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MegaraRider posted on May 21, 2012 at 02:24PM
You start with day 1, then come back each day and answer the next one until you're done. The rule is that you can only post one answer each day. There is no time limit on this, so if you skip days that's fine. Anyone can join in at anytime. You can also post pics to go along with your answers if you would like. You can use the same answer for more than one question. Only post ONE answer for each day, unless there's a tie. But, please no more than 2 answers. At anytime if you would like to add a question to the list, let me know. :)

*This is just for fun. No props will be rewarded.*

Day 1. Favorite Disney Movie
Day 2. Favorite Disney Character
Day 3. Best Romantic Disney Scene
Day 4. Favorite Iconic Disney Object (ex: shoe from Cinderella, shell from The Little Mermaid, rose from Beauty and the Beast, etc...)
Day 5. Favorite Disney Villain
Day 6. Favorite Disney Animal
Day 7. Disney Character You Relate To The Most (you can explain why, if you want)
Day 8. Funniest Character
Day 9. Most Kick-Ass Hero
Day 10. Most Kick-Ass Female
Day 11. Disney Character With The Same Color Hair As You
Day 12. First Disney Movie You Remember Seeing
Day 13. Disney Movie That Makes You Cry
Day 14. Favorite Disney Song
Day 15. Disney Movie You've Watched The Most Times
Day 16. Disney Scene That Makes You Happy
Day 17. Disney Movie You Have The Most Memories With
Day 18. Disney Character With The Same Color Eyes As You
Day 19. Favorite Disney Heroine
Day 20. Favorite Disney Hero
Day 21. Disney Character Who Wears Your Favorite Color
Day 22. Cutest Disney Character
Day 23. Disney Character You Think You Look The Most Like
Day 24. Disney Character You Wish You Looked Like
Day 25. Disney Movie That Came Out The Year You Were Born (or around the same time)
Day 26. Best Disney Scene
Day 27. Best Disney Kiss
Day 28. Best Disney Couple (human or animal)
Day 29. Most Magical Disney Scene
Day 30. Favorite Disney Song To Sing Along With
Day 31. Disney Song That Best Represents You Right Now

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