A villain managed to ha rubato, stola the voice of every Disney Princess (and equivalents) save for Ariel. How would each one of them cope?

Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Eilowny, Jasmine, Kida, Megara, Jane, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa Lost somehow their voices. How they'd cope? Who'll have the hardest and the easiest time to adapt?
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tarttoter said:
Snow White: In time, she'll adapt without making a fuss. She's always been demure and non-confrontational, and she'd end up using a combination of body language and expressions, picking something up from Dopey. She may fare well

Cinderella: As for Snow, she already starts for being quite and less vocal than her modern brethen. However, I see her "leaning" on the prince to act as her mouthpiece

Aurora: As the "gift of voice" was one of her gifts to begin with, she'd be devastated at first. However she'd still make the best of her remaning gifts, for example replacing song with ballet

Belle: She's a bright girl, and well educated. Along with her beloved books, she'd pick the habit to carry around paper and a pencil., frequently pestering the other to read what she had to say

Eilowny: She's somewhat a messy spitifire. Her loss would strike her harder than she thought. She wouldn't care at first, then she would pretend she didn't care. At the third misunderstanding, she'd start slapping

Jasmine: She'd pick up the slapping part from Eilowny, but she's determinated enough to get on with her life. She'd not be happy, but confortable

Kida: She's passionate and intimidating. A barrage of noises and wild gesturing would enhance gratly that effect

Megara: As a professional "damsel in distress", she'd work that angle in her act

Jane: She'd be utterly driven crazy in no time, leaving a trail of scattered notes

Pocahontas: She's one of the ones who'd live her condition in the best way possible. She has already "the voice of her heart": being understood is her gift. Voice o no voice

Mulan: She doesn't like to be understimated. She'd find that as a challenge in a fashion, picking up a sign language and teaching it

Tiana: Tiana is pliable. That's her gift. Her life, being a black woman in the New Orleans of the old times, won't be easier, but she'd go on

Rapunzel: She's overtly lively, cheery and moody. She'd be in a long loop of mood swings, going from deep sadness to panic, alternating moments of scatterbrained attempts to be understood of melancholic moments of quiet.

Merida: She'd loathe the pity she feels she'd gardner più than her condition. She'd put maybe an hard shell.

Anna and Elsa: That depends.

Anna and Elsa (together): They'd cope fairly well. As long as they're together. They share a bond so deep to almost attraversare, croce with telepathy. To them, would be like nothing happened, and they get from each other enough strenght to face the world

Anna (alone): She's going to suffer the most of them all. She has a drive to connect with people, and with no voice of her own that be really hard.

Elsa (alone): She starts already scarred enough to be a loner. She'd feel her loss is a literal "sign from heaven" that teaches her to stay apart from people
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lionkingartist said:
Honestly I think a few of these would be fine. Like for instance I think belle would be fine just Scrivere everything she thought. Others like Pocahontas,Elsa,Aurora and Mulan also wouldn't be that hard off. Some of them though like Anna and Jane probably wouldn't make one day!
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