How can we confermare that Bambi was actually Walt Disney’s preferito Disney film as detto da some people?(read description)

Well that's what I hear, but where exactly is the proof though? I haven't found any biography based stuff like if Walt ever personally mentioned it was his 'favorite'. The only thing I've found is in a Making of Bambi video where two of creators detto that they 'believe' that it was was his favorite, but that's not knowing for sure. Otherwise, they would've detto that it's his preferito rather than adding "believe" with it.
I do know that Diane(his only biological daughter) is detto that her preferito movie was Fantasia as I heard she even attended a I think it was 70th anniversary of Fantasia.
Any proof te have on her father's preferito film though?
 MasterChief58 posted ·7 mesi fa
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PrueFever said:
From the book Disney Trivia from the Vault:

Did Walt Disney ever name a preferito among his movies? Ken, Bangor, MN.

Answer from Dave Smith, Cheif Archivist Emeritus of The Walt Disney Archives:

Walt's current project was usually his favorite; when he finished it, it was forgotten and he went on to the next. But some artists have reported that he told them he had a special fondness for Bambi in the early days and later, of course, for Mary Poppins, which was the pinnacle of his career.
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posted ·7 mesi fa 
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