Principesse Disney Which princess teaches the WORST lesson?

Pick one:
Snow White- just sit around and wait for your prince, he'll come eventually.
Cinderella- If you're living a terrible life, don't stand up for yourself.
Aurora- da all means, talk to strangers, then invite them to your house later.
Ariel-It's okay to leave your family and not tell them where you're going.
Belle- If someone's abusive to te just be understanding and maybe they'll change
Jasmine- Responsibility isn't important. Ignore it whenever te feel like it.
Pocahontas- Go ahead and sneak around to meet boys your entire family hates.
Mulan-Join the army when it's against the law, risking shame and death.
Tiana- Amore & fun aren't important. Hard work is the only thing that matters
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