I already wrote about my 30- 16 songs, so this is superiore, in alto 15. Here is link if te want to see precedente part

Born in grief, raised in hate, helpless to defy his fate

15. Not one of us
I believe this song made me Amore Lion king 2 that much. Besides beautiful music, it is very strong and powerful and it reflects Simba's prejudice perfectly, mostrare how sometimes people don't even try to understand someone before they judge him.

The peace the evening brings The world, for once, in perfect harmony With all its living things

14. Can te feel the Amore tonight
I believe this song is truly classic among Disney's songs. It's very beautiful, and to romantic person as me it has to have special place in my heart. It also shows all what's on Simba's and Nala's mind and shows the process of falling in love

Oh, sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale

13. Sweet, sweet nightingale
I just adore this song. It's perfect contrast between her, who is so talented and her stepsisters. I justlove when she harmonizes with herself. Her voice is so pleasant and I always listen this song when i want to relax.

It's not my fault (Mea culpa)

12. Heaven's light/Hellfire
This is the best villain's song ever, with that Latin prelude and great voice of Tony Jay. During the song, the priests Canto the Confiteor manifest, chants the Latin words "mea culpa" ("my fault") while Frollo is Canto not my fault. This song is considered inappropriate for kid because it's shows lust, but I think that's what makes it great

Empty as the sky never knowing why, Lost forever, if I never knew te

11. If I never knew te
I have to say this song is breathtaking to me. So beautiful, romantic and intense. Many people consider it one of the Disney's most romantic songs and I agree with them pretty much. And, Mel Gibson sings in it, how can te not Amore that?

It's the cerchio of Life and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and Amore

10. cerchio of life
Uh, I Amore this song! That beginning on (I don't know which) African language is quite epic and te can be sure that this movie is going to be great. The song is beautiful, very deep and meaningful.
When will my reflection mostra who I am inside

So, I had to put at least one song from my
preferito movie in the top. I reflection was obvious choice. It's such personal song. It really gets us to know Mulan's feelings and thoughts and we can understand her better. Plus, it's sung da Lea Salonga, who happened to be one of my preferito singers so it ensures this song high place on my list.

te can own the Earth and still all you'll own is Earth until te can paint with all the colori of the wind

8. colori of the wind
The beginning is awesome, and Musica is so great that I could listen only instrumental. So, what i Amore about this song is that it has such beautiful lyrics, and Pocahontas's voice is gorgeous which makes me really enjoy the song.

I was left alone, still I waited for the giorno when she'd say "I will always Amore you"

7. When somebody loved me
The saddest Disney song. It actually made me cry when I was 15 years. I'm listen it right now so I can't keep writing...

They'd find out there's so much più to me.

6. One jump ahead (reprise)
Yeah, this song is only one minuto long but it's so different from One jump ahead- original. After that jolly song it's shown Aladdin's feeling of misery and it shows how trapped he felt. It's just so much sorrow in one minuto and it really gives me goosebumps.

Can't te see the tears we're cryin'? Can't there be some happiness for me? Not in Nottingham

5. Not in Nottingham
Very, very underrated song, yet so beautiful. This song makes me Amore the blues. So sad, so dark and so awesome

So this is love... So this is what makes life divine

4. So this love
Really lovely, soft and romantic son, yet so underrated. Cenerentola finally got what she deserves- Amore and respect, and she sings about it. I find this song great moment of victory for Cinderella.

Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes on this lovely bella notte.

3. Bella Notte
This one's classic. It has romance, great lyrics and great music.

At least out loud, I won't say I'm in Amore

2. I won't say
We finally get to break Megara's shell and find out why is she recitazione like that. It's very easy to relate to, and the song is so catchy that I listen almost every giorno and I never get bored of it.

I thought we all were the children of God

1. God help the outcasts
Oh, yes. Hunchback of Notre Dame has the best Musica of all Disney movies, so it's naturally that one song from that movie is at number one. What I don't get why this song isn't più popular. I think that it can be beautiful both to believers and non-believers because it says the point of whole world's misery with just one sentence: "I thought we all were children of God". Indeed, aren't we all the same? So why is there so much hate in world, why wars, starvation while some people have everything. Song is absolutely beautiful and it really deserves number one, at least on my list.