there are only a handful of Disney Film that are REALLY Monumentally successful, only 5 of them are Not made da Walt Disney (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Tangled). and as for the ones Walt Disney made there are 12. however, even though these Film are nowhere near as successful as Snow White, they are incredibly popular, is it because its that good o is it something else.

when te go around fanpop te will see there is an obvious era of Disney everyone's in favor of: The 90's but they are only successful because most of the members are from that era, they grew up with them and there for they think they are the best, and although that's great that they think so, that is far from successful economically.

Believe it o not Cenerentola is più successful than The Little Mermaid, and Lady and the Tramp is più successful than Aladdin. not da much but still. this is exactly what I'm talking about. Many of the Disney Film of the late 30s- 60s are very well known but many people who didn't exist in that generation might say things like "its OK but its just old". when in fact many Film are very similar to others, Bambi and the Lion King, Cenerentola and Aladdin, and every Disney princess movie is very similar (they are all about a girl who wants something more). they just appeal to the audience of the generation more. with a few exceptions.

and one final note, remember what i detto about monumentally successful, well here are some reviews of some very popolare yet unsuccessful o less that monumental Disney Film (from

The Hunchback of Notre Dame-
"Considering that Disney couldn't help but trash Victor Hugo's novel in the process of reforming it for tender young sensibilities, this animated adaptation of his Notre Dame de Paris is pricklier and più disturbing than we had any right to expect."

"Memo to the gang at Walt Disney animation: Your formula is showing."

[An] insipid, lifeless, animated feature.

Tarzan- " Disney Studios seems to Amore the concept of feral children."

but fieno half of the Disney Film that are in the Disney volta, vault got reviews like these and look where they are today.

but be warned when te have kids, don't be surprized if they say things like

"Beauty and the Beast is ok, but its just...... old, i don't get it, i like Tangled/ Frozen/ whatever much better."