Principesse Disney preferito dance countdown! Pick your least preferito dance

Pick one:
Snow White’s dance with the dwarfs in the silly song
Cenerentola and prince’s ballroom dance
So This is Amore dance
Aurora dancing with her animal Friends dressed as the prince
Aurora dancing with Phillip in the forest
Aurora dance with Fauna
Phillip dancing with his father
Aurora and Phillip’s dance at the end
Ariel and Eric’s dance in the kingdom
Gaston and Le Fou’s dance in bar
Lumiere and Mrs’ Potts dance in Human Again
Beauty and the Beast dance
Belle and Beast’s dance at the end
Tiana and Eudora’s dance
carlotta, carlotta, charlotte and Lawrence/Naveen dance at the party
Naveen and Tiana’s dance in the swamp
Tiana and Naveen’s dance in restaurant
Charlotte’s dance with Naveen’s brother
Tiana and Naveen’s dance outside
Kingdom Dance
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