunzel's hair is 70 feet long
Merida is the first female Pixar lead
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